Jen Yamato contributed to this report.

hr_The_LEGO_Movie_9The words “everything is awesome,” which became the title of the theme song for what is expected to be a $69.1M+ mega-hit The Lego Movie, were written into the script well before Mark Mothersbaugh even began scoring the animated pic. The man behind the soundtrack of such diverse fare as Wes Andersen’s The Royal Tenenbaums, Sony’s animated Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and TV shows like HBO’s Big Love said he had to come up with an entirely different sound. “When I saw early cuts of the movie, and there were tiny Lego bricks forming a wave, forming the explosion cloud and when he turns on the shower, water comes out as Lego blocks, so I had to think to myself, what is the sound of that universe? What is the sound of Lego?”

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