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Kevin Bacon Joins ‘Black Mass,’ ‘Cop Car’ In Busy Three-Film Hiatus From ‘The Following’

By | Thursday June 26, 2014 @ 11:48am PDT

Kevin Bacon Joins ‘Black Mass,’ ‘Cop Car’ In Busy Three-Film Hiatus From ‘The Following’EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Bacon‘s break from Fox’s The Following just got busier. Most actors try to fit in a project while on TV hiatus, but the Golden Globe winner is making the most of his down time with a three-film summer. He’s joined the cast of WB’s untitled Black Mass project opposite Johnny Depp as notorious Irish mobster Whitey Bulger, whose relationship with FBI agent John Connolly allowed him to evade law enforcement and become one of the most ruthless and powerful gangsters in Boston history. Bacon will play Charles McGuire, the FBI Special Agent in charge of the Boston field office and John Connelly’s boss. Scott Cooper is at the helm for a summer shoot in Boston with a cast that includes Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemons, Sienna Miller, Dakota Johnson, Rory Cochran, Julianne Nicholson, and Adam Scott.

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Meanwhile, Bacon has been dancing under the radar in Colorado filming Cop Car, an indie thriller from director Jon Watts (The Fuzz, Eugene!). Pic tracks a police officer hunting down the two kids who stole his car for a joyride – unaware that there’s a dead body in the trunk. Bacon is playing the corrupt cop, Sheriff Shannon, in the Coen Brothers-esque project written by Watts and CD Ford and produced by Alicia Van Couvering (Drinking Buddies, Tiny Furniture). Read More »

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‘Tonight Show’ Celebrates 30th Anniversary of ‘Footloose’: Video

By | Saturday March 22, 2014 @ 8:29am PDT

In a nod to baby boomers, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Following star Kevin Bacon celebrated 30th anniversary of Bacon starrer Footloose. Watch here:

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SXSW Q&A: Kevin Bacon On 20 Years Of Six Degrees, ‘Animal House’ & ‘The Following’

By | Sunday March 9, 2014 @ 8:38am PDT

kevin bacon sxswConnectivity was the theme in Austin on Saturday: Kevin Bacon made his first trip to the SXSW Film Festival to chat about his career, including the 20th anniversary of the “six degrees” game that links him to every other actor in Hollywood. The star of Footloose has gone from being “horrified” by the pop phenomenon to embracing it for his charity network: Film veteran Bacon is now starring in the second season of his first TV show, Fox’s The Following, which was just renewed for a third season despite this year’s ratings slip. Bacon reflected on his career with Deadline as SXSW’s 2014 edition kicked off:

SXSW 2014DEADLINE: Your first role was in Animal House, which the recent passing of Harold Ramis brought back into mind. And that role couldn’t be farther from the “Kevin Bacon” audiences have come to know.
KEVIN BACON: Between me and Neidermeyer, he’s the one you want the worst fate to befall. And that’s fun to do. I was so grateful to [John] Landis and Harold Ramis and all those guys for giving me that part. They came to my acting school and I didn’t have an agent, I didn’t have a pot to piss in. When the movie came out I was still a waiter — I had to ask for the night off in order to go to the premiere. So that was a huge movie in my life, but it didn’t change my life, really, other than I thought, “OK, now I’ve actually worked and got paid to be an actor.” But it certainly didn’t put me on the map. It was still a struggle to try and get an agent. It was still a struggle to make ends meet; I ended up waiting tables for quite a few years after the movie came out.

DEADLINE: Why did it take you so long time to come to television with The Following?
BACON: TV has undergone a renaissance, but when I started that just was not the perception. So it was a very difficult decision. Most of it was clouded by my own snobbery. There was a directive amongst my representation to never, ever come to me with a television show because I would perceive that as a vote of no confidence, and it would anger me. And then my focus started to shift. I started to think about all the shows that I was watching and consuming over an entire weekend – The Sopranos, The Wire, Dexter, Six Feet Under. I was seeing iconic performances, not the least of which with [his wife] Kyra [Sedgwick] and seeing her life in the seven years she was on [The Closer]. I went, “Why am I being such an asshole? Why not? What I really love to do is act. Why not put yourself in a situation where you have a greater chance and more time in front of the camera, over the course of months — years, if you’re lucky?” I threw my hat into the ring and said, “OK, I’m open to the idea now.” In the next two weeks I read three or four of the best scripts I’d ever read. Pilots. And I thought, I really have been missing out. Read More »

