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UPDATE: Jimmy Kimmel Posts Wolf Video on U.S. Luger Kate Hansen’s Twitter Account

By | Thursday February 20, 2014 @ 9:05pm PST

Jimmy_Kimmel_2__120821183214__121218202346-200x156 (1)UPDATE: 8:45 PM: Jimmy Kimmel revealed on his ABC late-night program tonight that the video of a wolf  posted to YouTube by U.S. luger Kate Hansen with the message “I’m pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi” was in fact a wolf in Los Angeles walking down a replica of the hall outside Hansen’s Sochi hotel room. Hansen agreed to let Kimmel’s people take over her Twitter account to post the video, he said. Like the last time Kimmel punked the media with his fake twerk-fail video, he ran clips of various news outlets he’d fooled — many of them ruminating as to whether the animal actually was a wolf, a husky, a malamute, or a mutt. Kimmel showed the rest of the video, in which he is seen skiing down the hallway, calling out the name “Garfield” and asking, “Have you seen my wolf?” Kimmel then interviewed Hansen via Skype, who said “there was a little more backlash” at the hotel than she’d anticipated, including security staff who, she said, were “freaking out” after word of the video got around. “It kind of went a little crazy here,” she said. The animal is a “timber wolf mix,” its handler said, believed to be 80%-90% wolf, though she was not certain, and is named Rugby. Read More »

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Jimmy Fallon Seizing Social Media Ahead Of ‘Tonight Show’ Takeover

By | Monday February 17, 2014 @ 5:30pm PST

In the days since Jay Leno’s last night hosting The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon‘s social-media team has ramped up and dramatically increased The Tonight Show social-media engagement — positioning NBC’s decades-old late night for social-media dominance online even before Fallon debuts this evening as host of The Tonight Show.

The Jimmy Wars Go Online - Fallon versus KimmelAccording to analyst RelishMIX, Fallon’s team jumped The Tonight Show engagement by 12.3 times (see graphic) in the seven days following Leno’s final show February 5, compared with 2.5 times for rival Jimmy Kimmel’s team. Engagement means, basically, how many people are watching, sharing and reposting a show’s content, according to RelishMIX CEO Marc Karzen. The company tracks social-media effectiveness and engagement for TV shows, movies and video games, analyzing how much fans of a given show are watching YouTube videos (and for how long), how often they’re posting and reposting material, and otherwise sharing and talking about the show on social media over time. “The graphic shows us that once Leno stepped aside, the Fallon machine quickly pulled the trigger on grabbing all of the Leno social channels in order to own those fans,” Karzen said. “The big tactical battle for 11:30 will be fought between Fallon, Kimmel, (David) Letterman and Arsenio (Hall) to deliver even more socially engaging segments that extend beyond the broadcast.” Read More »

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model Leaves David Letterman For Younger Guy – Jimmy Kimmel

By | Monday February 10, 2014 @ 1:41pm PST

jimmy-kimmel-1-600Another late-night torch has been passed. This time, the “torch” is the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model, who’s being passed from David Letterman to Jimmy Kimmel.

For the past six years, the SI swimsuit cover and cover model haves been revealed on Dave’s CBS late night show. This afternoon, however, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live announced SI was celebrating the golden anniversary of its swimsuit edition by revealing its 2014 cover on Kimmel’s show, Thursday at 11:35 PM ET. That’s maybe because Letterman’s show is dark this week.  Additionally, this year’s SI swimsuit issue cover model will give her exclusive late-night interview to Kimmel, on February 17; the issue goes live across the web, mobile, tablet and newsstands the next morning.  If this is how Kimmel treats his idol, wonder how he treats his enemies? Oh, right — he issues tweets saying: “Issues aside, 20 years at #1 is a remarkable achievement. Congratulations and best wishes to @jayleno on an incredible run.”

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Controversy Becomes Jimmy Kimmel With Best Ratings Since Move To 11:35 PM

By | Monday December 2, 2013 @ 1:52pm PST

Controversy becomes Jimmy Kimmel, though it may give parent company Disney heart palpitations. Turns out, the week of November 18, Jimmy_Kimmel_2Jimmy Kimmel Live had its best week in both viewers (2.86 million) and in the demo (1.05 million) since it moved to its earlier 11:35 PM time slot in January to play with the big boys. November 18, maybe not coincidentally, was the deadline for Kimmel’s non-fans to collect 100,000 signatures on a petition mandating White House comment on the ABC program’s Kids Table segment in which Kimmel asked a group of precocious moppets, among other questions, how they thought the United States should repay its $1.3 trillion debt to China. “Kill everyone in China,” giggled little Braxton. After which, all hell broke loose for Disney.

