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Box Office: ‘Ride Along’ No. 1, ‘Frozen’ Sing-A-Long No 2. As It Skates Around ‘That Awkward Moment’

OPENING: That Awkward Moment (FOCUS) took third as Frozen skated around it Super Bowl Sunday; Labor Day (PAR) soft in seventh place. NOTEWORTHY: Ride Along (UNI) is No. 1 for third weekend in a row while the studio’s Lone Survivor, crossed $100M. The Nut Job now has a total cume of $49.9M and American Hustle becomes director David O. Russell‘s biggest grosser to date with a total cume: $133.4M.

BoxOffice_logo4TH UPDATE, 1:15 PM: Frozenin its 11th weekend out of the box, ended up taking the No. 2 spot over the Zac Efron comedy That Awkward Moment, which had the most heat from the 12- to 16 year-olds interested in seeing it, however, it was an R-rated film. Brilliant marketing move by Disney to coax family audiences back in with a sing-a-long version of Frozen. This picture won’t stop playing, despite the fact that another animated family film, The Nut Job, also went into the market three weeks ago (it’s No. 4). All films were down just a smidgen from yesterday’s estimates. Here’s the top 20:

1). Ride Along (UNI), 2867 theaters (+108) / 3-day Cume: $12M (-43% from previous weekend) / Per screen average: $4,199 / Total Cume: $92.6M / Wk 3

2). Frozen (DIS), 2,754 theaters (-3) / 3-day Cume: $8.9M (-2%) / Per screen: $3,244 / Total Cume: $359.6M /Wk 11

3). That Awkward Moment (FOCUS), 2,809 theaters / 3-day Cume: $8.7M / Per screen: $3,112/ Total Cume: $8.7M / Wk 1

4). The Nut Job (OPRD), 3,472 theaters (0) / 3-day Cume: $7.2M (-40%) / Per screen: $2,096 / Total Cume: $49.9M Wk 3

5). Lone Survivor (UNI), 3,285 theaters (+123%) / 3-day Cume: $7M (-45%) / Per screen: $2,160 / Total Cume: $104.7M / Wk 6

6). Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (PAR), 2,907 theaters (-480) / 3-day Cume: $5.3M (-42%) / Per screen: $1,827 / Total Cume: $38.8M / Wk 3

7). Labor Day (PAR), 2,589 theaters / 3-day Cume: $5.1M / Per screen: $2,003 / Total Cume: $5.1M / Wk 1

8). American Hustle (SONY), 2,216 theaters (-88) / 3-day Cume: $4.1M (-41%) / Per screen: $1,877 / Total Cume: $133.8M / Wk 8

9).  I, Frankenstein (LGF), 2,753 theaters (0) / 3-day Cume: $3.7M (-56%) / Per screen: $1,364 / Total Cume: $14.7M / Wk 2

10). The Wolf Of Wall Street (PAR), 1,607 theaters (-197) / 3-day Cume: $3.4M (-38%) / Per screen: $2,116 / Total Cume: $103.9M / Wk 6

11). August: Osage County (TWC), 2,319 theaters (-92) / 3-day Cume: $2.9M (-41%) / Per screen: $1,273 / Total Cume: $31.5M / Wk 6

12). Gravity (WB), 1,132 theaters (-128) ) / 3-day Cume: $2M (+2%) / Per screen: $1,823 / Total Cume: $264M / Wk 18

13). 12 Years A Slave (FSL), 1,172 theaters (-59) / 3-day Cume: $1.4M (-29%) / Per screen: $1,231 / Total Cume: 45.8M / Wk 16

14), Dallas Buyers Club (FOCUS), 1,052 theaters (-58) / 3-day Cume: $1.3M (-33%) / Per screen: $1,296 / Total Cume: $22.5M / Wk 14

15). The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (WB) , 933 theaters (-352) / 3-day Cume: $1.2M (-42%) / Per screen: $1,324 / Total Cume: $254.2M / 8

