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UPDATE: Congressman Apologizes For Threatening To Throw TV Reporter Off Balcony After State Of The Union (Video)

By | Wednesday January 29, 2014 @ 9:53am PST


UPDATE, 9:40 AM: New York Rep. Michael Grimm told a gaggle of reporters outside his office this morning he expects his mother to remind him he was not raised to threaten to throw reporters off of balconies. and that he’s scheduled a lunch with the NY1 reporter to whom he made the offer, Meanwhile, NY1 reporter Michael Scotto tweeted he’s accepted Grimm’s apology.

PREVIOUS, 7:53 AM: Time Warner Cable landed one of the biggest scoops of the State of the Union address last night, when a congressman offered to throw one of its reporters off the balcony in the hall, and/or break him in two, during a post-address interview (see video below). It’s believed to be a State of the Union Address first and understandably is the subject of some talk on the morning news show circuit today. “He did seem angry, he seemed angrier than I have ever seen a politician talk to a reporter about a question that he or she didn’t like,” NY1 reporter Michael Scotto reminisced this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

“He” is New York Rep. Michael Grimm,Michael Grimm whose campaign finance issues have been of interest to some news outlets of late — the FBI arrested his fundraiser Diana Durand earlier this month, according to published reports. Scotto told various TV news outlets this morning that Grimm has been dodging the media but, after President Obama’s speech last night, he agreed to give Scotto an interview — at the end of which Scotto tried to ask him about allegations about his campaign finances. Grimm can be seen telling Scotto he won’t discuss anything but the POTUS speech and the stalking off. Scotto may have pitched it a little too strong to his viewers when he wrapped up with: “Congressman Michael Grimm does not want to talk about some of the allegations concerning his campaign finances, we wanted to get him on camera on that, but he, as you saw, refused to talk about that. Back to you.”
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Jon Stewart Embraces CNN ‘New Day’s Couch Sponsorship News-portunity

By | Wednesday November 6, 2013 @ 5:58am PST

Jon Stewart last night discovered/fell in love with CNN’s New Day Couch Sponsorship News-portunity, in which advertisers sponsor the morning show’s co-hosts as they walk from their desk to their couch. After fantasizing about the brainstorming session that produced the Couch Walk, headed by CNN chief Jeff Zucker  (the guy who came up with “supersizing” for NBC’s primetime when he took over that network’s Entertainment, which kept that network in first place in the demo for a couple seasons, and allowed it to sell an extra ad break at Friends rates, while failing to develop the next Friends) including:  

Walk to Couch
Baby Reporters
When Cats Tweet
Hot Thing/Cold Thing
Blitzer Kissing Booth
Cartoon Robot Sidekicks
Smell the News
All-Hologram Syria Coverage

Stewart announced The Daily Show was going to be rolling out sponsorship opportunities of its own, including:

Bemused Look
Vaguely Justified Scatalogical Metaphor
Jon Stewart Crumpled His Script In Disgust.

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President Obama Exclusive On CNN’s ‘New Day’ A Ratings Bust

By | Monday August 26, 2013 @ 11:52am PDT

Seems like exclusives aren’t generating any heat for CNN’s new morning show. New Day’s August 19 sitdown with Prince William brought new ratings and viewership lows and now the heavily hyped August 23 interview with President Obama actually saw a demo decline compared with the week before. With more than 40 minutes of the three-hour morning show dedicated to co-host Chris Cuomo’s interview with Obama, New Day pulled in 280,000 total viewers and 91,000 among adults 25-54. While overall viewership bopped up 9% from New Day’s August 16 show, that demo dropped 11% from the 102,000 25-54s watching the week before. This was the President’s first appearance on New Day, which debuted June 17. Last week’s results must sting even more for CNN being that presidential interviews usually provide a ratings bounce. And you can’t blame those limp numbers on it being summer — Obama’s August 7 visit to The Tonight Show gave the Jay Leno-hosted show its best results since the president’s last appearance in October 2012.

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CNN’s ‘New Day’ Hits New Lows With Prince William Interview

By | Tuesday August 20, 2013 @ 3:24pm PDT

CNN had a Royal first Monday and some new ratings and viewership lows for its morning show as well. Despite having the first sit down interview with Prince William since the birth of his son George last month, New Day received its lowest viewership and demo results since debuting on June 17. The Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan-hosted show pulled in just 60,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo and 216,000 viewers overall in its 6 AM to 9 AM time slot. The show’s previous low in both categories was on July 24 when it garnered 75,000 in the demo and 229,000 viewers overall. The lows before that were on June 24 when the jewel in Jeff Zucker’s CNN retooling crown had 84,000 among the 25-54s and on July 29 when it had 231,000 viewers in total.