Related: Chinese Foreign Ministry Tells ABC To Respond To Protesters

Kimmel had been getting loads of free press since the October 16 broadcast, but it reached the boiling point as the petition neared its required 100,000 signatures.  With that threshold easily hit, the White House is now obligated to comment on 6-year-old Braxton’s suggestion. (The White House raised the number of petition signatures required last January, after a petition calling for the deportation of CNN’s British primetime anchor Piers Morgan, and other petitions, very quickly hit the previous 25,000 signature threshold.) Kimmel has apologized for the segment, Disney has apologized for the segment, ABC has expunged the segment from all platforms and even plowed under the Kids Table segment.

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ABC Apologizes For 6-Year-Old’s Crack About China On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’: Video

By | Monday October 28, 2013 @ 7:28pm PDT

Kids say the darndest things. And sometimes they’re enough to cause an international TV incident. ABC has issued a formal apology after a boy suggested during a Jimmy Kimmel Live skit that the way to retire the U.S.’ debt to a particular country was to “kill all the people in China.” That didn’t sit well with the 80-20 Inititave, a web-based group that promotes equal opportunity for Asian Americans. In a letter to the organization, ABC apologized and said the skit will be cut from future airings of the show on all platforms. “We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large,” ABC said. The 6-year-old’s unscripted comment came during an October 16 sketch called “Kids Table” in which youngsters opine on big news topics of the day. After Kimmel told the pint-sized panel that Uncle Sam owes China $1.3 trillion, he asked, “How should we pay them back?” One precocious lad replied with a grin, “Kill all the people in China.” Ugh. Here’s the video. The network’s full statement is after the jump:

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James Franco Visits ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ To Talk Shakespeare, Tarantino, His New Book: Video

By | Tuesday October 22, 2013 @ 6:11am PDT

James Franco explained his new book, Actors Anonymous, on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Some of the chapters are lists of statements:

- I was alive when Shakespeare wrote all that crap.

- I am all actors.

- When they get older some actors that were once respected become clowns.

- Quentin’s best films are Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. They had heart and soul. His new movies are fantasies. He’s an authority on the LA underworld and B movies. Somewhere along the way his characters became their dialogue and lost some of their heart.

“Now, is that true?” Kimmel asked.

“I wouldn’t say that’s, like, fully me, but — I mean, I loved Django,” Franco tap-danced.

Watch here:

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‘The View’ Seeks Ratings Magic In Disneyland During November Sweep

By | Monday October 14, 2013 @ 12:33pm PDT

The View is heading to the Magical Kingdom for the November sweep, in hopes of widening its lead over CBS’ The Talk. Mickey Mouse himself made the announcement this morning on The View which is a program of Disney-owned ABC. It’s the first time The View has had to go to Disneyland – the place ABC shows go to goose their ratings. The daytime talker will broadcast live from Disneyland to coincide with Mickey Mouse’s 85th birthday on November 18. ABC’s late night star Jimmy Kimmel, who’s been getting lots of attention these days as he ratchets up to take on new Tonight show competition this season, with fake YouTube Failed-Twerk videos, verbal brawls/hug-it-outs with Kanye West, etc , will be the lead guest of The Ladies of The View for that Disneyland week, appearing on Mickey’s birthday. Read More »

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UPDATE: Jimmy Kimmel Scores Record Ratings Making Up With Kanye West, Awkwardly

By | Thursday October 10, 2013 @ 8:48am PDT

UPDATE: 8:40 AM: Jimmy Kimmel scored his highest demo ratings ever without an NBA Finals lead-in since moving to 11:35 PM, when he awkwardly hugged it out with Kanye West on his show last night, ABC just announced citing Nielsen stats.

