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EMMYS: Record 11 Black Actors & Actresses Nominated Across All Categories

EMMYS: Record 11 Black Actors & Actresses Nominated Across All CategoriesLast year Kerry Washington and Don Cheadle made Emmy history as two African American actors breaking through the lead acting categories at the same time with nominations.  Not only did they both earn nominations again this year, but a total of 11 Black actors and actresses were nominated across all acting categories — the most since 1977 when Roots racked up nine nominations for its castmembers according to TV Academy stats (Roots wound up winning trophies for Olivia Cole  and Louis Gossett Jr).  Last year Washington’s nom for Scandal repped the first in nearly two decades for a black actress, the last being Cicely Tyson in 1995′s Sweet Justice. This year, Washington will be running into Tyson on the red carpet as she’s also up for an nomination in the lead movie/miniseries actress category for The Trip to Bountiful. Another big year for Black thesps was 1986, when The Cosby Show earned eight acting nominations and a guest comedy actor win for Roscoe Lee Browne. Typically the Emmys, similar to the Oscars, has been criticized for a lack of diversity in the past.

mark evan jackson“It’s a testament to the storytelling that is going on out there,” Andre Braugher, who plays Captain Ray Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, said this morning about the record. “If you look at what Fox is doing with diverse comedies, there’s The Mindy Project and our show. There’s a new dimension of half-hour comedies that don’t depend on stereotypes or the boxes we put people in. I play a … Read More »

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‘Scandal’: Shonda Rhimes Whips Up Spoiler Storm With Season Finale

By | Thursday April 17, 2014 @ 8:08pm PDT

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: This story contains many details of Thursday’s season finale episode of ABC’s Scandal.

TONY GOLDWYN, SCOTT FOLEY, KERRY WASHINGTONABC’s D.C. drama, created by Shonda Rhimes, has grabbed big ratings over three seasons with a potent mix of wild plot twists and savvy use of social media. In another signature Shonda shocker, Washington fixer Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) tonight watched POTUS Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) become a virtual certainty to lose his re-election bid when a bomb intended for him goes off at the funeral of a U.S. senator who’d been assassinated by Olivia’s terrorist mom Maya Lewis (Khandi Alexander) in order to get Grant at the funeral, only POTUS isn’t there. But his chief presidential-race rival — and VPOTUS –  Sally Langston (Kate Burton) was there, and survived, and becomes simultaneous ministering angel and Irony Lady at the scene of the blast. President Grant’s day gets considerably worse when he suggests to Olivia that they run away together, marry, move to Vermont and have babies, causing Olivia to have pangs of conscience and spill the beans that Grant’s dad had raped his wife, First Lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young), years ago. Read More »

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How Social Media Helps Drive ABC’s ‘Scandal’

By | Thursday April 17, 2014 @ 4:12pm PDT

ABP-8201 Scandal KeyArt.inddABC‘s D.C. fixer drama Scandal has built big ratings in three seasons with a potent mix of often ridiculous plot twists and creator Shonda Rhimes’ savvy use of social media, which has bound fans closely to the show and its stars. That combo has paid off: Ahead of tonight’s season finale, which is certain to feature another signature shocker, Scandal has added 3 million viewers (for 11.5 million total). It’s up even more in the key adults 18-49 demo, +43% compared with last season, according to Nielsen. That demographic also represents most of the heaviest social-media users and is fervently sought by marketers.

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Scandal table with red borderScandal‘s OMG moments, and the chance to feverishly chat about them online as they happen, have glued fans to the show’s actual broadcasts, instead of waiting to watch an episode later on DVR, VOD or Hulu. To further stick fans to their TV-side seats, Rhimes and other show principals including star Kerry Washington also take part, tweeting and posting with fans before, during and after airings. That close connection has been a crucial part of the show’s growth. According to RelishMIX, the social-media analytics firm, followings for those show-connected accounts have exploded — led by Washington’s Facebook account, which jumped an eye-popping 466% in Season 3. That comes after an offseason filled with awards appearances that really fueled the show’s social-media growth. In fact, says RelishMIX CEO Marc Karzen, the biggest growth in Washington’s Facebook account happened in and around her (very pregnant) appearances at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards. Those red carpet photos set fans abuzz for days.

