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Nancy Pelosi To Deliver Top-10 List On David Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ On Election Night

By | Monday November 4, 2013 @ 8:28am PST

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, will present the Top Ten List on the Late Show With David Letterman on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, CBS announced this morning. This will be Pelosi’s second visit to the late night program. She last visited the broadcast seven years ago on August 22, 2006, ahead of the fall elections that made her the first female Speaker of the House. That same night, Kathy Griffin is booked to be on the show, as is Bruce McCall, who co-authored with Letterman the book This Land Was Made For You And Me (But Mostly Me):  Billionaires In The Wild, which will be released Tuesday; and a performance from musical guest J. Cole.

Pelosi is known, among other things, as being game to make the rounds on daytime and nighttime talk shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rachael Ray, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Late Show With David Letterman, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. She also was a guest judge on the reality series Top Chef when the show was set in Washington in August 2010. But she made headlines when she played herself on 30 Rock‘s series finale, telling the then-Washington Post’s — now Deadline’s — Lisa de Moraes,  “I would do almost anything Tina Fey asked me to do.”

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Nancy Pelosi To Guest On ’30 Rock’ Finale

By | Thursday January 3, 2013 @ 6:35pm PST

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi will guest star on 30 Rock‘s series finale, an NBC spokesperson confirmed to Deadline today. No word if Pelosi would play anything other than herself on the show’s one hour January 31st episode. “I would do almost anything Tina Fey asked me to do,” Pelosi said to The Washington Post today in a statement about her scripted TV debut. Pelosi is one of several politicians who have appeared on the Emmy Award-winning show, including former Vice President Al Gore, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (all of whom played themselves). Pelosi also is no stranger to Primetime TV. Over the years she’s made the rounds on daytime and nighttime talk shows, Read More »

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Deals A Blow To Stop Online Piracy Act

The Stop Online Piracy Act was wounded by a tweet on Thursday. “Need to find a better solution” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said on Twitter in response to a question about her position on the bill that would empower the federal government to block overseas sites that traffic in pirated content. Pelosi’s opposition to SOPA is significant — she’s the House’s most powerful Democrat, after all. But it isn’t surprising: Most of her district is in San Francisco, and the tech companies that dominate the city overwhelmingly oppose the bill. Companies including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, AOL, Twitter, and eBay say that it could open the way for the government to attack sites that don’t violate other people’s copyrights, possibly quashing free speech. That view crosses party lines: Republican Darrell Issa, who represents the San Diego area, responded to Pelosi’s tweet: “If even we agree…” Hollywood studios, represented by the MPAA, are leading the charge in favor of SOPA. They say that piracy of movies and other forms of entertainment endangers thousands of jobs. They add that the bill would only affect Web sites that are violating U.S. copyright laws, but can’t be prosecuted because they’re based in other countries.

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Spielberg “House Whisperer” For Democrats?

By | Wednesday December 22, 2010 @ 5:59pm PST
Mike Fleming

I have a response to that Washington Post report claiming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s transition to minority leader is being aided behind the scenes by Steven Spielberg. The paper makes it sounds as though Spielberg will become a veritable House Whisperer, helping “rebrand” Democrats in Congress. But when I reached out to Spielberg’s longtime publicist Marvin Levy, he wrote me back: “Today’s story regarding Nancy Pelosi made a reference to Steven Spielberg that requires a response. I can say as a long-time spokesman for Steven that he has made it his career to direct actors, not political figures.”

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Harvey Weinstein vs Nancy Pelosi: …But Why Not Accept His Offer To Find Funding For Michigan & Florida Dem Primaries?

By | Thursday May 8, 2008 @ 11:37am PDT

I’ve just received this statement from Harvey Weinstein’s people about today’s CNN report that the ardent Hillary Clinton supporter tried to strongarm House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to embrace his effort to finance a re-vote of the Democratic presidential primaries in Florida and Michigan. “While Harvey has the greatest respect for Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker’s work on behalf of the country and her success in taking the House back for Democrats in 2006, he did convey that it is in the best interest of Senator Clinton, Senator Obama and the historic values of the Democratic Party to find a way to re-vote Florida and Michigan and not disenfranchise millions of voters. Harvey believes the only way Democrats can lose the presidency in 2008 is by repeating what happened in 2000 – and not count all the votes. Harvey assumes that all Democrats stand united behind the principle that everyone should have the opportunity to vote.”

It’s rare that I agree with Harv on anything Hollywood, and certainly I continually disapprove of his bullyboy tactics, but on this issue I think Weinstein is right. Florida and Michigan Democrats should be allowed to vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama no matter if it’s too late to affect the ultimate winner. What’s more is that lost in this CNN story is a very promising idea: Weinstein’s offer to raise money so that both states can hold proper primary elections since the Democratic party keeps … Read More »

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