While Bill O’Reilly is giving the worldColbert-Report__130807045707-275x224 the chance to own a piece of history, auctioning off his notes for his pre-Super Bowl interview with President Obama, Stephen Colbert has decided to sell off the microwave he says he stole from O’Reilly’s green room in 2007.

“Back in 2007, I appeared on  The Factor and Bill came on The Report Historians can debate who came out on top, but only one of us came away with the other’s microwave oven,” The Colbert Report star told viewers last night. “I had to, folks, because the carousel…technically makes it a Spin Zone and that’s against the O’Reilly Constitution. This is the most historically important journalistic microwave since 1977′s Defrost Nixon.

“I was going to take Bill’s cue and open the bidding at $10,000, but after a little research on eBay microwaves I found out most six-year-old microwaves got for about 40 bucks. However, this one was used by Bill himself, so we will start the bidding at 43 dollars. Which is a bargain when you consider the keypad on this thing contains more words than Bill’s entire interview notes,” Colbert said. (Watch video below)
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