16). Her (WB), 803 theaters (-522) / 3-day Cume: $1.1M (-48%) / Per screen: $1,481 / Total Cume: $21.2M / Wk 7

17). Nebraska (PARVANTAGE), 875 theaters (-93) / 3-day Cume: $1.1M (-26%) / Per screen: $1,306 / Total Cume: $13.6M / Wk 12

18). Saving Mr. Banks (DIS), 1,075 theaters (-585) / 3-day Cume: $1M (-49%) / Per screen: $995 / Total Cume: $81M / Wk 8

19). Devil’s Due (FOX), 1,290 theaters (-1,254) / 3-day Cume: $1M (-63%) / Per screen: $802 / Total Cume: $14.7M / Wk 3

20). Philomena (TWC),  567 theaters (+62) / 3-day Cume: $965K (-10%) / Per Screen: $1,702 / Total Cume: $27.3M / Wk 11 Read More »

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BOX OFFICE: ‘Ride Along’ & ‘Lone Survivor’ One-Two Punch For Universal; ‘Nut Job’ No. 3; ‘I, Frankenstein’ Not Alive

Opening: I, Frankenstein (LGF) on 2,753 screens, 95% are large format (IMAX, 3D), no monster, opens to No. 6; NOTEWORTHY: Ride Along (Uni) 21.1M; The Nut Job (Open Road) still cracking at No. 3 with $12.1M.

Box office3RD UPDATE, MONDAY 1:23 PM: Final numbers are in with Universal’s Ride Along pulling in $21.2M and Lone Survivor (Emmett/Furla) taking in $12.9M. The studio now has a $75.5M grosser for its Ice Cube-Kevin Hart comedy and $93.9M for its war hero pic. Pretty good for a January, guys. Disney’s Frozen slid up a notch to edge out Paramount’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with a final box office gross of $9.1M vs. $9M by (only $34K). And Open Road’s The Nut Job made more than the industry expected with a tidy $12.1M. I, Frankenstein didn’t open chasing in only $8.6M total, however, it opened very strong in one territory overseas — Russia — so its current worldwide take is $14.9M.  Next weekend is the Super Bowl, when moviegoing shifts from the big screen to the small screen. Ride Along #1 box officeWarner Bros. is re-releasing Gravity in IMAX 3D which is breathtaking when you watch it on the format, while Disney is releasing a sing-along version of Frozen in some markets (which parents will likely be dragged to mid-Happy Meal). Openers next weekend are Focus Features’ That Awkward Moment (Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan); Teller starred in Whiplash which won both the Grand Jury and Audience honors at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday night and was just picked up for distribution by Sony Pictures Classics. Also bowing is Paramount Pictures’ Labor Day (starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin) from Indian Paintbrush. Full chart follows:

1). Ride Along, (UNI) 2,759 theaters (+96) / 3-day Cume: $21.2M (-49%) / Per screen: $7,720 / Total Gross: $75.5M / Wk 2

2). Lone Survivor, (UNI) 3,162 theaters (+173) / 3-day Cume $12.9M (-42%) / Per screen: $4,120 / Total Gross: $93.9M /Wk 5

3) The Nut Job, (OPRD) 3,427 theaters (+45) / 3-day Cume: $12.1M (-38%) / Per screen: $3,485/ Total Gross: $40M / Wk 2

4). Frozen, (DIS) 2,757 theaters (-222) / 3-day Cume: $9.1M (-23%) / Per screen: $3,308 / Total Gross: $347.8M / Wk 10

5). Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, (PAR) 3,387 theaters (0) / 3-day Cume: $9M (-41%) / Per screen: $2,682 / Total Gross: $30M / Wk 2

6). I, Frankenstein, (LGF) 2,753 theaters / 3-day Cume: $8.6M / Per screen: $3,128 / Total Gross: $8.6M / Wk 1

7). American Hustle, (SONY) 2,304 theaters (+100) / 3-day Cume: $7M (-28%) / Per screen: $3,065 / Total Gross: $127M / Wk 7

