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Primetime Pilot Panic: R.I.P. ‘Moonlight’

Media Rights Capital, and everyone else, passed on Moonlight for mid-season. The show is dead. Moonlight fans will be singing outside Warner Bros today at noon and again on Friday by the big main gate at 4000 Warner Blvd near Pass street. I’m not sure why but they will be singing.

  • ‘Moonlight’ Is Dead At MRC & Everywhere; UPDATE: Mid-season?
  • ‘Moonlight’ To CW?
  • ‘Moonlight’ Cancelled
  • ‘Moonlight’ Not On CBS Fall Schedule But Not Dead
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    ‘Moonlight’ Is Dead At MRC & Everywhere; UPDATE: Mid-season?

    UPDATE: I hear MRC now has been asked to consider Moonlight for mid-season. This is such a shot in the dark it’s barely worth posting. But I’m posting nonetheless. I’ve also been told that CBS continues to hold an option on the star of the show, Alex O’Loughlin, and that he’s in demand for other projects.

    …I just heard it’s a no-go for Media Rights Capital, which is programming Sunday’s two-hour block for the CW, to pick up Moonlight. So it’s dead, gone, six feet under. The cancelled CBS show was officially offered to MRC yesterday. (It was also offered to others, but the people behind the show thought MRC was their best shot.) And there was enough of a chance of a pick-up that Warner Bros television took the unusual step of agreeing to delay its order yesterday to strike the Moonlightsets until Friday to see what happened. And a lot of lobbying and arm-twisting has gone down since then. However, first thing this morning, MRC officially passed. The reason I’m told is that MRC, rightly or wrongly, is committed to looking for fresh material, not recycled. (MRC has already semi-announced its four original shows for CW’s Sunday time slots…) But in my opinion, it’s a dumb move by MRC. Not only would Moonlight‘s ratings be a huge improvement over anything now appearing on the CW, but the company could take advantage of the awareness already built up thanks to CBS’s heavy (in other words, expensive) promotion of the show throughout this past TV … Read More »

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    Primetime Pilot Panic: CBS Official Renewals; UPDATE: ‘Moonlight’ Cancelled; ‘Shark’ Kaput, Too

    By | Tuesday May 13, 2008 @ 10:11am PDT


    UPDATE: CBS has officially let veteran Moonlight know that it’s been cancelled. The network even nixed any remote chance of a mid-season back 13-episode order. See my previous about the renewal saga, ‘Moonlight’ Not On CBS Fall Schedule But Not Dead; Show Lobbying For Back 13-Episode Order. CBS also axed Shark, a show that deteriorated faster than a CSI corpse left out in the sun…

    I’m told CBS today has officially let these veteran shows know they’re renewed: Old Christine (WBT), Rules of Engagement (Sony/CBS Paramount), How I Met Your Mother (20th Century Fox TV), The Unit (20th Century Fox TV)

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