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Cate Blanchett, Kerry Washington, Rose Byrne Among 2014 Women In Film Honorees

By | Monday March 31, 2014 @ 10:52am PDT

womeninfilm__130429172832-200x100Women In Film has announced recipients of the 2014 Crystal + Lucy Awards honoring exemplary women in the entertainment industry. Cate Blanchett will receive the 2014 Crystal Award for Excellence in Film. The Lucy Award for Excellence in Television goes to Kerry Washington; Rose Byrne will be honored with the Women In Film Max Mara Face of the Future Award; Jennifer Lee will receive the 2014 Dorothy Arzner Directors Award; and Eva Longoria will be honored with the 2014 Norma Zarky Humanitarian Award. The Crystal + Lucy Awards will be presented on Wednesday, June 11 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.

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UPDATE: ‘SNL’ To Audition Black Female Cast Hopefuls Monday, Pick One For January Start

UPDATED: 4:30 PM: Saturday Night Live exec producer Lorne Michaels says he’s bringing seven lorne__121214195143or eight female African-American comediennes to New York to audition for the show on Monday — one of whom will be added to the cast in January.

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As many as two could “potentially be considered” but he does not want to add too many women at this time because the cast already has five of them, Michaels told The New York Times, in an interview given in the wake of a news report he’d tried out about a dozen black female comediennes in Los Angeles on December 1.  Three paragraphs later, the reporter reminded readers that when criticism of the show’s new cast members broke out before the start of the new season,  Michaels had said his process for selecting cast members “was driven purely by talent considerations.” Michaels this afternoon told the NYT he had seen two black women performers in Chicago when he was hiring for the show this fall, but they didn’t pan out when brought to New York for their final auditions. “Then when the deck got reshuffled and as we premiered we realized, it looks a different way.” (That would also be about the time the press started shellacking Michaels because the list included no black women and the late night program had not had a black female cast member for six years.)

A couple paragraphs later, the NYT reported Michaels “did not attribute the surge of interest in securing a black female directly to the criticism the show had faced,” but acknowledged that it was  “100 percent good for the show to have an African-American woman” in the cast.

PREVIOUS: 11:58 AM:  NBC‘s Saturday NightSaturday Night Live Kerry Washington Live held a tryout for black comediennes this month at The Groundlings in Los Angele. SNL holds showcase/auditions for potential new talent with some regularity in various locations. But this one attracted more media attention than usual because it was set up for black female hopefuls — one of whom posted a photo on Instagram of the group of hopefuls backstage. And, of course, the auditions took place a few months after the NBC late night series announced its lineup of newbies, and TV critics began hammering the show because the list included no black women, again.  Two black male cast members poured a little lighter fluid on the flame –  Jay Pharoah, when he told website The Grio he hoped the show would add a black woman, “like they said they were going to do last year, ” and Kenan Thompson, when he told TV Guide the problem is “they never find ones [black comediennes] that are ready.”

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Lorne Michaels Making Most Of Casting Controversy On ‘Saturday Night Live’

By | Monday November 4, 2013 @ 10:49am PST

What will Lorne Michaels come up with next in his effort to put the kibosh on the weekly casting embarrassment that is Saturday Night Live? This is shaping up as one of the NBC late-night show’s more fun seasons to watch, as Michaels alternately snarks and hand-wrings about the show’s cast-diversity kerfuffle, since announcing the latest crop of new performers.