8). The Wolf Of Wall Street, (PAR) 1,804 theaters (-126) / 3-day Cume: $5.4M (-23%) / Per screen: $3,037 / Total Gross: $98.5M / Wk 5

9). August: Osage County, (TWC) 2,411 theaters (+360) / 3-day Cume: $5M (-32%) / Per screen: $2,086 / Total Gross: $26.5M / Wk 5

10). Devil’s Due, (FOX) 2,544 theaters (0) / 3-day Cume: $2.7M (-66%) / Per screen: $1,095 / Total Gross: $12.9M / Wk 2 Read More »

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BOX OFFICE FINAL: ‘Ride Along’ A $48M Phenom Breaks Records – Highest MLK Holiday Opener Ever; ‘Lone Survivor’ Takes No Prisoners At No. 2; ‘Jack Ryan’ Who?; ‘The Nut Job’ Biggest Non-Studio Animated Opener

By | Tuesday January 21, 2014 @ 2:05pm PST

OPENING: Ride Along (UNI) Record Breaker $48.6M change; Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (PAR) trampled by Lone Survivor; The Nut Job (OPRD) $25.7M weekend?and busted non-studio animated record opener, Devil’s Due (Fox) goes all to hell. NOTEWORTHY: Oscar nominated August: Osage County (TWC) expands to over 2,000; Best Picture Oscar-nominees  12 Years A Slave(FSL), Captain Phillips (SONY), Philomena (TWC) holds strong, Gravity (WB), Dallas Buyers Club (Focus) all add theaters in hopes to cash in but really don’t. American Hustle (SONY) gets best bump and easily trumps The Wolf Of Wall Street (PAR).

Box officeUPDATE, TUESDAY, 2: 05 PM: Final numbers are in and Universal was right for Ride Along …. $48.6M for the four-day. Lone Survivor $22M (3-day and $25.9M (4-day). The Nut Job, $19.4M and 25.7M for a terrific, record-breaking opening (see below); Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit opened with $15.4M and $18M, respectively. Rounding out the top five was Frozen, taking in yet another $11.7M and $16M in the four-day. The other opener, Devil’s Due was $8.3M and $9.1M for the seventh spot. Kudos to Uni’s Nikki Rocco and her team for getting it right with the $48M-plus prediction and for the one-two punch. American Hustle did solid numbers this weekend with a terrific bounce from the Oscar nominations. Also Philomena held very well this weekend. Here are the final numbers:


1). Ride Along (UNI), 2,663 theaters / 3-day Cume: $41.65 / Per screen 3-day: $15,590 / Estimated 4-day Cume: $48.6M / Total Gross To Date: $48.6M / Wk 1

2). Lone Survivor, (UNI) 2,989 theaters (+114) / 3-day Cume $22M (-42%) / Per screen 3-day: $7,780 / 4-day Cume: $26.9M / Total Gross: $76.7M / Wk 4

3) The Nut Job (OPRD) 3,427 theaters / 3-day Cume: $19.4M / Per screen 3-day: $5,668 / 4-day Cume: $25.7M / Total Gross:  $25.7M / Wk 1

4). Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (PAR) 3,387 theaters / 3-day Cume: $15.4M / Per screen 3-day: $4,562/ 4-day Cume: $18M / Total Gross: $18M / Wk 1

5). Frozen, (DIS) 2,979 theaters (-260) / 3-day Cume: $11.7M (-20%) / Per screen 3-day: $3,952/ 4-day Cume: $16M / Total Gross:  $336.6M / Wk 9


6). American Hustle, (SONY) 2,204 theaters (-425) / 3-day Cume: $9.86M (+19%) / 3-day Per screen: $4,477 /4-day Cume: $11.7M / 4-day Per screen: $5,184 / Total Gross: $117.5M / Wk 6

7). Devil’s Due (FOX) 2,544 theaters / 3-day Cume: $8.3M / 3-day Per screen:  $3,266 / 4-day Cume: $9.1M / Total Gross:  $9.1M / Wk1

