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Jerry Seinfeld Says He And Jason Alexander Not Shooting Super Bowl Ad Outside Tom’s Restaurant … Sorta

By | Thursday January 30, 2014 @ 11:24am PST

Jerry Seinfeld says he and Jason Alexander were not shooting a Super Bowl ad when they were spotted recently filming outside Tom’s 220px-Jerry_Seinfeld_2011_ShankboneRestaurant in New York this month (Tom’s exterior was used in Seinfeld’s long-running NBC comedy series). The shoot also was not an episode of Seinfeld’s Crackle series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, he told NYC sports radio station WFAN. Seinfeld also said  it’s “not not those things either” calling it a “a secret project” that will air “very very soon” — the Super Bowl is this Sunday. He declined to say who shot the footage for the project, suggesting that would be a give away,  that it’s a “one-and-done,” and runs longer than 60 seconds. ”I gave you more now than I’ve given anyone,” Seinfeld said. “I told you what it isn’t. And then I also told you that it isn’t not that, either.” He also revealed other characters from his iconic NBC series were involved, as was Larry David, though he will not be seen on camera.

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Jerry Seinfeld Teases New Larry David Collaboration In Reddit AMA

By | Monday January 6, 2014 @ 2:46pm PST

Jerry SeinfeldComedian Jerry Seinfeld stopped by Reddit today to conduct an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A in support of his Crackle web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and dropped hint of a new project with Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. “What is the most mundane thing you and Larry have obsessed over?” asked Redditor @TotheBongGuy. “We never obsess over anything that isn’t mundane,” Seinfeld responded. “Most recent was intentional mumbling. We wrote this script for this thing that you will eventually see but I can’t reveal what it is at this time. All I can do is tell you is that it’s big, huge, gigantic.” “Even bigger than that Amazon package,” he added, referencing a popular front page post on the social news site. (Seinfeld’s rep declined to comment on the mystery script.) Read More »

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NFL Network’s ‘Rich Eisen Kickoff Special’ Up Big From 2012

By | Thursday September 5, 2013 @ 11:07am PDT

Looks like Matt Damon, Larry David and Kevin Costner made up a winning team for the 2013 Rich Eisen Kickoff Special on NFL Network this week. With the three actors talking film, football and the upcoming NFL season, the September 3rd 30-minute special was up significantly in both demos and viewership from its one-hour show on September 6, 2012. The 10:30 PM Kickoff Special from the NFL GameDay Morning host saw a 128% rise among adults 18-49 and a 42% rise among adults 25-54 with 132,000 and 111,000 viewers in the key demos respectively. Last year’s special had Erin Andrews, Olympian Ryan Lochte, Hank Azaria, Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson and Atlanta Falcon Tony Gonzalez as guests. Overall viewership was also up double digits with a 29% rise to 229,000 this year from 2012’s 177,000.That result makes this week’s Rich Eisen Kickoff Special the sixth most watched special on NFL Network this year after their Schedule Release, Free Agents and Super Bowl specials.
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Larry David Joins President For Golf

By | Saturday August 17, 2013 @ 11:45am PDT

Last year, Larry David narrated a fake biographical video of Barack Obama for a gag on The Daily Show entitled Barack Obama: It Could Have Been Worse. Today, the pair were playing golf together on Martha’s Vineyard. The Curb Your Enthusiasm star is a Vineyard mainstay and the president is vacationing there with the First Family this week. According to a White House Pool Report, Obama spent a couple of hours at the beach this morning then went to play a round of golf at Farm Neck Golf Club. Along with David, his foursome included Glen Hutchins and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk. Earlier this week, Obama was joined on the links by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts who reportedly held a cocktail reception for the Obamas which David was also said to attend.

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TCA: Jeff Garlin Holds ‘The Goldbergs’ Q&A Session Hostage

By | Sunday August 4, 2013 @ 4:36pm PDT

Jeff Garlin hijacked The Goldbergs Q&A session at Summer TV Press Tour 2013.  Best known as one of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm regulars, Garlin plays the dad on this new ABC 80’s-set sitcom, based on the childhood of show creator Adam Goldberg — whose family apparently screamed its way through the decade he recorded every moment on a clunky video recorder. A couple of “why is 25 years back the sweet spot for narrated comedies, including The Wonder Years, Happy Days, etc?” questions into the session, one TV critic took issue with Garlin’s dad character screaming throughout the episode and asked if that could keep up up for 22 episodes. “When it becomes annoying I’ll stop – and I’ll be the first to notice” Garlin snapped. Then added sarcastically, “You look so disappointed in my answer.” Another critic said Garlin was old enough to have lived through the 1980s and what did he think of the show’s many verisimilitudinous touches. That also irked him plenty. “I did the show because the 80’s is deep in the background. If we use the 80’s for a big joke, the show is not going to last very long,” he forecasted — as have some TV critics, BTW. Read More »

