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Sundance: ‘My Idiot Brother’ Heats Up; Kevin Smith Bummed, Morgan Spurlock Sells Out; Roger Corman Blows Up

Mike Fleming

In other Sundance news… The action on the Paul Rudd comedy My Idiot Brother began right after the premiere screening finished. The two parties chasing it hardest were Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company, with talk of a third bidder as well. The discussions were still taking shape around 2 AM, and the feeling was the film had a good shot to reach $5 million. Reaction to the film was that it was more heartfelt than broad comedy, and some of the players looking for a can’t miss wide release weren’t biting…

The unfortunate timing of Sunday’s Red State premiere –it starts right around the beginning of the fourth quarter of the New York Jets-Pittsburgh Steelers AFC Championship game created misunderstanding between director Kevin Smith and partner Jon Gordon over a football viewing party organized by Harvey Weinstein, but Harvey was quick to make it clear he was there to show love for the filmmaker he launched with Clerks. Smith and Gordon, who named their Harvey Boys banner for Weinstein, felt this way, according to an insider: “Kevin and Jon feel like the kids whose dad doesn’t show up for their baseball game because he went to a strip bar with the guys from the office instead.” Weinstein told me that despite the party, he never planned to miss Smith’s … Read More »

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Will Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Auction Be Tackled By Jets-Steelers?

Mike Fleming

Kevin Smith is already challenging established acquisition protocol by trying to auction distribution rights in the Eccles Theater right after Sunday’s Sundance premiere of Red State. Some buyers say that gimmicky play isn’t what’s annoying them most. They’re especially peeved that the film’s 6:30 start coincides with what will likely be the beginning of the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship Game between the New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers. A lot of indie distribution executives hail from New York and New Jersey (as does Smith),  and they’ve waited a long time to see the Jets get into a Super Bowl. How’s that for bad timing?

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