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HBO Renews ‘Ricky Gervais’ For Season 3

By | Friday April 8, 2011 @ 11:32am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

HBO has renewed the animated comedy series The Ricky Gervais Show for a third season. The voices on the show are recorded by Ricky Gervais; his longtime collaborator, Stephen Merchant; and Gervais’ colleague and friend, Karl Pilkington, whose offbeat musings inspire many of the storylines. The second-season finale of Ricky Gervais, which airs Fridays at 9 PM, will air on April 15. On March 19, the podcast on which the series is based passed the 300 million-downloads mark. The Ricky Gervais Show is produced by MRC in association with Wildbrain Entertainment. Gervais, Merchant, Pilkington, Glyn Hughes, Bob Higgins, Lisa Ullmann and Steve Patrick are executive producing.

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From Ray Richmond, who is contributing to Deadline Hollywood’s TCA Coverage:

Ricky Gervais is Now a Man of Science
Nobody has more fun than Ricky Gervais, as he proved Thursday afternoon during a TCA panel that originated live via satellite from overseas. Gervais was joined by his writer-producer partner Stephen Merchant and their best friend, Karl Pilkington, to promote their new Science Channel series An Idiot Abroad that centers on a satiric travelogue involving Pilkington’s “forced trip around the globe” visiting the Seven Wonders of the World at Gervais’ and Merchant’s behest.

The 20-minute session, conducted with the three men on big screen, outfitted with earpieces and fortified by glasses of beer positioned in front of them, was mostly an opportunity for Gervais to guffaw heartily, further humiliate Pilkington and attempt to explain how this piece of comedy could wind up on something called the Science Channel. The loose justification: it’s a social experiment to see how much humiliation one man can tolerate without losing his mind.

At least 25% of the session was taken up by Gervais’ laughing so deeply and heartily that he often couldn’t catch his breath — all of it at the hapless Pilkington’s expense. When Pilkington was asked if he ever got sick of being referred to as a moron, he replied with a tepid, “Yeah.” He added, “I don’t think of myself as a moron. I hope that people watching this show will see themselves in me. It’s a little bit like when you get a dog.”

Gervais referred to … Read More »

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