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TCA: Larry David On Liev Schreiber’s ‘Clear History’ Credit Omission, Another Season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

By | Thursday July 25, 2013 @ 5:46pm PDT

Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

Actor Liev Schreiber, who plays the lead in the Showtime drama series Ray Donovan, couldn’t be listed in the cast of the HBO film Clear History starring Larry David that premieres August 10. David admitted as much while responding to a TCA panel question about why Schreiber wasn’t in the credits despite having a good-sized role in the comedy as a Russian heavy. “That was a Showtime issue,” David said. “Kind of a Showtime-HBO thing.” This is not the first time HBO has taken issue with Schreiber’s role in Ray Donovan on rival Showtime. When the actor was first cast in the pilot, HBO threatened to drop him as the exclusive voice of its sports division but ultimately re-signed him.

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David was less forthcoming when it came to a question about whether he might do another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm for the network. “I don’t know,” he said. “I haven’t decided. I couldn’t say. … Ask me in six months.” This is, of course, business as usual in Larry David world. It’s well known that he has carte blanche to do as many seasons of Curb as he wants, but he’s always reluctant to commit. In fact, he decided to do Clear History — which he stars in and co-wrote for director Greg Mottola. “I will say this,” David added. “I was thinking of doing another season of Curb or doing a movie, and I thought perhaps it’s time I tried something else.” However, David was far more playful than defensive during a Clear History Q&A beside Mottola. Read More »

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Hot TV Trailer: ‘Clear History’

By | Sunday June 30, 2013 @ 11:00am PDT

Curb Your Enthusiasm fans know how Larry David pines for a serious head of hair. He gets his wish — for a while, at least — in his HBO Films comedy Clear History. Looking a little like Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski, David is a marketing exec at car maker. But an argument with his boss leaves him jobless, and he sells his 10% of the company, just before its worth soars into the billions. A decade later, with a new identity and minus numerous hair follicles, he lands a chance to get even. David co-wrote the telepic, which also stars Bill Hader, Curb and Seinfeld veteran Philip Baker Hall, Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan and David’s Curb foil J.B. Smoove. It premieres August 10 on HBO. Here’s the trailer:

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HBO Ends ‘Eastbound & Down’ With Season 4; ‘Boardwalk Empire’, Larry David’s ‘Clear History’ & ‘Hello Ladies’ Premieres Set

By | Thursday June 6, 2013 @ 10:16am PDT

HBO said today that Eastbound & Down’s upcoming fourth season will be its last. The previously announced eight-episode Season 4 of self-obsessed and self-destructive baseball player Kenny Powers, starring Danny McBride, will debut September 29. Sources says that after convincing McBride, Will Ferrell, Andy McKay and the show’s other producers to not end things at the conclusion of Season 3, HBO hoped that Eastbound would continue on past a fourth season. However, the Eastbound gang had decided that four cycles was enough. HBO also announced Thursday that the Larry David film Clear History will air August 10 and that Boardwalk Empire will be back for its fourth season September 8. The cable network’s new comedy Hello Ladies, starring Stephen Merchant as a man looking for love in LA, will make its debut on September 29 in the 10 PM slot for an eight-episode first season right before Eastbound & Down.

Read the HBO Eastbound & Down release here:

NEW YORK, June 6, 2013 – EASTBOUND & DOWN, the raucous HBO comedy series from creators Danny McBride and Jody Hill, begins shooting its eight-episode fourth and final season tomorrow in North Carolina, with the season scheduled to launch SUNDAY, SEPT. 29 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT). McBride stars in the show as the irrepressible Kenny Powers, the former major league pitcher who is larger than life… and death.

In the third season of EASTBOUND & DOWN, which concluded in April 2012, Kenny Powers finally made it back to the majors and recaptured his former glory, only to fake his own death and run back home to his beloved April, the mother of his child. The upcoming fourth season picks up the action several years later and finds Kenny living the American Dream with his family in North Carolina.

