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Hot Exclusive Clip: Rob Zombie’s ‘The Lords Of Salem’

By | Thursday February 7, 2013 @ 4:36pm PST

Deadline brought you the first look at the operatic teaser trailer for Rob Zombie‘s The Lords Of Salem and now we’ve got an exclusive clip from the rocker-turned-filmmaker’s sixth feature, about a Salem, MA disc jockey (Sheri Moon Zombie) who unleashes ancient evils when she plays a mysterious record. Anchor Bay opens the pic in 75 markets April 19, the distrib’s biggest release to date, after snatching it up for $2 million out of Toronto. The pic screens in the Midnight section at SXSW next month before it debuts in theaters.

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Hot Exclusive Teaser Trailer: Rob Zombie’s ‘The Lords Of Salem’

By | Wednesday October 3, 2012 @ 3:01pm PDT
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Zombie’s The Lords Of Salem was one of the splashier deals at the recent Toronto Film Festival, where Anchor Bay acquired distribution for around $2 million after the film played a raucous Midnight Madness premiere. Now, Zombie has made a teaser for the film that will be released next spring. While Zombie is a rock icon, he’s chosen an operatic style of music to accompany the imagery for a film that stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Ken Foree, Patricia Quinn, Dee Wallace and Judy Geeson. Moon Zombie plays a radio DJ in Salem whose playing of a sinister tune awakens a coven of nasty 17th century witches.

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Toronto: TOLDJA! Anchor Bay Seals U.S. Rights On Rob Zombie’s ‘Lords Of Salem

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: As the Toronto Film Festival draws to a close, a deal that has been in the works nearly a week has finally been closed. Anchor Bay Films acquired U.S. distribution rights to Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, which debuted to a raucous crowd last Monday in the fest’s Midnight Madness section. The deal was worth in the $2 million minimum guarantee range, putting it in line with the deals that Dimension made for the Eli Roth-produced genre films Aftershock (which premiered at the fest) and Clown. Anchor Bay was the frontrunner all along, even though Image and Millennium Entertainment bid. After that, several larger distributors were in the mix, but Anchor Bay finally closed. Read More »

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Toronto: Anchor Bay Still Leading The Cauldron Of Buyers For Rob Zombie Witch Tale ‘The Lords Of Salem’

By | Wednesday September 12, 2012 @ 10:30pm PDT
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Anchor Bay has a deal in place for the Rob Zombie-directed The Lords Of Salem, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival Monday evening in the Midnight Madness program. I’m hearing the deal is in the $1.5 million minimum guarantee range after that distributor had gone up against Image and Millennium Entertainment for the fright film and I’m hearing that the deal fell into place shortly after the premiere screening.

That deal was made with the provision that if a studio came along with a pre-negotiated bigger offer at a higher price point, the film’s brokers could take it. It’s believed Open Road and Lionsgate are possibles here, and the witching hour on that alternative scenario is Friday. Either way it’s a healthy deal for a scary film that played through the roof in its midnight debut before a Zombie-centric packed house. The deal is being brokered by Submarine’s Josh Braun, with the producer Brian Kavanaugh-Jones. I’ll let you know the final outcome of all this when it is decided.

EARLIER EXCLUSIVE, SEPTEMBER 10, 5:59 PM EDT: Going into tonight’s Midnight Madness premiere of the Rob Zombie-directed The Lords Of Salem, there are three pre-emptive bids on the table. I’m hearing Anchor Bay is in the lead for the genre pic, but that Image and Bill Lee’s Millennium are also in the running. No deal will be made until after tonight’s screening, so a lot of distributors will be staying up late here in Toronto. The pic, scripted by Zombie, combines his backgrounds in music and fright fare. A Salem hard-rock radio DJ’s playing of a sinister heavy metal tune awakens a coven of nasty 17th century witches. Read More »

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Rob Zombie Targets Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team For ‘Broad Street Bullies’ Pic

By | Tuesday June 19, 2012 @ 12:26pm PDT
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Zombie will write, direct and produce Broad Street Bullies, a film about the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team that evolved from a cellar-dwelling expansion team into a team that racked up victories and penalty minutes in equal measure during the 1970s. Zombie, known for his head-banging music before transitioning to genre films like House Of 1000 Corpses and Halloween, is making a departure with this film, sort of, because the Flyers’ brutal style of play is genre-worthy and has the makings for a hockey film on the order of the 1977 sports film classic Slap Shot.

The physical play of the Flyers was legendary, to the point that when they played the Soviet Union’s supposedly invincible and tough Red Army team, the Flyers roughed them up so badly that the Russian team left the ice in the first period, and only returned when told they would not get paid if they didn’t. The Flyers won the game 4-1, with head coach Fred Shero proclaiming, “Yes we are world champions. If they had won, they would have been world champions. We beat the hell out of a machine.” Despite being known as Freddy’s Philistines because of the work of enforcers like Dave Schultz, the Flyers had skilled players like Bobby Clarke and won back-to-back Stanley Cup championships in two-fisted fashion. Their exploits were captured in the HBO docu Broad Street Bullies. Read More »

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