8). August: Osage County, (TWC) 2,051 theaters (+1146) / 3-day Cume: $7.3(+3%) / 3-day Per screen: $3,591/ 4-day Cume: $8.8M / Total Gross: $19.3M / Wk 4

9). The Wolf Of Wall Street, (PAR) 1,930theaters (-591) / 3-day Cume: $7M (-20%) / 3-day Per screen: $3,363 /4-day Cume: $8.3M / Total Gross: $91.1M / Wk 4

10). Her, (WB) 1,729 theaters (0) / 3-day Cume: $4M (-25%) / 3-day Per screen: $2,333/ 4-day Cume: $4.87M / Total Gross: $15.8M / Wk 5 Read More »

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UTA’s Barbara Dreyfus Named Head Of Motion Pictures For Will Packer’s Production Company

By | Tuesday January 21, 2014 @ 10:32am PST
Mike Fleming

Will Packer Productions, coming off the opening-weekend box office BarbaraDreyfussuccess of the producer’s Universal Pictures action comedy Ride Along, has hired UTA motion picture literary agent Barbara Dreyfus as head of motion pictures. She is one of the first key hires for Packer’s new shingle, which launched in October when he inked a three-year, first-look producing deal with the studio and set up operations on the lot. Dreyfus spent the past 13 years at UTA repping writers, directors and producers, and before that was an agent at ICM where she spent eight years in theRide Along #1 box office motion picture literary department. She began her agent career at the InterTalent. “I’m thrilled to have Barbara on my team,” Packer said. “Her impeccable taste in material and great relationships across the creative community will be key assets as we establish and expand our Will Packer Productions brand. Additionally, she shares my passion for quality commercial material.”

As part of the deal, Dreyfus’ clients will remain in the UTA fold repped by their UTA agent teams. Read More »

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‘Ride Along’s Kevin Hart And His NBA Holiday Wish: Video

By | Friday December 20, 2013 @ 5:31pm PST

For a guy who stands at 5-feet-4, it’s not surprising Kevin Hart wishes he “was a little bit taller.” In this music video, which Universal made as a promo for the upcoming pic Ride Along, Hart puts his own take on Skee-Lo’s “I Wish”, taking on his co-star Ice Cube and sharing his holiday wish of playing in the NBA. You’ll also see some familiar hoops-star cameos alongside Hart — could it be a preview of participants in another Universal pic, Ballers, that stars Hart and NBA star LeBron James? Ride Along hits theaters January 17. Check out the video:

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Hot Trailer: ‘Ride Along’

By | Thursday November 7, 2013 @ 3:35pm PST

Security guard and avid gamer Ben (Kevin Hart) wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him, but he wants her brother’s blessing first. Oh, the brother? He’s a tough, ill-tempered cop (Ice Cube) who refers to his potential future in-law as a “man Smurf.” So Ben must prove himself worthy by going with the brother on a ride along patrolling the streets of Atlanta. Director Tim Story’s action comedy was written by Greg Coolidge, Jason Mantzoukas, and Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi and co-stars John Leguizamo, Bruce McGill, Bryan Callen and Tika Sumpter. Here’s the first full trailer for Ride Along, which Universal opens January 17:

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Universal Makes First-Look Feature Pact With Hitmaking Producer Will Packer

By | Thursday October 31, 2013 @ 9:59am PDT
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Pictures has made a three-year first-look producing deal with Will Packer, who has displayed a golden touch for generating modestly priced urban-flavored comedies that do strong domestic box office business. Packer is forming a new film label, Will Packer Productions, which will be moving to the Universal lot. He will begin staffing up right away and soon will name an exec to head his company. And he will become an active buyer of pitches and specs, not only in comedy but dramas and thrillers. While he built his business with urban-themed fare, Packer will get the chance to broaden those horizons at Universal. All this comes after Packer worked with the studio for the first time on Ride Along, the mismatched-buddy comedy that stars Ice Cube and Kevin Hart which the studio releases January 17. Packer produced the film with Cube, Matt Alvarez and Larry Brezner. Universal is already hard at work on the sequel, and Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley snatched him up.

