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Communications Spending Will Outpace GDP Growth In 2012: Forecast

By | Thursday April 12, 2012 @ 6:58am PDT

Private equity firm Veronis Shuler Stevenson pretty much likes what it sees in media related businesses in today’s mid-year update to its influential annual VSS Communications Industry Forecast. It projects total spending this year of $1.19T, up 5.6% while the U.S. economy is expected to grow 4.4%. And the industry should continue that pace, hitting $1.42T in 2015, VSS says. Fastest growing businesses are Pure-Play Consumer Internet and Mobile Services (+18.1%), Public Relations and Word-of-Mouth Marketing (+14.6%), Broadcast TV (+9.3%), Subscription TV (+7.7%), and Branded Entertainment (+7.5%). Co-founder John Suhler says that the forecast “highlights the impact of a strengthening economy” and calls the growth in devices such as smartphones and tablet computers “the best news for the industry in several years.” Read More »

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Mike Fleming: Let Me Rant More Than Rave About The Film Climate In Hollywood Now

By | Friday March 9, 2012 @ 10:00am PST
Mike Fleming

Oscars Billy CrystalI spent Oscar week in Los Angeles, and after lengthy chats with film executives and agents, I detail below the long-term issues concerning Hollywood. But first, to sum up: I’m convinced they’ve never seen their business in a greater state of disarray than it is right now. Vets who’ve done this for decades admit they feel less confident than ever about the formula to create hits, and are perplexed why it has become next to impossible to create movie stars anymore (Channing Tatum was on all their lips after The Vow, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy less so after This Means War, but beyond Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Adam Sandler and Will Smith, do any actors draw reliably at the box office?). And there was a palpable lack of excitement for the Oscars, which is clearly hamstrung not by the imagination of its producers, but rather the Academy’s unwillingness to get off its high horse and start showing audiences around the world what they really want to see.

We are in a period where major studios have been burned enough by tentpole bets that nearly all have become infatuated with making films that cost under $10 million. One exec held his arms wide to express the divide that has become the priority for studios. One side represented films that cost nothing and had no stars, while the other represented $100 million-$200 million bets that … Read More »

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