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TCA: Cast Losing Sleep Over Fox’s ‘The Following’

By | Monday January 13, 2014 @ 4:43pm PST

LisaColumnThe cast of Fox‘s grisly serial-killer series The Following came to TCA to plug the show’s second season, starting this Sunday. During the Q&A, the actors confessed that the work caused them difficulty ranging from trouble sleeping to nightmares to Ambien-induced hallucinations, owing to the subject matter. The actresses on the panel, however, largely brushed off any such suggestion,  illustrating maybe how women working in this industry are taught to dress sexy but talk tough?

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followingShow creator Kevin Williamson, on the other hand, sees the show as his “midlife crisis being vomited up every week.” In this age of technology, he said — noting he was speaking to a hotel ballroom jammed with TV critics manically typing all day long on their Macs  –  “we’re all so lost” and “have such vacant existences.”  The Following, he continued, is about trying to connect, and “if I have to stab someone 20 times to do that, I might just do it.

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“We live in such a dangerous, sick, twisted time,” Williamson continued, lowering morale in the room — never very high by Day 5 of any press tour — by a good 15%. “This is my wandering, my musing. … Read More »

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EMMYS Q&A: Kevin Bacon

By | Saturday June 22, 2013 @ 1:00pm PDT

Matt Webb Mitovich is an AwardsLine contributor.

He has traveled to the moon, survived Alcatraz, put a few good men on trial and, yes, once almost got arrested for dancing. But in the course of more than 35 years of acting, one of the few things Kevin Bacon never explored was a TV role in a regular series—until Fox’s The Following invited him to hunt down a clever killer. Now, his turn as troubled FBI consultant Ryan Hardy could cop him his first Emmy nomination since the HBO miniseries Taking Chance.

AwardsLine: What exactly was it that led you to your first series regular TV role?
Bacon: You have to keep in mind that it was a different world when I started out. There was a real dividing line between being a television actor and being a film actor. But when (wife) Kyra (Sedgwick) got offered The Closer, it started to open up a new world to me, second hand. I saw the satisfaction she was getting, peeling back layers week after week. Simultaneously, I was catching up on a lot of TV—The Sopranos, The Wire, Dexter. The second I made the call, “OK, I’m interested in looking at television,” I was reading all of this great stuff. I simultaneously started developing (projects at Showtime and HBO), and after a few years of that, The Following came along.

AwardsLine: Having inhabited a variety of roles over your career, what’s the challenge of playing a hero versus the colorful bad guy?
Bacon: I’ll speak just to this character: It has to be small, it has to have subtlety, it has to be a lot about what’s not said and what’s not shown, and you have to trust that people will come to him without him saying, “Please love me.” But if I’m playing someone who is more of a villain, I’m going to try and find what the humanity is—maybe it’s a sense of humor, a charm or a swagger, or a sexuality, so it’s not just, “He’s so bad.” Conversely, with a heroic character, I want us to find out, “What’s damaged about him? How does he fuck up?” With The Following, we talked a lot about how I don’t want him to be infallible—here he goes again, kicking ass and taking no names. Read More »

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TV Trailer: Fox’s ‘The Following’

By | Saturday November 10, 2012 @ 3:26pm PST

Fox‘s new thriller series from Kevin Williamson and Warner Bros TV stars Kevin Bacon as an ex-FBI agent recruited to recapture an escaped serial killer played by James Purefoy. Anna Parisse plays an FBI specialist assigned to the case in which the killer has cultivated a group of dedicated imitators. The Following debuts at 9 PM Monday, January 21.

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3rd Update: Fox Picks Up Kevin Williamson, Mob Doc Drama, Three Comedy Series

By | Wednesday May 9, 2012 @ 5:35pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

UPDATE 6:45 PM: No comedy pilots remain in contention at Fox as the network has passed on Rebounding, El Jefe, Prodigy Bully, Little Brother, Let It Go, Like Father and Living Loaded. Rebounding and El Jefe are being shopped to other networks. On the drama side, the only pilot still alive is the Cuba Gooding Jr legal drama Guilty, which was a strong contender for a series pickup. I hear the network brass decided to take a few weeks before making a decision on it, so we won’t hear right away.