PREVIOUS, 5:30 AM: Jimmy Kimmel made apologetic noises on his show last night for having done a comedy bit in which a child performed lines delivered by the notoriously thin-skinned Kanye West in an interview with BBC Radio 1. Josh Groban sang “Kanye West’s Greatest Tweets”. But, mostly, West during his appearance on the late-night show expostulated about himself, his genius, fashion, education reform, Chicago, Steve Jobs, Michelangelo, music, Jesus, why Kim Kardashian should get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and why celebrities should never be used for even mild comedy. Here’s the conversation, in SIX parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Read More »

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Jimmy Kimmel Joins Brian Williams, ‘Nightline’, Cable News In Government Shutdown Coverage: Video

By | Tuesday October 1, 2013 @ 9:43am PDT

While NBC News kept Brian Williams up late for a special report on the government shutdown last night, and ABC News focused its late-night newsmag Nightline on the same subject for a minute or so, and cable news networks continued what TVNewser best described as “bizarro New Year’s Eve”-like coverage of the shutdown — complete with onscreen countdown clocks and shots of the Statue of Liberty. ABC’s late-night host Jimmy Kimmel tackled the serious subject on his show, taking a camera outside his Hollywood studio to gauge people’s understanding of the health-care debate behind the shutdown. It was not pretty:

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Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Kanye West While Training For NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’ Switch: Video

Getting ready to take on the formidable Lorne Michaels, and Jimmy Fallon, in late-night TV? Here’s your To Do List:

1) Prank America with fake YouTube video in which an twerking girl ignites herself. Check. 2) Get Paul McCartney to perform on yet another roof. Check. 3) Do comedy bit mocking notoriously thin-skinned Kanye West. Too easy? Check.

Watch Kimmel cash in on his Kanye West spoof last night, followed by the spoof that got Kanye’s undies in a bunch:

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Jimmy Fallon Responds To Kimmel’s McCartney Concert With ‘Sesame Street’ 44th Anniversary Schoolroom Instrument Cover: Video

By | Thursday September 26, 2013 @ 6:32am PDT

While Jimmy Kimmel warms up for his new season — and new NBC competition — with twerk punks and Hollywood Blvd-closing Paul McCartney concerts, Jimmy Fallon responds with a Muppets Classroom Instruments Cover of the Sesame Street theme song in celebration of that show’s 44th anniversary, with The Roots on instruments:

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Jimmy Kimmel Continues Making Noise In Advance Of Jimmy Fallon’s Move; Shuts Down Hollywood Blvd. For McCartney Concert

By | Tuesday September 17, 2013 @ 11:53am PDT

Jimmy Kimmel continues trying to make noise in the walk-up to Jimmy Fallon’s takeover of NBC’s Tonight Show, announcing today his Jimmy Kimmel Live will shut down Hollywood Boulevard on Monday – the first day of the official 2013-14  broadcast TV season –  when Paul McCartney makes his first appearance on the show and, after an in-studio interview, performs on the street. Kimmel’s ABC late-night show announced it’s expecting a “record-breaking” crowd, though it’s unclear what record it’s referencing (McCartney did something similar when he performed atop the theater sign at David Letterman’s Ed Sullivan Theatre in Manhattan in 2009). Anyway, they think it will be big and so — lucky area residents — Hollywood Blvd. will be shut down from Highland to Sycamore, and traffic will be diverted in an effort to contain the anticipated crowd. The next night, Kimmel will do it all over again – close down Hollywood Blvd., that is, not interview McCartney. On Tuesday, Justin Timberlake will share songs from his new album, The 20/20 Experience, which hits stores September 30, and chat with Kimmel about his role in his new movie. Tuesday night’s maybe not so special, since Timberlake shows up on NBC late-night programs so often it’s like he’s on staff – which may be why Kimmel booked him, which would be pretty sly. Kimmel’s already closed down streets around his show’s Hollywood studio for … Read More »

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Fox News’ ‘The Five’ On Scott Pelley’s Mistake & How Hollywood Gets It Wrong

By | Thursday September 12, 2013 @ 1:35pm PDT

Just over two years on the air, Fox News Channel’s The Five airs its 555th show tonight. It debuted July 11, 2011 as a replacement for Glenn Beck and was made a permanent part of the Fox News lineup in October 2011. The daily one-hour roundtable with rotating hosts has proven both a ratings winner and a controversy magnet for the cable news network — and we’re talking about the home of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity here. The Five has seen its ratings rise 50% rise since launch, and for the past four consecutive months it has eclipsed Hannity in viewership, making it the second most watched show on cable news after The O’Reilly Factor. With an average of 2 million viewers a night and 324,000 in the news demo, The Five also soundly wins its time slot against rivals CNN and MSNBC. Deadline spoke with some of the hosts of The Five about CBS anchor Scott Pelley’s slam of cable news, Jeff Zucker, Hollywood failings and Jimmy Kimmel’s viral video scam.

