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‘THE AVENGERS’ NOW BIGGEST OPENER! Shocking $200M Record Domestic Weekend: Expecting $642M Global From First 12 Days

May 4-6 Weekend Actuals

1. Marvel’s The Avengers (Disney) NEW [4,349 Theaters] PG13
Friday $80.8M, Saturday $69.6M, Sunday $57.1M, Weekend $207.4M, Global $640M

2. Think Like A Man (Screen Gems/Sony) Week 3 [2,010 Theaters] PG13
Friday $2.7M, Saturday $3.3M, Sunday $2.1M, Weekend $8.1M (-54%), Cume $73.1M

3. The Hunger Games (Lionsgate) Week 7 [2,794 Theaters] PG13
Friday $1.6M, Saturday $2.4M, Sunday $1.5M, Weekend $5.6M (-48%), Cume $380.6M

4. Pirates! Band of Misfits 3D (Aardman/Sony) Week 2 [3,358 Theaters] PG
Friday $1.3M, Saturday $2.5M, Sunday $1.7M, Weekend $5.5M (-51%), Cume $18.7M

5. The Lucky One (Warner Bros) Week 3 [3,005 Theaters] PG13
Friday $1.9M, Saturday $2.2M, Sunday $1.2M, Weekend $5.4M (-50%), Cume $47.8M

6. The Five-Year Engagement (Universal) Week 2 [2,941 Theaters] R
Friday $1.7M, Saturday $2.0M, Sunday $1.3M, Weekend $5.0M (-53%), Cume $19.1M

7. Safe (Lionsgate) Week 2 [2,271 Theaters] R
Friday $846K, Saturday $1.0M, Sunday $827K, Weekend $2.7M (-66%), Cume $13.0M

8. The Raven (Relativity) Week 2 [2,209 Theaters] R
Friday $850K, Saturday $1.0M, Sunday $739K Weekend $2.6M (-64%), Cume $12.2M

9. Chimpanzee (Disneynature) Week 3 [1,531 Theaters] G
Friday $703K, Saturday $1.0M, Sunday $777K, Weekend $2.5M (-53%), Cume $23.1M

10. The Three Stooges (Fox) Week 4 [2,174 Theaters] PG
Friday $478K, Saturday $800K, Sunday $554K, Weekend $1.8M (-65%), Cume $39.7M