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UPDATE 5:30 PM: Here it is — the series pickup of the heavily favored Kevin Williamson drama pilot starring Kevin Bacon, now titled The Following (I hope Fox changes that). Because Bacon committed to only doing 15 episodes a season, the order for the Williamson project will likely be for midseason. The project, from Warner Bros TV, is a thriller about ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon) who leads the search to catch diabolical serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) who has created a cult of serial killers. Marcos Siega directed the pilot, which co-starred Shawn Ashmore, Natalie Zea, Valorie Curry, Jeananne Goossen, Nico Tortorella, Adan Canto, Billy Brown.

UPDATE 5:15 PM: Fox started its new drama series pickups with the Josh Berman/Robert Wright drama starring Jordana Spiro as a young female thoracic surgeon with Bridgeport roots who juggles two worlds as she juggles her career and her lifelong debt to the South Chicago mob. The series, now titled The Mob Doctor, is produced by Sony TV and executive produced by Berman, Wright and Michael Dinner who directed the pilot. The pickup of Mob Doctor assures a continuation of the medical drama genre on Fox whose veteran series House departs this month. I’m still waiting to get confirmation on the Kevin Williamson powerhouse drama pilot, with Guilty also in strong contention.

PREVIOUS 4:30 PM: Fox just kicked off its new series pickup action with three single-camera comedy orders to the Mindy Kaling project, Ned Fox Is My Manny and The Goodwin Games.

The Mindy Kaling single-camera comedy, now titled It’s Messy, was created by and stars The Office standout as a Young Bridget-Jones type doctor trying to navigate both her personal and professional lives. Fox picked up the project in a turnaround when NBC passed on the script, and the pilot has been a favorite of Fox’s brass from the script stage. It is earmarked as a potential companion for the network’s freshman breakout New Girl. Along with Kaling, Serving as an executive producer on the pilot was her Office co-star BJ Novak. The pickup continues Universal TV’s presence on Fox — the studio also produces the network’s departing drama House. However, House was sold by Universal before its merger with NBC, so this marks the first series order for the recently-revamped Universal TV at Fox or any non-NBC network. Read More »

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Kevin Bacon To Star In Kevin Williamson’s Serial Killer Fox Pilot

By | Wednesday February 1, 2012 @ 12:27pm PST
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Bacon is headed to primetime. In a big casting coup, I’ve learned that the feature actor is set to topline Kevin Williamson’s Fox drama pilot. This marks the first major series role for Bacon who had been heavily pursued by broadcast and cable networks for years. But in a twist, I hear that Bacon has committed to doing 15 episodes a season vs. the standard 22 for a broadcast series. That lightens the load on the actor who can continue to do multiple features a year and spend time with his family. It also plays into Fox’s strategy of exploring new ways for airing shows, something Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly talked about at TCA last month. The high quality of many cable drama series is being attributed in part to shorter seasons that allows for tighter, more compelling storytelling.

The untitled Kevin Williamson project, from Warner Bros TV and Williamson’s studio-based Outerbanks Entertainment, is described as an edge-of-the-seat thriller about a diabolical serial killer who uses technology to create a cult of serial killers, and a retired FBI profiler (Bacon) who finds himself in the middle of it. The genre of the project and the casting of Bacon is reminiscent of Fox’s signature thriller 24, which also tapped a feature actor, Kiefer Sutherland, for its lead. Marcos Siega recently signed on to direct the pilot, written and executive produced by Williamson, creator of Dawson’s Creek, the hit Scream horror movie franchise and co-creator/executive producer of the CW’s Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle. Read More »

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Hot Trailer: ‘Footloose’ Reboot

Mike Fleming

Paramount Pictures has released its second trailer for the Craig Brewer-directed reboot of Footloose. The first trailer featured scenes that were very similar to the original film and the response from Deadline readers was less than enthusiastic. This trailer seems to have a bit more energy and showcases the film’s leads, Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough, who are playing the roles originated by Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer in the 1984 original. Better?