DEADLINE: Earlier this summer in an interview I did with Scott Pelley, the CBS anchor slammed cable news networks as getting “one small part of the viewership” and content to “be happy with that 200,000 viewers, 300,000 viewers that they have.” A lot of our commenters took him to town for so dramatically downplaying cable news’ audience. Ring true to you guys?
GREG GUTFELD: Yeah, first off, who is Scott Pelley? Now, does he work in media or soccer? Whatever, he’s entitled to his opinion and I totally support him. And he was a really good soccer player.
I just thought it was a cheap shot. Why did he have to go out of his way to say that? That’s the thing that bothers me. For a guy that’s a reporter and the anchor of the CBS News to say 200,000 people, do your homework. Look at it and say, “Gee, The Five has over 2 million people!”  Now, why does he have to make that gratuitous comment? The fact of the matter is, when Walter Cronkite led CBS, they had twice the audience they got now, probably more. No they’ve done a good job of getting it down to, what is it, 7 million now? And we have, on any given day, 2 million-plus. If you do our repeat it’s about 2.5 million, so we ain’t to far behind that boy and he’s got exposure of a 100% of the TVs in the country and we don’t. So let him keep talking like that, that’s fine. He’s trying hold onto that job and if he wants to hold onto the job, good for him. I don’t watch him.

Related: CBS News’ Scott Pelley On Why Cable News Doesn’t Matter As Much As We Think
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EMMYS: More Presenters Set For Primetime Awards

By | Thursday September 12, 2013 @ 10:19am PDT

Will Arnett, Alec Baldwin, Andre Braugher, Bryan Cranston, Claire Danes, Jimmy Kimmel, Margo Martindale and Sofia Vergara have been added to the presenters list for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. They join previously announced Diahann Carroll, Matt Damon, Emily Deschanel, Zooey Deschanel, Michael Douglas, Anna Faris, Tina Fey, Allison Janney, Amy Poehler and Kerry Washington. The show is set to air live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday, September 22 at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT on CBS.

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‘Today’ Show Lands Interview With Latest Viral YouTube Video Stars In Post-Kimmel Twerk World

By | Wednesday September 11, 2013 @ 12:42pm PDT

The lives of producers tasked with finding fluffy upbeat videos to sprinkle into TV newscasts has become a living hell since Jimmy Kimmel punked a whole industry with his Twerk Fail YouTube prank. That’s particularly true for those working under the watchful eye of Matt “Disappointed By The Laziness Of The Media” Lauer at the Today show. This morning, Today dove into the ratings catnip that is Jason Mortensen – star of a funny YouTube video that has nearly as many views as had Kimmel’s funny Twerk Fail before Kimmel revealed it was a prank – 6 million and growing in just one week. In the video, Mortensen is seen allegedly coming out from under anesthesia after surgery, being fed crackers by some very pretty woman who, he discovers, is his wife of several years, which causes him to exclaim, “I hit the jackpot!” and note she has perfect teeth. He withholds judgment on her twerkside, requesting she turn around, but she politely declines — because, of course, she’s documenting their whole renewed acquaintance to post on YouTube, “so he can see how he acts, and so I can show people,” she explained sweetly to the Today on-air panel of non-lazy journalists.

Related: Jimmy Kimmel Punks Media With Twerking Girl Video
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Jimmy Kimmel Takes Victory Lap After Hoaxing “News Channels” With Video

By | Wednesday September 11, 2013 @ 5:30am PDT

Jimmy Kimmel took a well-earned victory lap the night after revealing the viral YouTube Video “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire” was a hoax video he’d made with a stuntwoman named Daphne. YouTube’s video of Kimmel’s reveal was up to nearly 7 million views in less than 24 hours — catching up to the 10.8 million views the hoax video had clocked, but it’s been up for about a week. “It was kind of a fun day today. There was a lot of excitement around our office today,” Kimmel said at the top of his ABC late-night show last night. “Those of you who saw the show last night know we pulled a prank on a lot of people. We made a video of a girl twerking and what appeared to be accidentally setting herself on fire. And we posted that video to a private account on YouTube and, on its own, it took off…it ran on hundreds of news stations – it was the Milli Vanilli of YouTube videos. But the funny thing is, after all the news channels embarrassed themselves by running a bogus video — today, they ran it again to announce that it wasn’t real.”

