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‘Nailed’ Gets Test Screening, Though Nobody Told The Cast And Filmmakers

Mike Fleming

Remember Nailed, the film David O Russell helmed before he made the Oscar-nominated The Fighter? That picture, which endured a litany of production shutdowns before Russell finally exited because he couldn’t get the money for post-production, got a recruited screening last night at the Arclight Pasadena. The film became a symbol of the financial troubles that have plagued embattled financier/producer David Bergstein, and sure enough, I’m told the cast and filmmakers were left in the dark about it. I’ve gotten reports from the premises. The title wasn’t divulged on the invitation, but the invite played up that this was a movie made by Russell–who was remade into an Irishman. The invite described the film as “From David O’Russell, the Oscar-nominated director of The Fighter, Three Kings and Flirting with Disaster.” The pic stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, James Marsden, Catherine Keener, Tracy Morgan and Paul Reubens. It’s basically a satirical comedy about health care. A small town waitress (Biel) gets a nail lodged into her head, which prompts her to behave impulsively and often irrationally. She can’t afford to have the nail removed because she doesn’t have health care, and heads to DC where she develops a relationship with a congressman (Gyllenhaal). Her attempt to wage a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington-type campaign for health care reform is challenged by the nutty things she does because of her affliction. Now, Russell has shown a deft hand at this … Read More »

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David O. Russell Film Shut Down 3rd Time


Either this indie is horribly cursed, or Capitol Films is completely busted, or both. I’m told that IATSE today ordered its members off the political comedy Nailed because the crew haven’t been paid. There are no plans to resume filming until next Thursday at the earliest. This is the 2nd time IATSE has moved to protect its union members, but only after the Screen Actors Guild first sounded the alarm bell over Capitol Films’ cash crunch and instructed its actors to leave the set earlier this month. ”Many of the crew are pissed-off at the IA for waiting so long to get involved. And, now that shooting is 1/2 completed, the question is why, since the IA refused to get involved sooner, are they flexing their muscles now?” one insider asked. True, it’s been start and stop, start and stop, again and again. Isn’t the saying that after three strikes, you’re out? But people still believe in the pic. Amazingly, both co-stars Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal are hanging in even though these shutdowns are a major pain in the ass for them and Russell and everyone else connected with the movie. I’m told the production is officially one week behind schedule, and this latest debacle will push it back two weeks. What a mess. (That is, unless the Academy Awards or at least the Spirit Awards start a new category for Best Tortured Indie Pic…)

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    URGENT! Jake & Jessica Sidelined Again: IATSE Shuts Down David O. Russell Film


    EXCLUSIVE: I’m told that, this time around, it’s IATSE who has put the screws to the Capitol Films indie film Nailed because its crew members weren’t being paid. The pic’s union members had been begging IATSE for weeks to get involved over all the payroll irregularities. Friday was supposed to be the deadline set for the crew to get paid since there was a promise of a loan being made by then. But IATSE apparently lost its patience with all the smoke-and-mirror promises so today the union ordered its crew to walk off the production. (Most have lost three weeks’ worth of pay.) This also means director David O. Russell and stars Jake Gyllenhal and Jessica Biel are sidelined yet again since this is the second shutdown since the pic began shooting April 15th and was halfway through principal photography in Columbia, South Carolina. The first time was when the Screen Actors Guild told the actors to walk off the film because cash-crunched Capitol Films had made insufficient deposits with the thesp union. This also doesn’t bode well for other Capitol Films currently shooting or about to start shooting. What a mess… Since I have to take a personal day today, I will have much more coverage of Capitol Films tomorrow…

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    4TH UPDATE: ‘Nailed’ Shooting Resumed; But More Capitol Films Suffering

    See my new information: 5TH UPDATE: ‘Nailed’ Tip Of The Iceberg: Capitol’s Money Woes With ‘Bad Meat’; Indie Shut Down Suddenly Friday, Too

    Also see my previous from the weekend:

  • 3RD UPDATE: David O. Russell Film Drama
  • 2ND UPDATE: SAG Orders Actors On David O. Russell Film To Leave; Jessica Biel & Jake Gyllenhall Sidelined
  • EXCLUSIVE: David O. Russell Film Drama! Jessica Biel & Jake Gyllenhaal Sidelined
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    3RD UPDATE: David O. Russell Film Drama

    I’m told the Directors Guild is getting involved same as the Screen Actors Guild vis a vis the indie Nailed and Capitol Films’ financing woes. (Previous, ON SET DRAMA UPDATE: SAG Orders Actors On David O. Russell Film To Leave)

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    ON SET DRAMA UPDATE: SAG Orders Actors On David O. Russell Film To Leave; Jessica Biel & Jake Gyllenhall Sidelined


    EXCLUSIVE! 3rd UPDATE: See new details about Capitol Films below. I’m told by knowledgeable sources that David O. Russell’s indie political comedy Nailed which began filming in April was shut down by the Screen Actors Guild on Friday because of insufficient funds on deposit with the guild. I’ve also learned the Columbia, S.C. shoot is in trouble with both IATSE and Teamsters, and some of those union members have left the beleaguered $25 million budgeted production. Rumors also are circulating that the state of South Carolina could withdraw its incentive monies because of the financing problems. Filmmakers hope to resolve the cash crunch and re-start shooting next week since principal photography is only at the halfway point. “I am confident we will finish,” an insider on the pic just told me. “The financing on this like most indies is based on bank loans and bridge loans. This is a matter of waiting on the bridge loan. Hopefully, it will all be resolved.”

    But new information coming my way says David Bergstein’s Capitol Films behind the pic is troubled. In 2006, he acquired a leading UK-based international sales company which over the years had built a good reputation in the movie biz and made a wide range of commercial and critical successes, including Robert Altman’s Gosford Park. But now I’m hearing from NYC film financing circles that “a shitload of people are owed a lot of money,” in the words of one expert in the field. “I heard this week that his major financing source, a hedge fund, has shut down and left him in the lurch.”

    The filmmakers were able to get in a … Read More »

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    EXCLUSIVE: David O. Russell Film Drama! Jessica Biel & Jake Gyllenhaal Sidelined


    SATURDAY UPDATE: ON SET DRAMA: SAG Shuts Down David O. Russell Film.
    All new details…

    FRIDAY PM: Details are sketchy, but sources tell me that David O. Russell’s risque political comedy Nailed has been put on hold while shooting in South Carolina because of a “cash crunch” that’s causing problems with SAG, IATSE and the Teamsters. Co-stars Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal (the pic also stars James Marsden, Catherine Keener, and Tracy Morgan) “are waiting to see if the movie will continue. It’s kind of amazing, really,” one source with insider knowledge about the production told me Friday. There are a lot of rumors circulating, and I’m trying to separate what’s fact and what’s fiction. But I can confirm the pic’s predicament is solely related to its financing, not to its helmer. True, the temperamental director is known for turbulent shoots especially when it comes to actors. Already on Nailed, Jimmy Caan quit two weeks ago after he and the helmer couldn’t agree on the best way for the actor to choke to death on a cookie during a scene. Russell also had well-documented differences with George Clooney (the two came to blows on the set of Three Kings) and Lily Tomlin (profane exchanges on the set of I Heart Huckabees… See my previous Lily ‘Liberated’ By Read More »

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