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Writer Bryan Sipe & Parkes/MacDonald Set HBO Comedy Project To Star Kevin Bacon

By | Wednesday August 10, 2011 @ 9:26am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: HBO has bought Valentine, a half-hour comedy script from writer Bryan Sipe and producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, with Kevin Bacon attached to executive produce and potentially star. Additionally, Sipe has signed on to do a re-write on the Parkes/MacDonald-produced feature The Kid Who Knew Too Much for Paramount, a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1934 and 1956 movies.

Valentine, which Sipe wrote on spec, centers on Johnny Valentine, the role that would be played by Bacon. With three ex wives and his glory days behind him, Johnny Valentine is the new voice of talk radio. He’s not on the left, the right, or the middle, he’s on the bottom. Sipe is executive producing with Parkes/MacDonald Prods.’ Parkes, MacDonald and Ted Gold as well as Bacon and his manager David Schiff. Read More »

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‘Taking Chance’ Helmer Ross Katz Takes On ‘Brotherhood Of The Rose’ For Gold Circle

By | Tuesday July 19, 2011 @ 1:04pm PDT
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Gold Circle Films is out to cast on The Brotherhood of the Rose, an adaptation of the David Morrell novel that will be the next film directed by Ross Katz. Katz will shoot it early next year. After getting Oscar nominations for producing In the Bedroom and Lost in Translation, Katz made his directing debut on the 2009 HBO film Taking Chance. The film starred Kevin Bacon as a soldier escorting home to Wyoming the body of a 19- year old marine soldier who was killed in action. Katz, who wrote the script, won DGA and WGA Awards, and Bacon won a Golden Globe for his performance.

Katz and his producing partner Fred Berger adapted The Brotherhood of the Rose from the 1984 novel by Morrell, who also wrote First Blood, the novel that hatched the Rambo series with Sly Stallone. The Brotherhood of the Rose was turned into a 1989 NBC miniseries that starred Robert Mitchum and Peter Strauss. The feature started development at Warner Bros but it languished until Gold Circle picked up the lapsed rights. It is an espionage tale revolving two orphans who were raised by a CIA operative to be assassins, and find themselves targeted for death. Gold Circle’s Paul Brooks will produce, Scott Niemeyer and Norm Waitt will be exec producers and Guy Danella is co-producer. Gold Circle just wrapped The Haunting in Georgia for Lionsgate and is prepping the comedy Pitch Perfect for … Read More »

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Kevin Bacon’s Booths Drama Project At Showtime Taps Writer

By | Wednesday June 22, 2011 @ 2:10pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

In September 2008, Kevin Bacon set up at Showtime The Booths, a drama about Abraham Lincoln’s assassin John Wilkes Booth and his brother. Three years and a regime change at the pay cable network later, there is movement on the project. Oscar-nominated writer Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) has been tapped to write the potential series, which Bacon is still executive producing. The Booths focuses on Confederate Booth and his brothers, Edwin and Junius Brutus Jr., and chronicles their years leading up to the April 14, 1865 assassination of Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre. The brothers, sons of British Shakespearean actor Junius Brutus Booth and Mary Ann Holmes, were all stage performers. In addition to The Booths, Bacon also is executive producing a single-camera comedy at HBO based on Clint McCown’s book The Member-Guest with an eye to star. Nyswaner most recently co-wrote with Phil Dorling the feature comedy Predisposed, which is now filming with Jesse Eisenberg and Tracy Morgan starring and Dorling directing.

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Hot Trailer: ‘Footloose’ Reboot

Mike Fleming

Paramount Pictures has released a trailer for Footloose, the remake of the 1984 film that launched Kevin Bacon’s career. The film, directed by Craig Brewer and starring Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough and Dennis Quaid, will be released Oct. 14. In the trailer, I recognized many of the plot beats and scenes I remembered from the original, but 27 years later, the target isn’t fossils like me who recall these things.

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Billy Bob Thornton Sets Cast, Funding For First Directing Effort In Decade

Mike Fleming

Billy Bob Thornton has set Robert Duvall, John Hurt, Kevin Bacon, Robert Patrick and Ray Stevenson to star with Thornton in Jayne Mansfield’s Car, the first dramatic feature that Thornton has directed since 2001′s Daddy and Them. The film is being funded by AR Films, whose principal, Alexander Rodnyansky, will produce with Media Talent Group’s Geyer Kosinski. Production begins June 22 in Georgia.