Avengers Box Office
SUNDAY AM… REFRESH FOR LATEST… It’s now official — Marvel’s The Avengers is a monster worldwide hit for Disney in 2D, Digital 3D, RealD, and IMAX 3D theaters. The studio says 52% saw it in 3D, 40% in traditional 3D, 8% in IMAX, and 4% on premium large format. Exit polls showed the actioner attracted a four-quadrant audience with 50% over age 25 and 50% under 25, while 60% were male and 40% female. Also 55% were couples, 24% families, and 21% teens. Hollywood couldn’t be happier because it kicks off the all-important Summer 2012 movie season with sensational numbers. Avengers lived up to its billing as the ‘Superhero Team-Up Of A Lifetime’ by featuring all-in-one pic the iconic Marvel figures Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Nick Fury. Disney says it’s looking Avengers Box Office Predictionsat a record $69.7M grosses for Saturday after making $80.5M Friday (including $18.7M midnights) from 4,349 U.S. and Canadian locations, including 3,364 plays in 3D. Studio confirms it’s on track to shatter the domestic weekend opening record with $200.3M. (Warner Bros’ 3D Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 finale used to hold that record with $169M.) I believe Disney is being overly conservative and the final figure will exceed that since Avengers should make over $50M on Sunday. (And I thought SNL Kagan’s reportpredicting that $200M domestic debut before the weekend was nuts. Not now…) Disney reports international gross is now $441.5M. The worldwide total is already $641.8M after playing almost everywhere around the globe for the past 12 days including Friday in Russia ($17.9M) and Saturday in China ($17.4M). Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) went to the Beijing Film Festival to help open the film Saturday. One more thing to keep in mind: Avengers accumulated a massive foreign number without opening yet in the major market of Japan. Globally, IMAX Avengers grossed $21.1+M this weekend and the global IMAX cume will be approx $31.2M as of Sunday night. IMAX Avengers brought in $6.1 mil internationally (which includes an amazing first day gross in China of $1.1M) on 174 digital-only locations. In North America IMAX had one big issue: it ran out of seats to sell. Avengers grossed $15+M domestically on 275 digital-only IMAX screens, which looks to be a virtual tie with the Harry Potter finale for the highest grossing opening weekend in IMAX’s history. It reports 17 of the top 20 engagements in North America playing the film were IMAX runs, and 110 domestic IMAX locations established a new opening Saturday record. The global pressure was on because Avengers is the first Marvel Studios film from The Walt Disney Studios which took over marketing and distribution duties from Paramount. Disney CEO/President Bob Iger bought the comics entertainment company for $4 billion in 2009. Paramount still gets marquee credit and a portion of the fees. (I’m told that when Disney bought the distribution of Avengers and Iron Man 3, Paramount was paid a minimum of $115M. It gets the higher of the $115M or the combination of its 8% fee on Avengers, plus 9% on next years Iron Man 3. “Looks like there will be overages!” a Paramount exec told me excitedly Sunday. Paramount also kept the pay rights as part of the deal so Avengers will debut on Epix.) Why did this superhero actioner do so well at the box office? As one of my commenters succinctly summarizes: “Note to Hollywood: This is what happens when you let comic fans do comic book movies. Joss Whedon knocked it out of the park. The right mix of humor without camp, special effects without overusage, and action with good script. Having actors who like and/or know the characters doesn’t hurt either. Props to the casting folks.” More details below.

No other major pic dared go up against this juggernaut. Holdovers only total $45M this weekend which is looking like $230M – or +38% over last year. Here’s the Top 10 (based on weekend estimates):

1. Marvel’s The Avengers (Disney) NEW [4,349 Theaters] PG13
Friday $80.5M, Saturday $69.7M, Weekend $200M, Global $640M

2. Think Like A Man (Screen Gems/Sony) Week 3 [2,010 Theaters] PG13
Friday $2.6M, Saturday $3.3M, Weekend $8.0M, Cume $73.0M

3. The Hunger Games (Lionsgate) Week 7 [2,794 Theaters] PG13
Friday $1.6M, Saturday $2.6M, Weekend $5.7M, Cume $380.7M

4. Pirates! Band of Misfits 3D (Aardman/Sony) Week 2 [3,358 Theaters] PG
Friday $1.3M, Saturday $2.4M, Weekend $5.4M (-51%), Cume $18.3M

5. The Lucky One (Warner Bros) Week 3 [3,005 Theaters] PG13
Friday $1.9M, Saturday $2.3M, Weekend $5.4M, Cume $47.8M

6. The Five-Year Engagement (Universal) Week 2 [2,941 Theaters] R
Friday $1.7M, Saturday $2.2M, Weekend $5.2M, Cume $19.3M

