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Enough Already: Good Riddance, Larry King

By | Thursday December 16, 2010 @ 6:33pm PST

Are you watching this Larry King finale? What a slobber-fest! (It featured 2 presidents — Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger, 4 TV news anchors, Ryan Seacrest and Bill Maher, SNL‘s Fred Armisen doing a King impersonation, Regis Philbin and Tony Bennett singing — the latter “The Best is Yet to Come” via remote from Louisiana.) Save me from all this b.s. for a man who rarely asked a hard question in his 25-year on-air career for CNN:

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The End: Final ‘Larry King Live’ Airs Tonight

Nellie Andreeva

He may have gotten out of touch, he may have been famously unprepared for his interviews, and he may have been responsible for his show hemorrhaging viewers to average underwhelming 700,000 a night, but Larry King is still an institution. After more than 25 years and about 50,000 guests, the 77-year-old interviewer tonight will host the final installment of Larry King Live, his primetime talk show on CNN. More than a dozen guests are expected to stop by, including King’s pals Ryan Seacrest, whom he tipped as his potential successor, and Bill Maher. Here a reel with some the highlights of his tenure on the show put together by CNN. It includes the famous 1993 debate between Al Gore and Ross Perot that drew a record audience of 20 million, as well as King’s live coverage of the O.J. Simpson car chase and the Marlon Brando kiss. It doesn’t include the lowlights, like when he confused Ringo Starr with the late George Harrison in a 2007 interview with the surviving Beatles members. Or when he got ripped by Jerry Seinfeld for suggesting Seinfeld might have been canceled (above).

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