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TOLDJA! Announcement Of MPTF Care Deal

EXCLUSIVE: MPTF REVERSAL! Deal To Keep Acute Care Hospital Open And Even Expand Services

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (February 23, 2011) – The Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) announced today it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent with Providence Health & Services California with plans to broaden and expand healthcare services to the entertainment industry and the community on its storied Wasserman Campus in Woodland Hills. The proposed relationship with Providence will enable MPTF to continue providing long-term care services on its campus, setting aside its closure announcement of early 2009.

MPTF’s primary care network of seven health centers in Southern California, serving 60,000 entertainment industry workers annually, will not be impacted by the MPTF-Providence arrangement. For the 180 independent and assisted living residents on The Wasserman Campus, the Providence relationship breathes new life into the health services they may require as they age under MPTF care. MPTF will continue its broad social services programs, including financial grants of charitable assistance for industry members in need, residential subsidies, Elder Connection, and the Samuel Goldwyn Foundation Children’s Center. UCLA Health System will also participate in the revitalization of the medical program, locating a new neurological rehabilitation unit at the MPTF.

Under the terms of the proposed agreement, Providence would sign a long-term master lease agreement

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MPTF vs Families: Is Compromise Coming?

The advocacy group Saving The Lives Of Our Own representing families and residents has battled the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s closing of the long-term care hospital and intensive care nursing home. Now I hear that MPTF’s recently installed President/CEO Bob Beitcher is trying to effect a compromise that guarantees the closures but also respects the displaced residents. An insider informs me: “In a meeting with campus residents at their request, CEO Bob Beitcher informed them that he is in serious discussion with at least two major hospital/healthcare providers seeking to partner with MPTF to provide LTC (and some type of hospital care) on campus. Not a done deal. No guarantees. And while we don’t know what it would look like or that it will be acceptable, the Fund will soon enter its 90th anniversary year. Will MPTF want to put the last two years’ toil and troubles behind? Odds are favoring a face-saving yet real solution for the LTC and a major capital campaign, over a continued war of attrition and negative PR.”

I hear this partnership/co-branding possibility has been discussed with families and activists as well and that there’s an ongoing dialogue right now with Beitcher, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation CEO Ken Scherer, and even closure hardliner MPTF Foundation Chair Jeffrey Katzenberg “to some degree, There are, however, a number of skeptics, and it’s been best to watch … Read More »

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MPTF Now Blaming Media For Law-Breaking

Reaction To MPTF State/Federal Violations
SHAMEFUL! California Public Health Finds MPTF Broke Laws

I have received a sickening statement from Bob Beitcher, the MPTF President/CEO, which redefines the term chutzpah. In it, he asserts, “The deficiencies asserted by the California Department of Public Health based on its annual ‘unannounced’ survey in June have been widely misreported in the industry news media and blogs.” That’s right, it’s all my fault! At the heart of Beitcher’s argument is that, hey, the California Public Health Department says the MPTF broke state and federal laws by transferring its acute care patients and making them sicker — but not to worry: that was an “unannounced” visit (which means MPTF didn’t have time to fool the inspectors). Plus, the MPTF is caring for even more frail patients (so what they did to the transferred patients doesn’t count). And the MPTF’s law-breaking was the result of only documentation errors so they are “tightening up procedures and re-training staff [for] lapses in administrative paperwork” (not bothering to actually give better care). I wish I were kidding. Here is what I emailed back to the MPTF’s PR people who gave me this nonsense: “Excuse me but I am not an idiot. I read the report and I know what it says. I misinterpreted nothing.”:


The deficiencies asserted by the California Department of Public Health based on its annual “unannounced” survey in June have been widely misreported in the industry news media and blogs. As a result, the MPTF long-term care situation continues to be cast in the negative light created by the vocal family members of some of our residents. 

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Reaction To MPTF State/Federal Violations

SHAMEFUL! California Public Health Finds MPTF Broke Laws

Reaction is starting to come in about the new California Department Of Public Health inspection of the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s skilled nursing facility completed on June 4, 2010 citing the MPTF for rights violations and service failures. (The full report here.):

Ken Howard, President of Screen Actors Guild

The recent news regarding the legal violations attributed to the transfer of MPTF Long Term Care residents are troubling on many levels. Most importantly, these are our brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry who have entrusted their care to us. We cannot and must not abandon them. The entertainment industry has always set an example for the rest of the world on charity, diversity, and compassion. Now we have a chance to show how we tend to our own.

It wasn’t long ago that SAG took a vote that affirmed our support of the residents and family members who are fighting to keep the Long Term Care unit open. I urge all members of SAG and the entertainment industry to stand firm to the principles that founded the MPTF. “We take care of our own” has meaning to us all.

MPTF Family Council:

The Long Term Care Family Council has been standing up for the rights, health and emotional well-being of family members and industry colleagues living at the Motion Picture Home in Woodland Hills.

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