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CNN, ITV Snag First Prince William Chat Since Son’s Birth

By | Thursday August 15, 2013 @ 7:14am PDT

CNN says it’s nabbed the first “sit down” with Prince William since the birth of his son. In return, the news network will telecast a special about William’s “passion for Africa and his dream to save the world’s most endangered species.” The new-dad bits will debut on CNN’s New Day this coming Monday at 8 AM. The full one-hour special, Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope, will then run on Sunday, September 15th. Originally commissioned by UK network ITV, the special was produced by Britain’s Spun Gold in partnership with CNN. ITV hasn’t set an airdate for the UK but is expected to be in step with CNN.

The interview will include the prince discussing hopes that one day his son can experience the same Africa that he did as a child. The special will detail the family’s work on conservation in Africa, and work being done by others in the same area. Sit-downs with the royal family members seem to go hand in hand with specials about their favorite causes these days. Back in 2010 when NBC’s Dateline interviewed Prince Charles about being next in line for the throne, around the time William’s engagement to Kate Middleton was announced, it was followed by a special produced by Charles about the “global environmental crisis.”

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CNN Keeps Paula Deen Story Hot For Tomorrow’s ‘Today’ Interview As Cookbook Sales Surge

By | Tuesday June 25, 2013 @ 12:48pm PDT

NBC News’ Today has the exclusive with in-the-news celebrity chef/TV star Paula Deen tomorrow morning, but CNN is working hard to keep viewers interested today, interviewing Deen’s sons this morning on its new morning show New Day. Deen’s sons, Bobby and Jamie, were asked about Food Network’s decision last week to not renew Deen’s contract when it expires this month, after word got out she’d said under oath, during a deposition, that she has used the n-word in the past (Bobby and Jamie once had their own Food Network show, and Jamie now has a show on sibling Cooking Channel). Smithfield Foods — the spiral ham guys — also ended its contract with Paula Deen earlier this week, and QVC says it’s reviewing its relationship with the celebri-chef. On the bright side, CNN reports, orders for Deen’s new cookbook, Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up surged on Amazon by nearly 1,300% in the last 24 hours. The cookbook was ranked 115th on Tuesday, compared to a ranking of 1,592nd on Monday. The book’s not available until October.

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CNN’s ‘New Day’ Snags 302,000 Viewers On Average In Week 1

By | Monday June 24, 2013 @ 2:04pm PDT

In its first week on CNN, New Day averaged 302,000 viewers, which is up compared to same week last year — when CNN was suffering record lows. But compared to CNN’s performance in the early-morning time period in May 2013, the show is down by 37% in the 25-54 demo and 20% in viewers of all ages (379,000). Compared to the calendar year to date, it’s down 16% in the demo, and virtually flat in total viewers (306,000). The same week as New Day snagged 302,000 viewers, Fox News’ Fox & Friends notched 1.099 million viewers and MSNBC’s Morning Joe nabbed 322,000. CNN chief Jeff Zucker has said he’d consider the new CNN morning program — which stars ABC News expat Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan — a success if it beat the network’s previous programming ratings in the slot, which is kinda damning with faint praise.

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CNN’s ‘New Day’ Debut Up In Demo But Still Last Among Cable Rivals

By | Tuesday June 18, 2013 @ 2:25pm PDT

Well, looks like New Day has one bright spot in the morning for CNN. The jewel in Jeff Zucker’s rebranded network crown debuted yesterday down 7% in viewers but up 19% in the adults 25-54 demo compared with the same time slot a week ago. The new 6-9 AM morning show pulled in 247,000 total viewers Monday, with 95,000 in the key demo. However, the Chris Cuomo- and Kate Bolduan-hosted show with Michaela Pereira as news anchor still found itself No. 3 in viewers among the cable news morning shows, and No. 4 in the demo — even behind sister network HLN. And New Day’s numbers are down 19% among total viewers and 22% in the demo year to date. The show was up 15% in viewers but down 18% in the demo compared to CNN’s morning show offering on June 18, 2012.  With the newly rehired Sarah Palin sitting in as a guest anchor, longtime leader Fox & Friends garnered 1.06 million viewers with 262,000 in the 25-54 demo on Monday, while MSNBC’s Morning Joe had 355,000 viewers with 132,000 in the demo. HLN’s Morning Express had 215,000 viewers and 121,000 in the key 25-54 demo.