Over the weekend Michaels made it tough for another black woman to guest-host the sketch comedy show this season, after using Scandal star Kerry Washington like a sock puppet to deliver his latest “nuts to you” response to critics. Too bad, because there’s no one on staff to play FLOTUS, Oprah, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, etc. now that cast member Kenan Thompson isn’t doing drag. Read More »

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Hits Season High In Households With Kerry Washington, Eminem

By | Sunday November 3, 2013 @ 11:00am PST
Nellie Andreeva

Saturday Night Live with host Kerry Washington and musical guest Eminem last night averaged a 4.9/12 in the metered market households, a season high and the show’s best result since March 9 when Justin Timberlake was headliner. In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, last night’s SNL logged a 2.6/12 in adults 18-49, a tenth off this season’s high posted by the season premiere hosted by Tina Fey and the Miley Cyrus episode.

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‘SNL’: Kerry Washington’s Cold Open Lampoons ‘SNL’s Diversity Problem – Was It Enough?

By | Sunday November 3, 2013 @ 12:56am PDT

Lorne Michaels & Co. went for the elephant in the room with Kerry Washington hosting amidst Saturday Night Live‘s recent diversity firestorm. Giving the Scandal actress a workout playing Michelle Obama, Oprah, and (offstage) Beyonce in her cold open, the show skewered the fact that when it comes to black female characters SNL‘s limitations are self-imposed (“Kenan won’t…?” Washington asks in one of many meta moments). It acknowledged what castmates Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah have criticized in interviews: “[SNL] does not have a black woman in the cast… we agree this is not an ideal situation and look forward to rectifying it… unless, of course, we fall in love with another white guy first.” So the SNL gang is listening to critics even if Michaels has yet to put his money where his mouth is. Did it help to have a cameoing Reverend Al Sharpton on their side?

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UPDATE: Kerry Washington To Host ‘SNL’ On Nov. 2 As New-Cast Kerfuffle Continues

By | Wednesday October 16, 2013 @ 9:45am PDT

UPDATED, 9:45 AM: Kerry Washington found herself in the middle of Saturday Night Live’s new-cast kerfuffle this morning when the NBC late-night show announced it had booked her to make her hosting debut on November 2. SNL may have first approached ABC’s Scandal star last season, and booked her weeks ago, but the timing of SNL‘s announcement raised eyebrows this morning, putting her at the epicenter of the latest media storm over SNL’s performers. In case you were off the grid yesterday, SNL cast member Kenan Thompson made some news when he told TV Guide that, yes, it’s the show’s sixth consecutive year without a black female cast member because, turns out, there are just no black female comics out there who are qualified for the gig. “It’s just a tough part of the business,” Thompson said. “Like in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.” When asked how the show plans to handle any spoofs of black female celebrities (a FLOTUS gag, maybe?) Thompson responded, “I don’t know. We just haven’t done them. That’s what I’m saying. Maybe [Jay Pharoah] will do it or something, but even he doesn’t really want to do it.”

Maybe they can do a FLOTUS sketch on November 2!

Thompson’s interview managed the impossible, driving from the media’s mind all thought of Miley Cyrus’ turn as Twerking Michele Bachmann on SNL’s second episode this season, as their attention returned to the casting  controversy that made headlines when the show’s newbies were unveiled. While there is some diversity among the newcomers (Noel Wells, for instance is half-Tunisian/Hispanic), critics complain they’re too white — and especially lacking in black comediennes, which, the press in numbers pointed out yesterday, continues SNL‘s dismal track record on that score. Washington, who plays a hot-shot Washington, D.C. “fixer” having an affair with POTUS on ABC’s Shonda Rhimes hit Scandal, is known to be pretty outspoken and may wind up weighing in on the subject. Or not. If she doesn’t,  there’s always Eminem, who’s returning for his sixth appearance as SNL’s musical guest that night. Read More »

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Emmys 2013 Fashion: Who Wore What

By | Sunday September 22, 2013 @ 3:50pm PDT

Monica Corcoran Harel is a Deadline contributor

Emmys Red Carpet 2013Sure, you see some big-screen leading ladies every year at the Emmys — especially now that TV is more de rigueur than romantic comedies. But even the sight of radiant Claire Danes, or Nicole Kidman at last year’s show, doesn’t draw the European fashion houses like ants to a picnic. The bottom line is this: Movie stars are global personalities; TV actresses get mobbed Stateside. When it comes to award shows, the Emmys provide a chance for American designers who don’t go by one name to shine.