Thornton, who co-wrote the script with frequent collaborator Tom Epperson, has been mobilizing the picture for a while and just locked his final cast. He has also set John Patrick Amedori to play a lead in the film. A comedy with dramatic overtone, it revolves around the culture clash of two families, from different continents, in 1969.

Rodnyansky is the founder of the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 and former CEO of CTC Media when it became the biggest independent publicly traded media conglomerate in Russia with five channels in three countries. He has produced over 20 TV series and 30 films including Elena, which received the Special Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard category at Cannes last month. “I’ve started to look for opportunities in America, and this is definitely not a single picture strategy,” he told me. “When I read that script, I fell in love with it. I was a fan of Sling Blade and Billy Bob’s other movies. No matter where you are making movies, it’s all about the script.” Read More »

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HBO Developing Country Club Comedy With Kevin Bacon Producing & Possibly Starring

By | Tuesday October 5, 2010 @ 9:32am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: HBO is developing a single-camera comedy series based on Clint McCown’s 1995 book The Member-Guest. Feature writer-producer Steve Pink (High Fidelity) is writing the script. Kevin Bacon is executive producing with an eye towards starring in the project, about a burned-out golf pro of a 9-hole course who just wants one more shot at the tour. His comeback is constantly sidelined as he deals with the needs of the members of the Middle-American country club who are grappling with dashed dreams of their own. Pink is executive producing along with Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment and Tom Mangan, with McCown serving as a consultant. Read More »

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BREAKING: IFC Pays 7 Figures For ‘Super’

Mike Fleming

UPDATE: Toldja! IFC (below) has confirmed its Super buy.

EXCLUSIVE FROM TORONTO: In the first major deal since 2010 Toronto began, IFC has captured U.S. rights to Super, the raucous James Gunn-directed film which had several buyers circling since its premiere at Friday’s Midnight Madness low-budget genre program. I’m told it was a seven-figure commitment and happened after an all-night bargaining session. IFC doesn’t usually pay that much for its deals, but there was competition. I heard that Magnolia was among three other bidders vying for the deal brokered by UTA’s Rich Klubeck and WME’s Graham Taylor. The pic rocked the audience in its premiere at the Ryerson Theater. Rainn Wilson plays a wannabe superhero (his power comes from the business end of a plumber’s wrench), Ellen Page as his psycho sidekick, and Kevin Bacon in a hilarious turn as the drug dealer who charms away the superhero’s troubled gal (Liv Tyler).

New York, NY (September 12, 2010) – IFC Films, the leading American distributor of independent and foreign films, announced today that the company has acquired U.S. rights to James Gunn’s shockingly hilarious SUPER after an all-night auction that concluded this morning. IFC Films will release SUPER under its new IFC Midnight banner. SUPER was also written by Gunn, and was produced by Miranda Bailey via her LA-based production company, Ambush Entertainment and Ted Hope, via his Gotham-based production

Read More »

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‘X-Men: First Class’ Drafts Twilight Vampire Edi Gathegi To Play Biracial Mutant Darwin

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Edi Gathegi, who played a chillingly evil vampire in Twilight and Twilight Saga: New Moon, is joining X-Men: First Class in the role of Darwin. That character, the first bi-racial mutant (in the comic series), has the power of “reactive evolution,” which allows him to adapt to any situation or environment. Plunged underwater, he’ll grow gills, he’ll gain night vision in pitch black and his skin grows fire retardant when burned.

Gathegi, who played Laurent in the Twilight films, just wrapped production on the Paul Johansson-directed adaptation of the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged. He’s repped by Paradigm and Framework.

X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn has set James McAvoy to play Xavier, Michael Fassbender to play Magneto, Alice Eve as Emma Frost, Nicholas Hoult to play Beast, Jennifer Lawrence to play Mystique, Caleb Landry Jones to play Banshee and Lucas Till to play Havoc. Kevin Bacon is playing the villain.

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Kevin Bacon In Talks For ‘X-Men: First Class’ Baddie

Mike Fleming

kevin_baconI’m told that Kevin Bacon has the offer and is negotiating to play the villain role in X-Men: First Class. Not sure of his character, and they have to make his deal, but Bacon would line up nicely alongside James McAvoy (Xavier), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Alice Eve (Emma Frost), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee), and Lucas Till (Havoc). Director Matthew Vaughn is casting up a storm as the picture nears the start line.

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