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Leslie Moonves: CBS Working On 24-Hour Digital News Channel — Not Working On Bringing Joel McHale To Late-Night TV

By | Thursday May 15, 2014 @ 3:49pm PDT

LeslieMoonvesCBS Corp Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves is working on a 24-hour digital news network — but is not working on bringing Joel McHale to take over at host of Late Late Show. Moonves announced today, via an interview with Bloomberg Television, that he plans to launch a 24-hour digital news network, bypassing cable. “Wouldn’t it be a good idea to do a 24-hour digital channel taking all the resources that CBS News has … all over the world?” he asked, rhetorically. “There is so much information that we get every day that doesn’t fit into a 22-minute newscast at 6:30 or CBS This Morning. We can go direct digital. So that’s in the early stages, under the tutelage of David Rhodes, the President of CBS News, and it’s an exciting alternative to cable news.”

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CBS Corp CEO’s Wife Starts Joel McHale ‘Late Late Show’ Rumor With Early-Morning Tweet

By | Wednesday May 14, 2014 @ 12:04pm PDT

CBS Corp CEO Leslie Moonves saw his wife, Julie Chen upstage his new primetime schedule announcement today with her early-morning tweet of photo showing Les — or, as she called him, “my hubby” –  “hanging with the hilarious @joelmchale” – which McHale, whose NBC comedy Community got canceled earlier in the week — quickly retweeted, and…well, you know what follows. (McHale has been pegged as a guy in search of a late-night talk show — he currently hosts E!’s The Soup.)

Naturally, industry navel-lint gazers took Chen’s strategically timed tweet to mean Les would, today at CBS’s Carnegie Hall Upfront presentation, announce McHale is replacing Craig Ferguson on his network’s late-night schedule. If so, that would bring to 2 the number of Comics Who Bombed At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner who have been signed by Les to take over CBS late-night franchises — Stephen Colbert being the other:

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CNN Enjoys Ratings Bump With White House Correspondents’ Dinner

100th Annual White House Correspondents' Association DinnerCNN led the cable news charge Saturday night at 10 PM when the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was in full boil. The network flooded the zone with three hours of Nerd Prom, starting at about 8 PM ET. MSNBC began its coverage at 9 PM. Fox News Channel stuck with its regular schedule until 10 PM, when it switched to a special on the Benghazi investigation. FNC ran the guts of the WHCD — President Obama‘s speech followed by NBCU star Joel McHale — at midnight.

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C-SPAN had the most comprehensive coverage of the annual Hollywood celebrity petting zoo for Washington press and the government officials they cover. Once again, C-SPAN’s coverage began with its traditional camera-trained-on-boom-mike coverage of celebs arriving at the hotel and the C-SPAN LeahyCam. Sadly C-SPAN is not rated by Nielsen, so those of you who watched on that network are lost to history.

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Joel McHale Is “The Other Comic” In ‘Meet The Press’ WHCD Post-Mortem: Video

How does NBCU’s Washington show’s roundtable talk about E! and NBC star Joel McHale‘s performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner the next morning? One participant called him “the other comic,” presumably meaning President Obama was the dinner’s lead funnyman:

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Obama Rips Cable News & Joel McHale Bombs At White House Correspondents’ Dinner

By | Saturday May 3, 2014 @ 8:55pm PDT

100th Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner5th UPDATE – FINAL: (See McHale and Obama videos here and here) If last year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner with headliner Conan O’Brien was white bread bland, tonight’s event was just painful. In way way over his head, Joel McHale stumbled and sputtered through a routine that got more moans and groans from the packed Washington Hilton ballroom than laughs. With failed one-liners about runaway production, Robert De Niro’s career choices, Jessica Simpson’s historical knowledge, the Kardashians’ sex lives, George Clooney’s political affiliations, Bill Clinton’s qualifications as a grandfather and a slew of other poorly conceived and badly executed jokes, the Community star left the stage after 30-minutes to weak applause from the 2,600 guests. At least he made  President Obama’s speech and his now standard swipes at cable news look good in comparison. Obama’s sharpest line of the night came courtesy of Netflix when Obama sympathized with House Speaker John Boehner’s problem with his fellow Republicans. “Which means orange really is the new black,” quipped the President with perfect timing. At another pop culture point, Obama made a nod to HBO’s Game Of Thrones. The Commander-in-Chief envoked the merciless acts of the ruler of the fictional Seven Kingdoms when he joked about enacting more executive actions and just doing his job every day as a doctored pic appeared on the video monitors.