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CNN’s ‘New Day’ On Battling ‘Fox & Friends’

By | Sunday June 16, 2013 @ 2:20pm PDT

Jeff Zucker has said that he’d consider CNN’s new morning show New Day a success if it beat the news network’s previous AM offerings in the ratings. That’s setting the bar pretty low for New Day which debuts at 6 AM ET on June 17 with recent ABC News transplant Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan as hosts, former KTLA morning show anchor Michaela Pereira as the news anchor and former Good Morning America chief Jim Murphy as Senior Executive Producer. Year to date Early Start and Starting Point averaged 308,000 total viewers and 123,000 in the Adults 25-54 demo from 6 AM to 9 AM for CNN. While up from last year, those numbers are still behind their cable rivals’ AM shows and way behind what the Big 3 networks pull in on their morning shows. On cable news, MSNBC’s Morning Joe has had 400,000 viewers and 139,000 among 25-54s YTD and Fox News Channel’s long time top spot Fox And Friends has averaged 1.141 million viewers and 274,000.

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While CNN’s ratings have been up in recent months after hitting lows last year, the network’s track record of debuts hasn’t been so good since Zucker took over in late January. Almost all of the new shows or experiments that CNN has attempted of late have premiered poorly with the exception of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – and that wasn’t a Zucker baby like New Day has been for the former Today boss who has said that CNN will more “broadly” define what news is. Deadline spoke with Bolduan and Cuomo as well as Murphy (who was at Anderson Cooper’s syndicated talk show until this January) recently about the expectations for the show, fighting Fox & Friends, how much Zucker’s was involved with the new show, CNN’s bump and the difference between cable and network news.

DEADLINE: From the time that Jeff Zucker took over at CNN he said that a morning show was a top priority, so how is New Day going to get CNN some traction in the morning?
MURPHY: It’s going get some traction by being a very good morning news program. Without giving away too much, I would say that what you should expect is a very busy, energetic, story filled and information filled, fast moving, interesting morning news program with a broad range of stories and topics and a lot of resources from CNN helping to lift it up and cover a lot of things.

DEADLINE: OK, but, Jim, Chris and Kate, are you guys going to beat Fox and Friends?
BOLDUAN: We’re not going into it with the goal of beating Fox & Friends. We’re going into it with the goal of making a news program that we are proud of and that we want to watch. And that’s our goal. And do we want to improve our ratings? Do we want people to watch our show? Absolutely. We wouldn’t be in the business if we didn’t. Is there a perfect formula that we can apply with a surefire win in the ratings game? No. If I had that recipe I could sell it for a lot of money. So we are going to, first and foremost, put on a strong news program, a show that we ourselves will be proud of and want to watch, and we’re also allowing ourselves flexibility to evolve the show. Day one is not going to look like day one hundred and one. And that’s where our focus will be. And we’re not going to be picking a partisan angle. That’s not what CNN does and this is a news program that will stick very firmly with the CNN brand of news. Read More »

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CNN’s Jeff Zucker Says News And Generational Change Will Mark ‘New Day’

The morning newscast, which launches June 17, is a top priority for the CNN chief. And while it won’t break the mold, Jeff Zucker says in a briefing today that the effort will stand out over time by blending hard news with a relatively young anchor team featuring Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan, and news anchor Michaela Pereira. When he ran NBC’s Today Show “we did play with a lot of gimmicks. Cooking segments and outdoor concerts. Those are not going to be part of this kind of program…People are coming to CNN for the news.” Zucker says New Day won’t try to mimic MSNBC’s Morning Joe: “Its success has been with an elite audience but not with a broad audience. We’re not after a niche audience.” He praised the news focus of CBS This Morning but says New Day will have “a slightly different tone that you’ll get from a new generation.” He hopes to get a jump on his rivals by starting New Day at 6 AM. “The one time of day when people don’t necessarily know what’s happening is when they wake up,” he says. Read More »

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CNN Sets Summer Debut For ‘New Day’ Morning Show

By | Tuesday April 30, 2013 @ 6:24am PDT

CNN”s new morning show finally has a name and a debut date. New Day will premiere June 10, the news network announced today. Hosted by Chris Cuomo, Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira, the show that Jeff Zucker hopes to make the flagship of his CNN reign will air from 6-9 AM weekdays and broadcast out of the CNN studios in New York.

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Revitalizing the morning show slot has been a top priority for Zucker since the former Today producer took over at the ratings-challenged network in late January. Putting this piece in place has taken a few months: Former 20/20 co-host Cuomo made the long-rumored jump from ABC to CNN just days after Zucker officially stepped into his role as president of CNN Worldwide. Current morning show host Soladad O’Brien was shown the AM door in late February to become a documentary producer for CNN. Though the network’s primetime Out Front host Erin Burnett was rumored to be Cuomo’s co-host, CNN congressional correspondent Bolduan and former KTLA morning news anchor Pereira were named to the then still unnamed show in late March. Matt Frucci is executive producer and Jim Murphy will serve as senior producer.

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