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Disney, Seth Grahame- Smith Making New Film Of Ray Bradbury’s ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’

Mike Fleming

wickEXCLUSIVE: Disney is making a new version of the classic Ray Bradbury thriller novel Something Wicked This Way Comes. The studio, which turned Bradbury’s novel into a 1983 movie, has set Seth Grahame-Smith to make his feature directorial debut on the project. He will begin work immediately writing a treatment, and the studio then will hire a writer to script the project. Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg’s KatzSmith Productions will be the producing banner and Katzenberg will produce the film.

The novel tells the story of how Mr. Dark, the evil proprietor of a traveling carnival who preys on the residents of a small town by bartering possession of their souls for the dreams each one has. Grahame-Smith said it was his favorite book as a child, but he doesn’t feel the movie is sacrosanct. Although the late Bradbury wrote the script, he later lamented that the movie lost a lot of the book. Grahame-Smith intends to put it back and plug a new generation into the tale. Read More »

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Joe Mantegna Producing Ray Bradbury Tribute Documentary

By | Monday June 18, 2012 @ 12:02pm PDT

Joe Mantegna’s Acquaviva Productions will produce Live Forever, a documentary on sci-fi icon Ray Bradbury. The Criminal Minds star will also narrate the 90-minute film. The Fahrenheit 451 author died June 5 at age 91, having seen several of his influential works made into films. The authorized documentary is directed and co-produced by Michael O’Kelly. Acquaviva’s Danny Ramm will also co-produce. Edward James Olmos, Dennis Franz, Malcolm McDowell, Hugh Hefner, Jean-Michel Cousteau and the late Roy Disney are among those featured in the film, which is scheduled to be released in December. A possible four-hour TV miniseries version may follow.

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R.I.P. Ray Bradbury

By | Wednesday June 6, 2012 @ 8:08am PDT
Mike Fleming

Author Ray Bradbury has died at the age of 91, his daughter has confirmed to the Associated Press. Bradbury was a visionary author whose classic books included The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Dandelion Wine, and Something Wicked This Way Comes. He wrote more than 600 short stories. He did not consider himself a science fiction author, more a purveyor of futuristic fiction. Many of his works were turned into films, or were on the way toward making that leap and Bradbury kept a hand in those projects. Just last month, MGM acquired the screen rights to From The Dust Returned, a collection of short stories that focuses on a mortal boy named Timothy who is adopted into a family of benevolent ghouls. Denise Di Novi and Alison Greenspan are producing that project, as they are The Illustrated Man at Warner Bros. That project once had Zack Snyder poised to direct a script by Alex Tse, until Snyder got busy with Man of Steel and had to drop out. That film had been set at Warner Bros, which for years had tried to remake Fahrenheit 451, the seminal novel about a “fireman” whose job it was to burn books in a repressive futuristic society. The book was originally turned into a 1966 film by Francois Truffaut. Mel Gibson once got close to playing the lead character, and filmmakers like him and Frank Darabont had long flirtations with the subject matter. Dandelion Read More »

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MGM Acquires Ray Bradbury’s ‘From The Dust Returned’, About An Orphan Who’s Adopted By Monsters

By | Thursday May 10, 2012 @ 3:57pm PDT
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: MGM has acquired the screen rights to From The Dust Returned, a Ray Bradbury collection of short stories that focuses on a mortal boy named Timothy who is adopted into a family of benevolent ghouls. Denise Di Novi and Alison Greenspan are producing.

The book is set up with a series of vignettes, told to Timothy by his mummified grandmother, on the eve of a family reunion that takes place each Halloween. The stories reveal the eccentric ghouls that comprise his family. Mom and dad are loving vampires; teen sister Cecy is immobilized and bed-ridden, but she can teleport into the bodies of other mortals so that she can experience human emotions, Uncle Einar is a green-winged vampire who serves as a human kite for Timothy. To Timothy, who was dropped on their doorstep, it’s family. The book was published in 2002 and the short story The Homecoming was turned into a 2006 graphic novel.

Bradbury doesn’t option many of his books anymore, but entrusted this one to Di Novi and Greenspan after the producers developed The Illustrated Man at Warner Bros. That project once had Zack Snyder poised to direct a script by Alex Tse, until Snyder got busy with too many projects and had to drop out.

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Ray Bradbury And Mike Medavoy Team For ‘Dandelion Wine’

By | Friday August 19, 2011 @ 6:56pm PDT
Mike Fleming

Mike Medavoy and Doug McKay, Vice-President of Production at Phoenix Pictures, have teamed up with legendary writer Ray Bradbury, RGI Productions’ Rodion Nahapetov (who is penning the screenplay), and producer Natasha Shliapnikoff to produce the feature film adaptation of Bradbury’s classic novel “Dandelion Wine.”

Bradbury, who turns 91 on Monday remarked, “This is the best birthday gift I could ask for. Today, I have been reborn! ‘Dandelion Wine’ is my most deeply personal work and brings back memories of sheer joy as well as terror. This is the story of me as a young boy and the magic of an unforgettable summer which still holds a mystical power over me.”

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Paramount Options Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Martian Chronicles’

By | Tuesday April 12, 2011 @ 2:33pm PDT

Paramount said today that it has optioned Ray Bradbury’s seminal sc-fi short story collection The Martian Chronicles, which loosely revolves around humans colonizing the Red Planet and their conflict with the martians they encounter there. The studio is seeking a writer for the project, which at one point had been in development at Universal.

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Comic-Con 2010 Preview: Saturday, July 24

comicon 2010



Luke Y Thompson covers Hollywood events at the Con for Deadline:

10:00-11:00 AM: Mad about MAD! I used to love Mad Magazine, but in the years since it started accepting advertising, it has gone way downhill. Apparently there’ll be some sort of new TV venture announced, though not necessarily a spiritual successor to the late MADtv. Magazine vets Sergio Aragones, John Ficarra, and Sam Viviano will be onhand. Room 7AB

10:00-11:00 AM: Twilight Fanfiction Author Fangroup. Why is it that I have a sneaking suspicion most TWILIGHT fan fiction is actually better written than the prose of Stephenie Meyer? Santa Rosa Room, Marriott Hotel and Marina

11:00-11:45 AM: Family Guy. Clips from the upcoming third STAR WARS parody? You know it. Beyond that, we all know this is a love it or hate it show. I used to hate it, but I’m warming up. Ballroom 20

11:45 AM-12:30 PM: The Cleveland Show. Ditto to everything I said above about FAMILY GUY, except for the STAR WARS part. Ballroom 20

11:45 AM-1:15 PM: Warner Bros.: Green Lantern, Sucker Punch, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Aside from the Marvel movie panel, this will be the big deal. Here’s why: GREEN LANTERN is an iconic DC character finally getting his own live-action movie. SUCKER PUNCH is the first original, non-adapted movie from visual stylist Zack Snyder (WATCHMEN/300), and no-one really knows what to expect yet. As for HARRY POTTER, well, people know almost exactly what to expect from that … Read More »

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