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Besides the speeches, the mixed crowd of Hollywood, D.C. and captains of industry were entertained by a video featuring real life Vice-President Joe Biden and HBO’s fictional VP Selina Meyer (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus on a tear around D.C. and the White House kitchen. In addition, there was also an earnest History Channel-produced video about the White House Correspondents Association, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  (For the complete play-by-play, take a look at our live blog below)

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ron meyer kevin hart whcd 2014With no Kevin Spacey, no Stephen Spielberg and no Jeffrey Katzenberg the Hollywood wattage was a little lower than usual but then again Robert De Niro was there and so were at least three Presidents: The real one plus  Scandal’s Tony “President Fitzgerald Grant” Goldwyn and House Of Cards’ Michael “President Garrett Walker” Gill. Basically the entire main casts of Scandal and House of Cards where there except for respectively Kerry Washington and Kevin Spacey. Harvey Weinstein was back for another year, while Universal President & COO Ron Meyer was pulled into a cell phone photo with the studio’s Ride Along box office champ Kevin Hart.  12 Years A Slave‘s Lupita Nyong’o got all the cameras turning her way with that polka-dot dress, with Modern Family’s cleavage covered Sofia Vergara not exactly being ignored by photographers either. The Good Wife‘s Julianna Margulies posed with Barbara Walters.

100th Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - ArrivalsAlso showing up: Frozen’s Kristen Bell, Katie Couric, Julie Delpy, Patrick Duffy, David Gregory, Savannah Guthrie, Arianna Huffington, Mindy Kaling, former Paramount Pictures CEO Sherry Lansing and French Connection director Billy Friedkin, John Leguizamo, Rose McGowen, 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen, Glee’s Matthew Morrison, Joe Morton, Olivia Munn,  ET’s Nancy O’Dell, Molly Parker, Freida Pinto, Tonight Show bandleader and Roots drummer Questlove, Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, Rosario Dawson, Dax Shepard, Jessica Simpson, GMA’s Lara Spencer, AOL’s Tim Armstrong, Morgan Spurlock, George Stephanopoulos, Sir Patrick Stewart, Madeleine Stowe, Oscar winner Tilda Swinton, Lindsey Vonn (sans Mr. Woods) with who is making the rounds in D.C. and set to appear on Meet the Press tomorrow morning. Crossfire co-host Van Jones was one of many CNNers at the dinner too, including headman Jeff Zucker.

4th UPDATE, 8:55 PM: If you want to know how to die in front of the President of the United States, the D.C. Press Corps and some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, ask Joel McHale The Community star was a total bomb tonight at the  White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

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Video: Joel McHale’s Speech at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

By | Saturday May 3, 2014 @ 8:10pm PDT

It’s a toss-up whether the Washington Hilton Ballroom was a harder room for a comedian to play than the Dolby Theater on Oscar night. Joel McHale received jeers for going blue in his introduction at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner tonight, exclaiming, ”I host a show called The Soup which is on the E! network. To Republicans in attendance, E! is the channel that your deeply closeted gay son likes to watch. Democrats, it’s the same channel that your happy, openly gay son likes to watch. It’s also home to the Kardashians, who, believe it or not, are Republicans. And I know that because they’re always trying to screw black people.” Then McHale took a potshot at legendary actor Robert De Niro — something that former Oscar host Chris Rock learned, when he made fun of Jude Law, is a total no-no in a roomful of showbiz types.  Quipped McHale, “I don’t do a De Niro impression, but I do one of Robert De Niro’s agent. Here it is: (ring ring), ‘He’ll do it!’ Mr. De Niro I was in Spy Kids 4, so clearly I’m beyond reproach. So, I will see you on the set of Spy Kids 5.”  Take a look:

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Self- Deprecating President Obama At WHCD Dinner: Video

By | Saturday May 3, 2014 @ 7:49pm PDT

While not the official headliner, President Obama was clearly on better form than Joel McHale at tonight’s White House Correspondents Dinner. Check out POTUS’ roasting of Fox News, MSNBC, NJ Governor Chris Christie, Putin,, and um, CNN’s coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane:

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White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Joel McHale Has Hard Acts To Follow

When Joel McHale entertains at tonight’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, these are the recent previous entertainers the room will remember — and against whom McHale will be judged:

Conan O’Brien in 2013:

Jimmy Kimmel in 2012:

Seth Meyers in 2011:

And, of course, the one the White House Correspondents’ Association would rather everyone forgot –  2006, when Stephen Colbert torched the place:

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Joel McHale Jokes He’s “Out” As Host Of White House Correspondents’ Dinner

By | Tuesday April 29, 2014 @ 4:14pm PDT

Guess Joel McHale really didn’t know what he was signing up for when he took the gig to headline this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Seems once the E! host and star of NBC’s Community learned that he’d be fronting “Nerdprom” — as the WHCD has been tagged in the last few years — he re-tweeted a posting from C-SPAN today and proclaimed “I’m out.” Of course, McHale isn’t going anywhere, but rather amping up the hype heading into Saturday’s centennial dinner with President Obama at the Washington Hilton.

