‘Nailed’ Gets Test Screening, Though Nobody Told The Cast And Filmmakers

Mike Fleming

Remember Nailed, the film David O Russell helmed before he made the Oscar-nominated The Fighter? That picture, which endured a litany of production shutdowns before Russell finally exited because he couldn’t get the money for post-production, got a recruited screening … Read More »

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David O. Russell Film Shut Down 3rd Time


Either this indie is horribly cursed, or Capitol Films is completely busted, or both. I’m told that IATSE today ordered its members off the political comedy Nailed because the crew haven’t been paid. There are no plans to resume filming until next Thursday at the earliest. This … Read More »

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URGENT! Jake & Jessica Sidelined Again: IATSE Shuts Down David O. Russell Film


EXCLUSIVE: I’m told that, this time around, it’s IATSE who has put the screws to the Capitol Films indie film Nailed because its crew members weren’t being paid. The pic’s union members had been begging IATSE for weeks to get involved over all the payroll irregularities. Friday was supposed to … Read More »

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4TH UPDATE: ‘Nailed’ Shooting Resumed; But More Capitol Films Suffering

See my new information: 5TH UPDATE: ‘Nailed’ Tip Of The Iceberg: Capitol’s Money Woes With ‘Bad Meat’; Indie Shut Down Suddenly Friday, Too

Also see my … Read More »

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3RD UPDATE: David O. Russell Film Drama

I’m told the Directors Guild is getting involved same as the Screen Actors Guild vis a vis the indie Nailed and Capitol Films’ financing woes. (Previous, Read More »

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ON SET DRAMA UPDATE: SAG Orders Actors On David O. Russell Film To Leave; Jessica Biel & Jake Gyllenhall Sidelined


EXCLUSIVE! 3rd UPDATE: See new details about Capitol Films below. I’m told by knowledgeable sources that David O. Russell’s indie political comedy Nailed which began filming in April was shut down by the Screen Actors Guild on Friday because of insufficient funds on deposit with the guild. I’ve also learned the … Read More »

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EXCLUSIVE: David O. Russell Film Drama! Jessica Biel & Jake Gyllenhaal Sidelined


SATURDAY UPDATE: ON SET DRAMA: SAG Shuts Down David O. Russell Film.
All new details…

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