Packer, whose television company is already at Universal Television in a two-year deal he signed in July, is one of the few non-writing African-American producers to have been set in an overall deal with a major studio. He never had an overall at Screen Gems, but there, Packer produced four films that opened in the top weekend slot in U.S. box office: Stomp The Yard, Takers, Obsessed and Think Like A Man. Read More »

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Hot Teaser Trailer: ‘Ride Along’

By | Monday July 1, 2013 @ 10:40am PDT

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube headline the Tim Story-directed Ride Along, an action-comedy from Universal. Ice Cube stars as tough APD detective James who takes his sister’s future security guard husband Ben (Hart) on a 24-hour ride-along to prove that he deserves his future bride. But when the wild night leads them to the most notorious criminal in the city, James finds that his new partner’s rapid-fire mouth is just as dangerous as the bullets speeding at it. John Leguizamo and Laurence Fishburne also star. Ride Along is produced by Will Packer (Think Like A Man),  Ice Cube, Matt Alvarez (Barbershop) and Larry Brezner (Good Morning, Vietnam). The pic bows wide on January 17, 2014. Check out the teaser trailer that just dropped:

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Sequels On Tap For ‘The Heat’ And ‘Ride Along’

By | Tuesday April 23, 2013 @ 12:48pm PDT
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: You can always tell if a studio is bullish over the tracking of an upcoming film by whether they start the wheels moving on the sequel before the film even comes out. I’ve heard of two cases on upcoming buddy cop-genre films where this is true, The Heat and Ride Along. The Heat, the Paul Feig-directed comedy that stars Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock is sequel bound. Chernin Entertainment and Fox have already made a pricey deal with Katie Dippold to script the sequel. I told you recently about another deal they made with Dippold for an edgy mother/daughter comedy vehicle for Feig, but evidently that deal included an assignment for her to write the sequel. Dippold wrote The Heat, about mismatched female FBI agents in Boston, with ads that look like they are going to continue McCarthy’s ascension as a top physical comedienne, grounded by Bullock’s prudish counterpart. Dippold’s repped by WME and 3 Arts.

Another one in the sequel fast land is Ride Along, the Tim Story-directed comedy that will be released by Universal next January. Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, who were among several scribes who worked on the original, are in preliminary discussions about scripting a sequel that could be put into production months after the first film opens. This one stars Ice Cube as a tough cop who takes his … Read More »

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Movie Castings: Nat Wolff In ‘Palo Alto Stories’, Bryan Callen In ‘Ride Along’

By | Wednesday October 31, 2012 @ 11:15pm PDT

Nat Wolff is joining Palo Alto Stories in a leading role. Gia Coppola is writing and directing the project based on James Franco’s short stories. Wolff plays stars as Fred, a gangly teen with a habit of getting into trouble. Stories is produced by Miles Levy and Vince Jolivette of Rabbit Bandini Productions and Sebastian Pardo. Wolff, son of actress Polly Draper, appears in upcoming Focus Features’ Admissions with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd and Feed The Dog opposite Selena Gomez. He is repped by CAA and Untitled Entertainment.

Bryan Callen has been cast in Universal Pictures’ Ride Along with Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, John Leguizamo and Laurence Fishburne. Callen’s character is Miggs, a wily and somewhat sketchy undercover cop. Tim Story directs. Will Packer, Cube, Matt Alvarez and Larry Brezner are producing. Callen is repped by Innovative Artists and managed by Ray Moheet at LEG.

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Release Date Roundup: Lionsgate’s Tyler Perry Movies, Universal’s ‘Ride-Along’

By | Wednesday October 31, 2012 @ 11:01am PDT

Lionsgate has secured release dates for the next two Tyler Perry films, announcing today that Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club will open May 9, 2014 and an untitled Madea’s Christmas film will open December 13, 2013. Both films will be written and directed by Perry via his Tyler Perry Studios. Moms Club is a dramatic comedy about a group of single mothers from different walks of life who are brought together by an incident at their children’s school. They create a support group that helps them find comedy in the obstacles of life, as well as their inner strength to overcome their personal challenges.