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Larry David Assembles All-Star Cast For HBO Movie: Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, Bill Hader

By | Thursday September 13, 2012 @ 3:00pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

Larry David has finally lifted the veil of secrecy on his upcoming movie for HBO. It will be titled Clear History, and, along with the long-rumored Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton, its cast will feature a slew of other big names. Joining star David will be Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, Phillip Baker Hall, Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, Curb Your Enthusiasm standout JB Smoove as well as Hamm and Keaton.

Clear History, which David co-wrote with Alec Berg, David Mandel and Jeff Schaffer, centers on Nathan Flomm (David), a former marketing executive at a start-up electric car company who, after losing a fortune due to a petty argument with his boss (Hamm), is publicly humiliated for walking away from his 10% of a company now worth billions. Ten years later, his marriage over and reputation ruined, Nathan has changed his identity and lives a simple life on a small island off the coast of Massachusetts under the new name of Rolly DaVore. But when his former boss shows up to renovate his summer mansion, Nathan vows to seek revenge and drive his nemesis off the island. Read More »

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HBO Picks Up Larry David Film, Rolling Stones Documentary, Sets ‘Enlightened’ And ‘Girls’ Return, Talks ‘Entourage’ Movie: TCA

By | Wednesday August 1, 2012 @ 2:11pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

UPDATED: While he hasn’t committed to doing more seasons of his HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is back in business with HBO. At the pay cable’s TCA executive session, HBO’s Richard Plepler announced that HBO will do David’s upcoming movie. Originally set up as a feature at Fox Searchlight, the film will now be produced by and air on HBO. The film, which, like Curb, will feature improv elements, will be directed by Greg Mottola, with David co-writing and attached to star alongside rumored Jon Hamm and Michael Keaton. While David’s attention will now be focused entirely on the movie, “I don’t think he’s closed the door to doing more Curb (after he completes the movie)”, HBO’s Michael Lombardo later said, with Plepler reiterating that David has a “carte blanche” to do more seasons of the show whenever he wants to.

Lombardo announced that the network will do a Rolling Stones documentary tied to the band’s 50th anniversary. Brett Morgen (The Kid Stays In The Picture) is directing the docu, which is done with the full cooperation of current and former band members and chronicles Rolling Stones’ rise from the local club scene to worldwide stardom.

HBO also announced that its comedy series Enlightened and Girls will return in January, taking over the slot vacated by cancelled Luck. “When we made a decision to pull the plug on … Read More »

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David Steinberg Explains Why There Are So Many Jews In Comedy — They’re “Smarter”: TCA

By | Thursday January 12, 2012 @ 1:58pm PST

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

The TCA session today promoting Showtime’s forthcoming new comedian interview series Inside Comedy got weird at a few points. One such moment came about midway through, when a questioner asked executive producer and host David Steinberg if being involved in the show was “a nonstop orgy where you were well-paid.” A shocked expression crossed Steinberg’s face before he replied, “Well, given that the focus was always on the other person, maybe I’d say it was like being a eunuch at an orgy.” Shortly thereafter, Steinberg was asked why there are so many Jews in comedy. “Jews are smarter,” came his reply, to great laughter in the room. Afterward, he elaborated that he wasn’t really being facetious. “Entertainment is always seized by the downtrodden and disenfranchised, which is why you maybe now see more young Latinos coming up,” he said. “And that was Jews back in the day.” Read More »

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HBO Brass ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Ninth Season Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Nellie Andreeva

True to his neurotic and highly insecure character on the show, Curb Your Enthusiasm creator/star Larry David has been largely puzzled by the ratings resurgence of his HBO series this season, which has been posting seven-year highs for its first three weeks on the air. His response to the weekly congratulatory emails from HBO brass has been: “What does it mean? Is it the lead-in? Is it the show?” It is probably a mix of both, but the long hiatus between Seasons 7 and 8 seems to have helped the show, which is getting some of its best reviews, while whetting viewers’ appetite, which has translated to strong ratings. Now HBO hopes to do it again, but the decision as always is entirely David’s. He is expected to address the future of Curb when he returns from vacation at the end of the summer. “We’re cautiously optimistic,” HBO’s president of programming Michael Lombardo told me today of the prospects of a ninth season of Curb. There has been an encouraging sign. “For the first time ever after this season, Larry didn’t say ‘I never want to do this again,’ ” Lombardo said. That is a promising start.