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This year, we saw a strong showing from LA native Monique Lhuillier — on Anna Farris in a canary yellow chiffon dress that clashed a bit with her complexion and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ rose gold strapless column dress. Tina Fey looked electric in a body-con cobalt blue halter gown that Narcisco Rodriguez made specifically for her. In fact, a few lucky ladies got A-list treatment with custom-made gowns. Newcomer Taylor Schilling (Orange Is The New Black) wore a dress designed for her by Thakoon — no small feat for a great actress who wouldn’t get recognized in Orange County. It was wicked fun to see January Jones act all nonchalant about her one-off dusty rose Givenchy confection: “They made it for me,” she said without an ounce of glee when Ryan Seacrest asked her why she chose that particular dress. The color didn’t wow on the red carpet.

Some of the actresses who didn’t get handmade frocks plundered the Resort 2014 collections, which showed in June in New York. Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka wore a colorful though slightly distracting Delpozo dress while Zosia Mamet of Girls selected a mixed-media organza gown by Honor. The black leather bustier felt more like an “edgy girl” accessory than an organic piece of the dress, but it definitely strayed miles from the wardrobe of her less-than-alternative character. Elisabeth Moss gleaned her black-and-white strapless Andrew Gn gown from his resort line too. Read More »

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EMMYS: Kerry Washington, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Among Primetime Presenters

By | Thursday September 5, 2013 @ 11:02am PDT

Kerry Washington and Diahann Carroll, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Deschanel, and Allison Janney and Anna Faris are pairing up as presenters for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. The telecast will air live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles on Sunday, September 22nd at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT on CBS. Washington, Fey and Poehler are nominees this year. They join previously announced presenters Michael Douglas and Matt Damon. More names will come in the lead-up to the show.

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EMMYS Q&A: Kevin Spacey, Damian Lewis, Kerry Washington, Michelle Dockery

By | Saturday August 17, 2013 @ 9:36am PDT

AwardsLine Editor Christy Grosz, Managing Editor Anthony D’Alessandro and contributors Paul Brownfield and Thomas J. McLean assist with Deadline’s TV coverage.

Four of the lead acting drama series hopefuls Kevin Spacey (House Of Cards), Damian Lewis (Homeland), Kerry Washington (Scandal) and Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) share thoughts on their characters, shows and nominations.

KEVIN SPACEY (House Of Cards, Netflix)

AwardsLine: What is it about your character, U.S. Representative Francis Underwood, that translates to audiences? He can be so evil.
Spacey: It’s incredibly fun to play someone who doesn’t have any allegiances. He doesn’t care if he’s ideological or conservative. Francis sees opportunity and wants to get shit done. He wants progress and isn’t bound by labels. People view him as diabolical, but he’s very effective. To have our government in stalemate and in gridlock—it’s conceivable that this world is exciting for the audience.

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EMMYS: Drama Lead Acting Handicap

By | Friday August 16, 2013 @ 5:33pm PDT

Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage.

