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Is Facebook Worth More than $100B?

By | Tuesday November 29, 2011 @ 7:23am PST

That’s the valuation that the king of social media hopes investors will accept as it considers whether to make one of the biggest public stock offerings ever this spring, The Wall Street Journal reports. The paper says that Mark Zuckerberg’s company wants to raise $10B and could file documents at the SEC to begin the process by the end of this year. Visa, General Motors, and AT&T Wireless are the only U.S. companies that have collected more than $10B in an initial public offering. Up to now, Zuckerberg has been cool to the idea of going public, which would require Facebook to disclose a lot of information about its finances. But he may have to give the public a peek even if he keeps the company private: He’ll have more than 500 investors by year end, the Journal says, and the SEC requires companies that cross that threshold to open up about some of their numbers. The figures are sure to be impressive: The company is believed to generate more than $4B a year in revenue. Read More »

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Friends Facebook Board Of Directors

If you thought that Facebook might be gearing up to compete with Netflix, then think again. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings just joined Facebook’s board of directors. “Facebook is propelling a fundamental change in how people connect with each other and share all kinds of content,” Hastings says. He added that he wants to help Facebook “take advantage of all the opportunities ahead.” The Facebook board also includes CEO Mark Zuckerberg, investors Marc Andreessen, Jim Breyer, and Peter Thiel as well as the Washington Post’s Donald Graham. Hastings also sits on Microsoft’s board.

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‘SNL’ COUP: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Joins ‘Social Network’ Jesse Eisenberg

UPDATE: Here is the video:

The Facebook founder and his movie doppelganger joked around and shook hands in tonight’s SNL introduction. There had been a lot of chatter in the past few days that SNL was trying to land Mark Zuckerberg but nothing was confirmed. Here’s what I’m told happened (sorry, I don’t have satellite so no access to the East Coast feed): The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg who’s hosting SNL comes out while Andy Samberg is imitating Zuckerberg. Then the real Zuckerberg is shown backstage standing with Lorne Michaels and asking, “Why can’t I go in there? I am the real Mark Zuckerberg.” A few seconds later, Zuckerberg joins Eisenberg and Samberg onstage. ”What did you think of the movie?” the actor asks the billionaire. “It was interesting,” Zuckerberg responds. The two guys laugh and shake hands. Kinda cool PR stunt for the Oscar contender.

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