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Jennifer Hudson Joins ‘The Three Stooges’

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: There are now three nuns in The Three Stooges. Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson has signed on to play Sister Rosemary. She joins Jane Lynch, who’s playing Mother Superior, and Larry David, who’s playing Mother Mengele. I’m betting that Sister Rosemary is the nice one at the orphanage where the Stooges come of age, despite the best efforts of the nuns to get the precocious trio adopted. The 20th Century Fox comedy has begun production, with Peter and Bobby Farrelly directing Chris Diamantopoulos (Moe), Sean Hayes (Larry) and Will Sasso (Curly).

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Larry David Joins ‘Three Stooges’ In Mother Mengele Role

Mike Fleming

Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s 20th Century Fox comedy The Three Stooges cast continues to get more and more inspired. They’re closing in on a deal with Larry David to play Mother Mengele, the unfortunate nun who runs the orphanage where the Stooges grow up and learn to create mayhem. Setting a Jewish guy to play a nun certainly sounds like David is playing against type. I served two tours of duty in Catholic elementary schools, and now that I think of it, Larry David in a Nun’s Habit pretty much squares with my memory of how all of those teachers looked back then. David’s deal is being finished, and the Seinfeld co-creator will join Jane Lynch, who plays Mother Superior, Chris Diamantopoulos, who’s signing on to play Moe, Will Sasso, who’s playing Curly, and Sean Hayes, who signed on recently to play Larry Fine. Production begins in May. David’s repped by WME.

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Emmy Scorecard: Lead Comedy Actors

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s 2010 Emmy coverage. Here’s his scorecard assessing the Outstanding Lead Drama Series Actor race:


Why He Got Nominated: Because he’s widely regarded in the Hollywood creative and critical communities as the funniest guy on TV as CBS/Warner Bros TV’s Big Bang nerd Sheldon Cooper. That isn’t necessarily enough to land him the Emmy. He’s also got to convince the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. But it’s a good start.

Why He Has To Win: It’s the 2nd consecutive nomination for Parsons after having been previously snubbed, and his submitted episode “The Pants Alternative” is a showcase for his uproarious drunk scene. A lot of people had predicted he’d win a year ago, but Alec Baldwin snatched it away. This time, Parsons has the advantage of being a fresh face and a guy who is perceived to have paid dues (at least some). “He’s the guy who should win because he’s right now the consistently best sitcom lead week in and week out,” believes one producer.

Why He Can’t Possibly Win: Some will resent the fact that Parsons threatened to hold out and break ranks with his co-stars in seeking a raise far greater than the $100,000 per episode offered by Warner Bros TV ($250,000 per according to some reports). This is also the most competitive acting category at this year’s Emmys, with Parsons having to knock off both a 2-time category winner (Baldwin) and a three-timer (Tony Shalhoub).


Why He Got Nominated: You couldn’t have … Read More »

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EMMYS: Q&A With Lead Comedy Actor Nominee Jim Parsons

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s 2010 Emmy coverage.

Jim Parsons is kinda sitting on top of the world these days after having just landed his 2nd consecutive Emmy nomination for his role as the brilliant nerdball physicist Sheldon Cooper on the CBS hit The Big Bang Theory. But it’s also a time of real anxiety for him as well. For one, he’s nervous about both winning and losing an Emmy category where he’s considered a frontrunner. And when his competition includes 3-time winner Tony Shalhoub (Monk) and 2-time victor Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) along with perennial nominees Steve Carell (The Office) and Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) plus newcomer Matthew Morrison (Glee). Parsons is also a bit on edge because of the tense salary renegotiation going on right now between Warner Bros TV and the three Big Bang leads (Parsons and co-stars Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco). Parsons, 37, spoke with Ray Richmond for Deadline Hollywood about the Emmys, his finances, and the best thing about being a rich and famous TV star.

Deadline Hollywood: So, is this Emmy thing in the bag or what?

Jim Parsons: What? No! Of course not.

DH: It’s what those in the know are saying.

JP: Well, that’s great. But the way I see it, you can look at the Emmys two ways in you’re nominated. It’s either win-win or lose-lose. If things go very well and I win, you still have to get up in front of a group of people and risk having God knows what come out of your mouth. If you won’t win, you have to breathe deeply and smile and clap with a camera in your face. Last year, just before they announced my award, I was weak in the knees and had sweaty palms. It wasn’t because I was nervous about winning or losing. It was having to accept the trophy if I did win.

DH: And then you lost.

JP: Yes! So it all worked out. But I still don’t see the odds being with me winning. It’s…what is it? One in six. But you know, my competition is awfully good. My stomach is already in knots. The problem is that I don’t drink, so I can’t calm myself that way. I wish I could be better at pretending I don’t care.

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