In the rush to honor Showtime’s Homeland in 2012, the one Emmy nominee considered something of a sure thing was Claire Danes for drama actress. And she did win. What surprised many was that costar Damian Lewis—and the series itself—also won. This time, while a Homeland sweep is even less likely, Danes remains the safest bet to repeat on the lead drama actress side. But among the actors, the race is less clear: A pair of previous category winners (Bryan Cranston of AMC’s Breaking Bad and Lewis) face off against an Oscar winner (Kevin Spacey of Netflix’s House Of Cards). An intriguing question is whether a Netflix series will be honored in its maiden Emmy voyage. Also bidding for Emmy love are first-time nominee Jeff Daniels of HBO’s The Newsroom, 11-timer Jon Hamm of AMC’s Mad Men and two-timer Hugh Bonneville of the PBS soap Downton Abbey. And if lead actress Danes does repeat, she will have overcome a formidable field headed by first-time nominees Kerry Washington (ABC’s Scandal), Vera Farmiga (A&E’s Bates Motel) and Robin Wright (Netflix’s House Of Cards). But Washington does stand a chance to win.

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Emmy History: 10 noms, 3 wins

Cranston already has won three Emmys for his performance as teacher-turned-drug lord Walter White, and his series has arguably never been hotter. If anything, his performance only grows even more dynamic in Season 5. He lost last year in something of an upset to Homeland’s Damian Lewis, and this time he’s got to beat a two-time Oscar winner in Kevin Spacey plus Lewis. Spacey’s going to be tough to defeat. Maybe too tough. Read More »

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EMMYS: Kerry Washington & Don Cheadle Break Ground For Black Actors With Noms

By | Thursday July 18, 2013 @ 10:57am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

We rarely notice how astonishingly white the Emmy series acting categories are unless they set a milestone for minorities like today, when Kerry Washington of ABC’s red-hot sophomore Scandal was nominated as lead actress in a drama series and House Of LiesDon Cheadle repeated as best actor in a comedy series nominee. (There was only one other Black actor among all acting Emmy nominees, Alfre Woodard for her supporting role in the Lifetime movie Steel Magnolias.) Washington became the first Black actress in almost two decades, since Cicely Tyson in 1995 for Sweet Justice, to land a lead drama actress Emmy nomination. When Cheadle earned his first nom for Showtime’s House Of Lies last year, he was the first Black actor nominated in the category in a decade, since Bernie Mac in 2003 for The Bernie Mac Show. How rare is it for Black actors to break into the lead series categories? In the lead actor in a drama field we need to go back to 2001 (Andre Braugher for Gideon’s Crossing. He won the category for Homicide in 1998), and for lead actress in a comedy series all the way to 1986 (Phylicia Rashad for The Cosby Show). That makes today’s accomplishment by Washington and Cheadle even more remarkable because I couldn’t find an instance when two Black actors … Read More »

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EMMYS Q&A: Kerry Washington

By | Monday June 10, 2013 @ 9:58pm PDT

Matt Webb Mitovich is an AwardsLine contributor.

Looking for a female TV character who’s as fierce in her work life as she is in her (messy) love life? It’s been handled. As Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal, Kerry Washington – building on a career that has included Oscar-winning films such as Ray and Django Unchainedstands in the eye of a pop-culture storm, fronting a show that drops jaws with astounding frequency, makes Twitter all atwitter and offers, at long last, a chance for a black woman to win a lead drama actress Emmy.

AwardsLine: You have said that your decision was not so much to do TV, but to do a Shonda Rhimes show.
Kerry Washington: Even more so, my decision was to do this show. When I read the script, I was blown away. And knowing that this (was a Rhimes production) reinforced the idea that this could be a really amazing opportunity.

AwardsLine: With your first full season behind you, how has the product met the promise?
Washington: I will just say that the level of excellence that the people around me produce on a daily basis continues to astound me. The writing that I’m able to hold in my hands, the level of acting I’m surrounded by, the cinematographers, the costume design—all of it feels like a magical product. Read More »

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‘Scandal’ Finale On Small Screen And Onstage At Television Academy

By | Thursday May 16, 2013 @ 11:54pm PDT

Diane Haithman is a contributor to Deadline.

