Primetime Pilot Panic: R.I.P. ‘Moonlight’

Media Rights Capital, and everyone else, passed on Moonlight for mid-season. The show is dead. Moonlight fans will be singing outside Warner Bros today at noon and again on Friday by the big main gate at 4000 Warner Blvd near Pass street. I’m not sure why but they will be singing.

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    ‘Moonlight’ Is Dead At MRC & Everywhere; UPDATE: Mid-season?

    UPDATE: I hear MRC now has been asked to consider Moonlight for mid-season. This is such a shot in the dark it’s barely worth posting. But I’m posting nonetheless. I’ve also been told that CBS continues to hold an option on the … Read More »

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    Primetime Pilot Panic: ‘Moonlight’ To CW?

    By | Tuesday May 13, 2008 @ 5:03pm PDT

    EXCLUSIVE: I’ve just been told by an insider that “there is a chance, only a chance” that Media Rights Capital which will be programming Sunday’s two hours on the CW “may elect to take Moonlight as one of those two … Read More »

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    Joel Silver And Warners Say He’s Staying: “I Can’t Stop The Slings & Arrows”

    EXCLUSIVE: As you must know by now, in the past 48 hours, Joel Silver had his $160M movie Speed Racer tank at Warner Bros, and his TV series Moonlight axed by CBS. And, because of his many faults, most of the town is ecstatic … Read More »

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    Primetime Pilot Panic: CBS Official Renewals; UPDATE: ‘Moonlight’ Cancelled; ‘Shark’ Kaput, Too

    By | Tuesday May 13, 2008 @ 10:11am PDT


    UPDATE: CBS has officially let veteran Moonlight know that it’s been cancelled. The network even nixed any remote chance of a mid-season back 13-episode order. See my previous about the renewal saga, … Read More »

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    Primetime Pilot Panic: ‘Moonlight’ Not On CBS Fall Schedule But Not Dead; Show Lobbying For Back 13-Episode Order

    By | Monday May 12, 2008 @ 2:21pm PDT


    The news just came in to me from my sources…. “They’re fighting for a back 13 at mid-season, but Moonlight is definitely not on the fall schedule. But it’s not dead, either. Insiders tell me the sticking point is … Read More »

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