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As part of that push, McHale stopped by David Letterman’s show Monday night, with Letterman trying to to find out what was on McHale’s mind as he prepped for the gig, also known in DC as the annual Hollywood petting zoo. Turns out, it was not much: Read More »

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‘Community’s Joel McHale To Host White House Correspondents’ Dinner

By | Friday February 14, 2014 @ 7:14am PST

Joel McHale White House Correspondents DinnerThey’ve had late-night hosts for the past two years, but now the White House Correspondents Association Dinner is going primetime. Straight out of NBC’s Thursday lineup, Communitys Joel McHale will be the headliner at this year’s politicians and Hollywood-heavy event set for May 3. Of course, the real main attraction at the WHCA dinner is President Obama, but, as is the protocol, McHale will be the closing act. “We’re thrilled that Joel will headline the dinner when we celebrate our centennial,” said WHCA president Steven Thomma today via Twitter. “He’s sharp, funny and just the type of comic who can navigate the unique challenge of our dinner, making fun of Democrats, Republicans and especially the news media. Washington can use a little good-natured ribbing,” added the McClatchy Newspapers political editor. McHale, who has also been fronting E!’s weekly satire show The Soup since 2004, follows Conan O’Brien’s stint in the WHCD gig last year and Jimmy Kimmel in 2012. The last time a non-late-night host or regular was the WHCD headliner was in 2002, when Drew Carey had the job.

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Comic-Con: New ‘Community’ Showrunners Promise Not To Screw It Up

By | Friday July 13, 2012 @ 11:30am PDT

Community Comic-ConThe Community panel wasted no time in addressing the departure of Dan Harmon this morning.

David Guarascio Community

“The only thing we care about is keeping it the weird wonderful gem it always has been, said new producer David Guarascio to applause from the packed ballroom. “We’re not going to screw it up,” the other new showrunner Moses Port added later. Guarascio and Port became Community’s showrunners after Harmon was fired by NBC in May. Cast members Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Joel McHale, Yvette Nicole Brown, series writers Megan Ganz, Andy Bobrow and executive producer Russ Krasnoff joined the showrunners on the panel. Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, Donald Glover and Jim Rash were not there. Read More »

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Comic-Con: ‘Community’s Joel McHale Wanted Ousted Creator Dan Harmon Back

By | Friday July 13, 2012 @ 10:13am PDT

Comic-Con Community“It’s a strange transition time” at Community, series star Joel McHale said this morning on the sidelines of Comic-Con ahead of the NBC show’s panel presentation. The sudden departure of series creator-showrunner Dan Harmon from the comedy was not what McHale wanted. “Dan created the show, Dan gave me the role of a lifetime,” McHale said. “I wanted Dan back.” Joking about NBC briefing him on what to say about Harmon, McHale also called new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port “terrific guys” and stressed how comfortable he was working with them Joel McHale Comic-Con Community(the cast – all of whom are returning for the next season including Chevy Chase — has not started production since Harmon was fired). McHale also joked about how Community was going to be different but the same with the showrunner gone. “It’s like having a pool full of chlorine switched to salt water — its still water,” he said. “Maybe I’m speaking too soon,” he added, “we’ve done nothing yet.” McHale said the real indication will come later this summer. “August 13 is our first day of shooting and the Monday before that is our first table read, so we’ll see then,” he said.

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Entire ‘Community’ Cast Coming Back

By | Wednesday June 27, 2012 @ 4:18pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: The Greendale Community College gang will be coming back intact in the fall. I have learned that Sony Pictures TV, which produces Community, has picked up the options on all actors from the cult NBC comedy series for next season. That includes co-star Chevy Chase, who seemed noncommittal about his future on the show in the spring. “I probably won’t be around that much longer,” he said in an interview with the Huffington Post in April, around the time we broke the story about his feud with Community creator-executive producer Dan Harmon. Following Community‘s renewal by NBC for a fourth season last month, Harmon was replaced with new showrunners, David Guarascio and Moses Port. When a Community Comic-Con panel was announced yesterday, confirmed to appear were Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi. The list doesn’t not include Chase as well as fellow original regular cast member Donald Glover. It turns out Chase is out of town for the convention but will be back to work when Community starts production on Season 4 as will be all other regulars, McHale, Jacobs, Brown, Brie, Glover, Jim Rash and Ken Jeong. The series is riding high after scoring its first major award at the recent Critics Choice Television Awards, where it won best comedy series. More good news for the show came out of San Diego, where Community was moved … Read More »

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UPDATE: Zooey Deschanel & Joel McHale To Host WGA Awards In L.A.; Rachel Dratch Has NY Duty

By | Wednesday January 25, 2012 @ 10:17am PST

UPDATE: Rachel Dratch will host the WGA Awards’ New York ceremony, which is happening simultaneously with WGA West’s gala February 19. The WGA East’s event is at B.B. King Blues Club in New York City.