Cut to video of some of those “news channels”:

-     It’s all BS – Jimmy Kimmel did it! — Whoopi Goldberg, ABC’s The View Read More »

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Jimmy Kimmel Steps Up Game, Punking Media With Twerking Girl Video

By | Tuesday September 10, 2013 @ 6:23am PDT

Jimmy Kimmel is stepping up his game in the walk-up to Jimmy Fallon‘s take-over of The Tonight Show, revealing on his Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night he’d faked the “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches On Fire!” video that went viral last week and snagged 9 million views in under a week. Kimmel’s show had emailed an alert earlier in the day that he’d booked the woman in the video who, ABC said, had shot the twerking video for her boyfriend. In the video, the woman falls over onto a coffee table filled with burning pillar candles — the international sign for “sexy” — which catches her yoga pants on fire. Among those who got punked by Kimmel’s video: Fallon.

Kimmel detailed how he’d enlisted a boatload of unwitting news and infotainment outlets to promote himself and his show. On his show last night, Kimmel showed the “end” of the video, in which he enters the room and puts out her pants with a fire extinguisher. The twerking girl announced to Kimmel’s audience she’s actually a stunt woman named Daphne. (continued)

“So there you go. To the conspiracy theorists on the Internet who thought we made it up – you were right, it was fake,” Kimmel giggled, noting that “did not stop hundreds of news outlets from showing it.” To complete the fun, he then showed a “sampling” of “media outlets” that fell for the video. Only one ABC program was included in the sample: The View. (The Ladies of The View were clearly not amused and, at the top of this morning’s show they aired a video said to be a look at at yesterday’s morning’s backstage pre-show planning meeting, in which they took turns saying of the twerk video: “I thought It was staged,” and “totally fake,” and “It has Jimmy written all over it.” After which, Babs Walters turned to the camera and snarked, “So, here’s to you, Jimmy Fallon!”)

CNN got a big nick, including CNN and HLN. NBC got scorched pretty badly too, with clips from MSNBC, and NBC’s Today. CBS’ The Talk was the only program from that network pilloried in the segment, as was syndicated Inside Edition. Several local Fox stations got nicked too. “Good thing nothing is happening in Syria,” Kimmel snickered, noting some of the outlets that fell for the prank blamed Miley Cyrus, whose twerky performance was all the talk after the VMA’s, to the consternation of Justin Timberlake. Read More »

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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals ‘Flaming Twerking Girl’ Was A Hoax — And He Was Behind It

By | Tuesday September 10, 2013 @ 12:10am PDT

It seemed like just another interview with a YouTube sensation — you know, the one where the woman twerking against her bedroom door ends up on fire. But instead Jimmy Kimmel detailed how he’d pulled a fast one. That video, titled “Worst Twerk Fail EVER,” has more than 9.5 million views in less than a week, and the late-night host told his audience it was all a hoax he had masterminded. Here’s the reveal video with stuntwoman Daphne Avalon that was shown tonight on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live: Read More »

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TCA: W. Kamau Bell To White Journalists: Knowing “What’s Racist” Is Not Your Job

By | Friday August 2, 2013 @ 12:50pm PDT

W. Kamau Bell came to Summer TV Press Tour to talk about his late-night talk show’s move from FX to FXX in September, and got asked what was missing from the on-TV debate during the George Zimmerman trial. “What was missing…is white people doing this,” he said — then he began to nod his head and keep his mouth shut. “That’s your Listening to Racism face,” Bell said, addressing the mostly white Television Critics Association, and presumably also white on-air news/comedy talent.

“You need to listen to the story before you come to conclusions. The worst thing to say to a person of color is, ‘I don’t think that’s racist.’ I don’t think that’s your area. You can have an opinion but I don’t think you are the final word. That’s what’s missing, white people. You’ve got a lot of jobs” but should not have the ‘I know what’s racist’ job. I know what’s imperialism – that’s your job.”

FX’s weekly late night talk show Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell debuts as a daily late-night strip at 11 PM on FXX, Wednesday, September 4. Read More »

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