7. The Raven (Relativity) Week 2 [2,209 Theaters] R
Friday $844K (-62%), Saturday $1.1M, Weekend $2.6M, Cume $12.1M

8. Safe (Lionsgate) Week 2 [2,271 Theaters] R
Friday $825K (-66%), Saturday $1.0M, Weekend $2.5M, Cume $12.9M

9. Chimpanzee (Disneynature) Week 3 [1,531 Theaters] PG
Friday $707K, Saturday $975K, Weekend $2.3M, Cume $22.9M

10. The Three Stooges (Fox) Week 4 [2,174 Theaters] PG
Friday $480K, Saturday $850K, Weekend $1.8M, Cume $39.6M

FRIDAY PM/SATURDAY AM: What a sensational Summer 2012 kick-off! The first weekend of May is one of the most lucrative release dates each year, especially for Marvel comic book adaptations. And Disney is reporting stronger North American box office for Marvel’s The Avengers in Digital 3D, RealD and IMAX 3D than it dared to hope and even rival studios thought possible. The Friday opening number is now $80.5 million because late shows were coming on strong for the 2nd biggest single day gross and Friday opening of all time in box office history. That includes a whopping $18.7M midnights – or more than Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America combined. In terms of records, it was the 8th biggest midnights opening, and the biggest superhero midnights debut. IMAX reported $1.31M from midnights playing at 273 locations for a record digital-only release and a sell-out across the board. Now Disney says the domestic total is on pace for a record-setting $175M through Sunday Read More »

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Samuel L. Jackson Launches Twitter War Over NYT’s Negative ‘Avengers’ Review

Most of the critics were very positive about Marvel’s The Avengers opening at midnight tonight — which is why Samuel L. Jackson (aka Nick Fury) is so furious with The New York Times‘ negative review. The actor let his 825,315 followers  on Twitter today know it. “#Avengers fans, NY Times critic AO Scott needs a new job! Let’s help him find one! One he can ACTUALLY do!”. The NYT’s AO Scott in his review of the Joss Whedon-directed Disney film said, “The Avengersis hardly worth raging about, its failures are significant and dispiriting.” Scott also called Jackson’s role as the head of superspy agency S.H.I.E.L.D “more master of ceremonies than mission commander” in his review. Read More »

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‘Avengers’ Latest Clip: Iron Man Vs Thor

By | Sunday April 22, 2012 @ 1:02pm PDT

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‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ Marathon Event Sells Out AMC Theatres One Month Ahead

By | Thursday April 5, 2012 @ 2:32pm PDT

BREAKING… AMC Theatres made the announcement today and is adding more shows at participating locations. The May 3rd event will feature 6 Marvel movies including the May 4th midnight release of Marvel’s The Avengers in RealD 3D. Price is $40 for the marathon of movies, an event lanyard, and maybe a pair of limited-edition Avenger character RealD 3D glasses if supplies last. I think this amply demonstrates that fans will pay extra for theatrical events. Remember when Dreamgirls opened in 2006 a week ahead of release with a $25-per-ticket event playing 10 days in three theatres with reserved seating, themed lobby displays, merchandise booths, and a limited-edition program? The advance tickets for what’s billed as ’The Ultimate Marvel Marathon’ sold out at 10 AMC locations across the country a month ahead of the event: AMC Empire 25, New York AMC Downtown Disney 24, Orlando AMC Sunset Place 24, Miami AMC Downtown Disney 12, Los Angeles AMC Burbank 16, Los Angeles AMC Ontario Mills 30, Los Angeles AMC Loews Boston Common 19, Boston AMC Garden State 16, New Jersey AMC Loews Metreon 16, San Francisco AMC Courtney Park 16, Toronto. The 6 Marvel movies which begin playing at 11:30 AM are (in order): Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor (presented in RealD 3D), Captain America: The First Avenger (presented in RealD 3D), and Marvel’s The Avengers. AMC operates 347 theatres with 5,048 screens across the United States and Canada.

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Lego’s ‘Avengers’ Vs. Marvel’s

By | Saturday March 31, 2012 @ 2:35pm PDT
Lego has released its version of the poster for Marvel’s The Avengers. For convenient comparison we’ve also provided the movie version the studio released awhile back. When the movie opens May 4, Disney/Marvel and Lego will give away 2 million of the Lego posters at theaters nationwide. Interested fans can also check out Avengers toys on Marvel’s website.

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Super Bowl Spot: ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’

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Written and directed by fanboy fave Joss Whedon, The Avengers brings together members of the Marvel universe to battle Loki and his minions. Opens May 4.

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Super Bowl Sneak Peek: ‘The Avengers’

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