Los Angeles – The Writers Guild of America, West has tapped Zooey Deschanel (New Girl, [500] Days of Summer) and Joel McHale (Community, The Soup) to co-host the WGAW’s 2012 Writers Guild Awards L.A. show on Sunday, February 19, 2012, at the Hollywood Palladium. The WGAW’s 2012 WGA L.A. awards show is executive produced by Spike Jones, Jr., along with a creative time that includes talent producer Carole Propp and head writer Guy Nicolucci.

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TCA: Joel McHale Takes Shots At Ryan Seacrest, Christian Slater, E!, His Own Show

Nellie Andreeva

Community star and host of E!’s The Soup Joel McHale returned to his standup roots this morning when he was summoned to open NBC’s executive session and dropped a few zingers.

He called to American Idol host Ryan Seacrest as “the most powerful hobbit in all of Middle Earth.” He referred to the E! Entertainment that employs him to the “Ehh… Network”.

“My favorite part of TCA is gambling which network is going to try to do something with Christian Slater pool,” McHale said, referring to Slater’s recent string of three back-to-back series — NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy, ABC’s The Forgotten and Fox’s Breaking In — adding that his money is on the CW. He called NBC’s new drama The Playboy Club Mad Men with boobs.”

McHale didn’t spare barbs about his NBC show, Community, or as he called it, the “Chevy Chase babysitting service”. “Once again we tied The Jersey Shore in Emmy nominations,” he said, referring to Community‘s latest Emmy shutout.

McHale also took shots at TCA’s press tour, calling it “just like Comic-Con but with more nerds” and “like summer camp for shut-outs.”

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Joel McHale Preps Melissa McCarthy For Today’s Emmy Nominations Announcement

By | Thursday July 14, 2011 @ 4:27am PDT

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EMMYS: Deadline/TVline Comedy Races

Here’s is the Deadline/TVline assessment of 2011 Emmy comedy races:

Deadline/TVline: 2011 Comedy Series Overview
Competition for Emmy nominations among this year’s Outstanding Comedy Series contestants is no laughing matter. The showdown between two 20th Century TV hits is more intense than ever, with Modern Family and Glee. That is, if a duo of up-and-comers — Community or Parks and Recreation — don’t act as spoilers. Past Emmy stalwarts 30 Rock or The Office could resurface. Or Showtime’s bold female-skewing dramedies Nurse Jackie or newbie The Big C might seize the spotlight. CBS’ The Big Bang Theory could finally score a nod or How I Met Your Mother in its sixth season. Underdogs include ABC’s The Middle and Fox’s Raising Hope.

Deadline: Do We Need A Dramedy Category?
Deadline: ‘Modern Family’s Chris Lloyd
Deadline: ‘The Big C’s Jenny Bicks
Deadline: ‘Parks & Recreation’s Michael Schur
Deadline: ‘Community’s Dan Harmon
Deadline: ‘Nurse Jackie’s Brixius & Wallem

Deadline: 10 Comedies Pick Best Episodes
While some comedy series producers are still finalizing their selection of episodes to submit for Emmy nomination consideration, most have already chosen their best. Each series may submit 6 episodes for the Outstanding Comedy Series, as … Read More »

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Supergirl Flies In For Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’

Mike Fleming

Laura Vandervoort, who plays Supergirl on Smallville and who also stars on ABC’s V, has been added to the cast of Seth MacFarlane’s Ted, the Universal Pictures/Media Rights Capital comedy that stars Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi and Patrick Warburton. Vandervoort will play Tayna, a gorgeous salesgirl and coworker of John (Wahlberg) at the rental car service who is clueless to the gaggle of men who drool over her all day. She’s repped by Levine/Okwu/Erickson and Norbert Abrams.

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Patrick Warburton Lands Custom-Fit ‘Ted’ Role

Mike Fleming

Patrick Warburton has landed a role in Ted, the Seth MacFarlane-directed Universal Pictures/Media Rights Capital comedy that stars Mark Wahlberg as a man who wishes his teddy bear to life and then uses the talking slacker toy to get in the way of committing to his long-suffering girlfriend (played by Mila Kunis). Warburton will play Guy, the sexually confused co-worker of John (Wahlberg) at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car front office. But the fix was in on this one. I have read the script, and when Guy is first introduced, the character is described as  “a burly Patrick Warburton type.” So it’s possible that MacFarlane knew all along he’d be casting Warburton, who has long been part of the Family Guy voice cast along with MacFarlane and Kunis. Giovanni Ribisi and Joel McHale are also in the film, and MacFarlane portrays the walking, talking teddy bear. Warburton, who stars on the CBS sitcom Rules of Engagement, is also part of the upcoming Weinstein Co. film Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil. He’s repped by ICM and Gallant Management.

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