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UPDATE: Starz Looks For A Premium Streaming Service To Replace Netflix

UPDATE, 12: 00 PM: No word from Starz execs about when they might announce a digital streaming deal to replace the one with Netflix, which expires in February. “There are a lot of conversations going on,” Starz CEO Chris Albrecht told analysts today. “It’s a road that needs to be evaluated almost on a weekly basis.” The company hopes to license programs from its premium channel to a premium-priced streaming service – meaning, one that charges more than Netflix. As more companies enter the online video market “they’ll begin to segment and differentiate,” says Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei. “That’s something we would embrace.” Albrecht said that “we didn’t believe it was appropriate to have our products included in a low-cost service.” Do they really expect lots of consumers to pay high prices in this weak economy — especially with the anemic numbers cable and satellite companies are posting for premium channels? At Starz the 3Q sub figure was Read More »

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Liberty Media Says Starz Hits A Record 19M Subs In 2Q While QVC Rebounds

The odd collection of stocks controlled by John Malone’s Liberty Media are enjoying a nice pop today after the company reported generally upbeat 2Q data. Shares of Liberty Starz are up 5.2% at mid-day. The company says that Starz ended the quarter with 19M subscribers — its highest ever and up 200,000 from March. But Encore was down by 200,000 to 32.9M. The company doesn’t mind: It reported $403M in revenue, up 5% vs the same period last year and beating the $396.1 that analysts expected. The company says it gained $8M from higher prices for its channels, $6M from the subscriber growth, and $3M from sales of home video and licensing rights to its original productions. Meanwhile, shares of Liberty Interactive — which includes QVC — are up 7.8% at mid-day after the company reported a 9% revenue increase to $2.2B, on target with expectations. QVC was up 8% to $1.9B. Sales of accessories, apparel, and home goods in the U.S. were up but jewelry was down. Although the number of transactions fell 4% to 25.7M, that was outweighed by an increase in the average value of each sale to $52.02 from $48.10. QVC plans broadcasts from the LA Live complex that will enable it to “provide a localized look and feel for our West Coast audience during their prime television viewing hours,” says QVC chief Mike George. Elsewhere in Malone-land, Liberty Capital shares are up 4.6% and Liberty Global’s … Read More »

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