Universal has set a January 17, 2014 release date for Ride Along, a comedy that stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube and comes from Think Like A Man director Tim Story. When a tough undercover officer’s (Cube) future brother-in-law (Hart) joins him on an overnight shift, the wisecracking trainee gets embroiled in the seasoned cop’s latest case.  In order to prove that he is worthy of his future bride, he must survive the most insane night of his life. John Leguizamo, Tika Sumpter, Bryan Callen and Jay Pharoah co-star.

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‘Ride Along’ Detours To Universal As Kevin Hart And Ice Cube Vehicle

By | Wednesday July 11, 2012 @ 11:31am PDT
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Pictures has acquired Ride Along out of turnaround from New Line and the studio has set a late October production start with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube starring, and Tim Story directing. The comedy, which has drafts from scribes that include The Dictator co-star Jason Mantzoukas, will get a rewrite from the scribe team of Matt Manfredi & Phil Hay.

The film will be produced by Cube Vision’s Ice Cube, LBI Entertainment’s Matt Alvarez with Rainforest Films’ Will Packer, and by Larry Brezner. The project had languished at New Line, partly over trying to figure out the leads, but Universal was ready to move quickly in reteaming Story, Hart and Packer after Think Like A Man, a sleeper hit that has grossed $91 million domestic for Screen Gems. Hart will play a second-grade teacher who is ready to get married, but first he must survive a Training Day-like ride-along experience with his fiancee’s tough cop brother, who doesn’t want the marriage to happen and tries to scare off the suitor. Read More »

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Midseason Show News: New Name For Fox’s ‘Ride-Along’, More Scripts For ABC’s ‘Map’

Nellie Andreeva

UPDATE: Here is what Shawn Ryan just said about the name change of his new Fox series: ”Changing the title from Ride-Along to THE CHICAGO CODE reflects our belief that this is more than just a cop show.  It’s not just about the police, but also politics, the Midwest, history, Government corruption and the city’s code. Plus adding ‘Chicago’ to anything is always a good idea.

PREVIOUS: Shawn Ryan’s new Chicago-based cop drama for Fox, Ride-Along, has been renamed. It will now be known as The Chicago Code. The change was made to better reflect the the importance of the show’s Chicago setting. … Meanwhile, ABC has ordered 5 more scripts from the Shonda Rhimes-produced upcoming ABC drama Off The Map. That’s in addition to the extra script ABC picked up two weeks ago, bringing the total order to 6 additional scripts. Nice vote of confidence for the medical drama created by Jenna Bans.

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Former 20th TV Drama Topper Moran Joins ABC Studios As New Head Of Drama

Nellie Andreeva

PatrickMoranEXCLUSIVE: Former 20th Century Fox TV SVP drama Patrick Moran has been tapped as new head of drama at ABC Studios. He will replace Josh Barry, who is stepping down from his post after a year. Barry, a 10-year ABC/ABC Studios veteran, is well-regarded and, while the top drama job at the studio didn’t quite work out for him, I hear he could stay within the company in a different capacity.

Meanwhile, Moran exited his post as head of drama for 20th TV in early May when the studio tapped Michael Thorne for the job.  Moran spent 7 years at 20th TV. He was upped to SVP in August 2007 and took over the drama department in January 2008, following the promotion of EVP Jennifer Nicholson Salke. He oversaw the development of the studio’s breakout freshman hit Glee as well as other 20th hourlong series such as Bones, Lie to Me and Prison Break. This development season, he shepherded the development of new Fox series Lone Star and Ride-Along, as well as Breakout Kings, which landed at A&E, and Chaos, which got close to a series order at CBS.

Barry joined Touchstone TV in 2000 where he worked on Alias and The Amazing Race. As executive director at the studio and then vp drama development at ABC, he helped develop Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. He became SVP and head of drama for ABC Studios in June 2009 as part of the executive … Read More »

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