Scandal Season FinaleScandal fans watched tonight’s jam-packed season finale and received a major revelation SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! because of a single line (“Dad???”).  The ABC drama’s ’gladiators’ as they are called heard it live at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the end of the first-ever onstage table read of the show using the finale script. The session ended about 10 minutes into the 10 PM PT airing. The cast whooped and hollered too. “The satisfying part is, I knew all along,” Morton crowed as the cast finished reading Act 6 which revealed that Rowan (Joe Morton) is the father of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). At the top of the session, show creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes said she hoped the experiment would give the audience a feeling of what it’s like to be in the room at a real table read. Washington said she didn’t know that would be a plot twist until the first table read of the script. “I grew up in a household where Joe Morton is a great American hero,” she said. “Every week I would say: ‘Joe, I really hope we have some scenes together. He’d say: ‘We do. We do.’ ”

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OSCARS: Jane Fonda Named Presenter Along With Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Garner & Kerry Washington

By | Thursday February 21, 2013 @ 10:08am PST

Oscarcast producers Craig Zadan and Neil Maron have already enlisted Barbra Streisand and Shirley Bassey for show duties, and now have added another nod to that generation with seven-time nominee and two-time winner Jane Fonda. Here’s the release that just went out:

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Academy Award® winner Jane Fonda will join Jennifer Garner, Kristen Stewart and Kerry Washington to present on the Oscar telecast, show producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron announced today.

Fonda earned seven nominations and won Academy Awards for her roles in “Klute” and “Coming Home.” Garner was seen in this year’s “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” and will be seen next in “Dallas Buyers Club.” Stewart is best known for her role as Bella Swan in the “Twilight” saga and also starred in 2012′s “On the Road” and “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Washington starred in the Best Picture Nominee “Django Unchained” and was seen in “A Thousand Words.” Washington is also the star of ABC’s hit drama “Scandal.”

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‘Scandal’ Creator Shonda Rhimes Says Season 2 Will “Ramp Up The Drama”: TCA

By | Friday January 11, 2013 @ 5:46pm PST

Diane Haithman is contributing to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

Scandal creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes says producers of the ABC series to “ramp up the drama” for the second season. During a conversation on the series’ Hollywood set at the end of ABC’s portion of the TCA press tour, Rhimes held court on a sofa she shared with co-executive producers Betsy Beers and Judy Smith (the real-life White House “fixer” who inspired the lead character, Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope). Rhimes said the series needed to widen its scope because the new season will have 22 episodes instead of the short order of 7 that launched the series.

Rhimes said that for the second season the show initially received a 13-episode order and then got a back 9 order, so some story lines come to a logical conclusion within the 13 episodes. In the first season, “We expected to do 7 episodes” and then wondered “what the hell are we going to do next?” As with last season, Rhimes said the series will still have a “case of the week but then ramp up to the larger story we’re telling.”

Asked to speculate on the show’s breakout success, Rhimes said: “I don’t dare or bother to speculate. I’m just supposed to make the shows.” She added, however, that the success of Grey’s Anatomy gave producers “the capital” to take some risks with … Read More »

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‘Scandal’s Kerry Washington On ‘Django Unchained’: TCA

By | Friday January 11, 2013 @ 5:45pm PST

Diane Haithman is contributing to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

Kerry Washington, the star of ABC’s Scandal who also has a key role in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, was tactfully circumspect today when Deadline asked about Spike Lee’s comments regarding the movie. Lee recently said he won’t be seeing Django Unchained because “It’d be disrespectful to my ancestors to see that film.” During a conversation on the Hollywood set of Scandal at the end of ABC’s portion of the TCA press tour, Washington declined to comment specifically about Lee because “I love Spike and I respect him and I really love working with him.” But concerning Django, Washington said: “I really appreciate the fact that lots of people were anxious and nervous about what the film was, but went to see it to make a decision of their own about it.” The actress, who worked on the movie during a hiatus from the TV series, said the film is allowing people to be “more open and honest about the issues of America’s history.”

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