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Clooney’s ‘Leatherheads’ Fumbles For #3; ’21′ Is First Again, ‘Nim’s Island’ Is No. 2

leatherheads6.jpgSUNDAY AM: The movie that George Clooney directed, starred in and overhauled the script for, Leatherheads, stumbled badly at the box office this weekend, making only $12.5 million from 1,769 theaters and finishing only No. 3. (Interestingly, the pic’s studio, Universal, claimed it was No. 2, but every other Hollywood major had it as No. 3 behind Sony’s 21 and Fox/Walden’s Nim’s Island.) The screwball comedy about the early days of football was seen in Hollywood as a referendum on Clooney’s popularity at the box office. Because right now he is a big movie star but not a big box office star, and his hefty paydays in big studio projects like this definitely depend on the latter. (To be fair, few movie stars nowadays are reliably performing at the box office…)

Instead, Sony’s 21 casino caper fended off tough competition from three newcomers in the marketplace to score its second straight win as the #1 movie in North America. It earned a $15.1 million weekend, down only 37% from its opening last weekend, for a new cume of $46.5 million.

abigail_breslin1.jpgFamily fare Nim’s Island, starring Abigail Breslin and Jodie Foster for Fox/Walden, junped into 2nd place with $13.3 million thanks to strong Saturday kiddie matinees and a wide theater count of 3,513.

Another studio newcomer in release, horror pic The Ruins from DreamWorks /Paramount earned $7.8 million this weekend from 2,812 venues for 5th place behind #4 Horton Hears A Hoo!, the … Read More »

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Before Predicting If George Clooney Can Open ‘Leatherheads’… He Went Fi-Core!

leatherheads_galleryposter.jpgUPDATE: Clooney’s ‘Leatherheads’ Fumbles Friday Box Office

I dive into this weekend’s box office forecast below. But first I need to deal with another matter. We all learned from today’s Variety that WGA member George Clooney went fi-core last fall after a 2-1 credit arbitration decision that only Duncan Brantley and Rick Reilly deserved screen credit on Leatherheads even though Clooney claimed he did a major overhaul on the script which he also directed and starred in. Well, this certainly explains why Clooney never walked the picket line alongside the striking writers.

Clooney told the trade ”he would have quit the WGA altogether, but that would have prevented him from working on all WGA-covered productions. He says he wanted nothing more to do with the WGA but didn’t want to be hampered in his ability in writing scripts.” Variety takes Clooney’s side. Not me. Forget the merits of his case: he was churlish and childish to go fi-core.

Earth to George: such disappointments happen every day of the week to real screenwriters — but they don’t pick up their toys and go home.

leatherheads8.jpgI’m not going to diss him for bigfooting the script because that is his right. Nor should anyone hold against him that he starred in it, he directed it, he produced it and he’s already got a villa on Lake Como. But, by going fi-core, he deservedly earns the enmity of 12,000 members … Read More »

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