National Amusements Comes Out Against ‘Tower Heist’ VOD Plan

By | Wednesday October 12, 2011 @ 9:30am PDT

Theaters Demand Longer Wait For ‘Tower Heist’ Premium VOD Test

Add Sumner Redstone’s exhibitor company National Amusements to the list of chains who won’t show Universal’s upcoming caper comedy Tower Heist. The 950-screen circuit said today that it won’t screen … Read More »

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Shari Redstone Launches Investment Firm

By | Friday August 26, 2011 @ 9:42am PDT

CBS Corp and Viacom vice chairman and National Amusements president Shari Redstone has co-founded Advancit Capital, an early-stage investment firm that has been involved in early funding for app maker Nettle. AllThingsD reports that the company, co-founded with Jason … Read More »

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Lens-Gate: Exhibitors’ Failure To Swap Out 3D Filters Casting Theaters In Poor Light

By | Monday May 23, 2011 @ 1:54pm PDT

Have you ever gone to the local cineplex, the one with the state-of-the-art, digital auditoriums — and watched a movie whose images are dim, dark and lacking color? That apparently has happened one too many times to Boston Globe reviewer Ty Burr, who wrote about this issue over the weekend and shed some light on what seems to be a growing problem. What he discovered was this: Many exhibition chains are using 4K projectors from Sony to run their digital prints. These projectors require a special lens when showing 3D movies that frequently isn’t removed by projectionists when a 2D print is shown, essentially resulting in a filter that one of Burr’s sources says can take away as much as 85% of the light that reaches the screen. The problem is bad enough in Boston to have riled director Peter Farrelly, who earlier this year attended a promotional screening of his film Hall Pass. “I walked into the room and I could barely see, and my stomach dropped,’’ the filmmaker told the Globe. “The first screening looked spectacular and the second was so dark, it was daytime versus nighttime. If they’re doing this for a big screening, I can’t imagine what they do for regular customers. That’s no way to see a movie.”

The story is staring to gain traction in film circles, but what people should be talking about is the dismissive attitudes of the companies involved that Burr discovered when writing his story: Read More »

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