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Adam Mazer To Write HBO Pilot Based On Susanna Moore’s Book ‘The Big Girls’

By | Monday June 27, 2011 @ 2:09pm PDT

Adam Mazer, who won an Emmy last year for penning the HBO movie You Don’t Know Jack, has made a deal to write a pilot for the network based on Susanna Moore’s book The Big Girls, which Joel Schumacher is in discussions to direct. Electus’ Ben Silverman and Original Media’s Charlie Corwin are producing. The novel centers on a young psychiatrist at a maximum security women’s prison who attempts to treat the criminally insane while dealing with her own damaged psyche. Mazer is with ICM and Inphenate.

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Click To Help ‘Twelve’s Standing In Popularity Clique

Mike Fleming

If indie distributor Hannover House’s CEO Eric Parkinson has his way, the Joel Schumacher-directed Twelve will not only stir box office when it opens Friday, it will also be popular on the website. And since entry to that popularity clique can be manipulated by hyperactive clicking, he’s asking everyone he knows to log on and click away.

Parkinson sent out this Facebook post asking for help: “Twelve opens at theaters next Friday, and this is my last shot at driving up the film’s ranking and score on the Internet Movie Database site. Just by CLICKING on the link below, you will help drive up the film’s popularity ranking. And if…you’re registered, you can even VOTE for the film (up to TEN stars!) You can only vote once, but you can click repeatedly. The reason this is important is that many media and broadcasters refer to the film’s ranking on IMDB to decide whether or not to do coverage!”

Who knew that being popular online was such hard work? Reached by e-mail, Parkinson freely admitted he was trying to rig the rankings, but said everybody does it. “Every studio and PR firm knows it and engages in stealth searching to elevate rank of films and stars,” Parkinson wrote me. “The only difference is that Hannover House is completely honest and upfront about it. If all the other studios are stuffing the ballot box (so-to-speak), anyone who doesn’t do the same will … Read More »

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Hot Trailer: Joel Schumacher’s ‘Twelve’

By | Friday June 25, 2010 @ 3:28am PDT
Mike Fleming

Director Joel Schumacher (St. Elmo’s Fire, Flatliners, The Lost Boys and A Time To Kill) is back at it with Twelve, an adaptation of Nick McDonell’s novel. Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford plays a drug dealer whose success comes at high price. The film’s released by Hannover House on August 6.

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