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Lachlan And James Murdoch Given Big New Roles At News Corp, 21st Century Fox; Fox Nets Group’s Peter Rice Extends Contract

UPDATE: Below the original post is a copy of Rupert Murdoch’s memo to staff at 21st Century Fox regarding today’s appointments. In it, he notes that the evolution of the company’s leadership, “underscores the considerable planning that both the Company and the Board have undertaken to ensure a vibrant future for 21st Century Fox and its shareholders.”

New-News-Corp-logo__130528181445-200x71__130923205616PREVIOUS: In what looks like a clear sign that Rupert Murdoch is putting his succession plans in order, News Corp and 21st Century Fox made big announcements early Wednesday morning outlining changes to their boards and executive structure — and each involving Murdoch’s sons. Lachlan Murdoch has murdochsbeen named Non-Executive Co-Chairman of News Corp and has been given the same titlepeterrice at 21st Century Fox, the media and entertainment company. Also at 21st Century Fox, James Murdoch has been elevated to Co-Chief Operating Officer. Further, Fox Networks Group Chairman and CEO Peter Rice, who has close ties to the Murdoch family, has extended his contract for an unspecified term. “Under Peter Rice’s leadership Fox Networks Group has continued to push creative boundaries across the company, and has grown tremendously with successful channel launches including Fox Sports 1 and FXX, an increased international footprint and enhanced sports offerings across the world,” James Murdoch said.

The … Read More »

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21st Century Fox Shareholders Approve Delisting From Australian Securities Exchange

By | Friday March 21, 2014 @ 8:30am PDT

21stcenturyfox1__131014203730-275x122This is not an unexpected move. 21st Century Fox today announced its stockholders approved the company’s request to remove its foreign listing from the Australian Securities Exchange. This just involves Fox, not News Corp, the entity that includes most of Rupert Murdoch’s publishing and Australian holdings since the operations separated last summer. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said when the plan was announced a few months ago, that the change is part of “our ongoing agenda to simplify the operating and capital structure of our Company.” Fox “has only limited operations in Australia, and we believe that consolidating the trading of our stock in the world’s largest equity market would provide improved liquidity to the Company’s stockholders and greater efficiencies for the Company.” 21st Century Fox said today it expects to file its request for the removal of its full foreign listing with the ASX on March 24. If approved, delisting is expected to occur on or about May 8. Fox said earlier that there would be no changes to its “operations, employees or business” from the delisting. CFO John Nallen also said that Fox will have a plan to help Australian investors who want to continue to hold Fox shares to own ones that trade on NASDAQ.

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Jay Leno Reminds Bill Maher Of Israel As He’s Inducted Into TV Academy Hall Of Fame With Rupert Murdoch, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David E Kelley, Ray Dolby & Brandon Stoddard: Video

LisaColumn__131015210634-275x198Jay Leno, being inducted into the TV Academy’s Hall of Fame on Tuesday night, said he’s glad he left NBC’s Tonight Show when he did The Television Academy's 23rd Hall Of Fame Induction Galabecause he was the oldest person on the show. Everyone else was 20 to 40 years younger than him and, while you may think you’re holding your own with them, “they’re really just laughing at you,” he explained. “You can’t be hip past a certain age. You have old guy gestures.” And when you make references to The Dick Van Dyke Show they think it’ s “a lesbian joke or something” —  and they don’t understand what you’re talking about when you say the time is “Half past 2.”

Leno told the Beverly Wilshire Hotel gathering his favorite book is Charles Dickens’ novella A Christmas Carol —  a searing indictment of 19th century industrial capitalism — and his favorite character in that classic work of literature, Mr. Fezziwig, who treated a young Ebenezer Scrooge like a son. Leno mentioned this by way of saying how proud he was that his Tonight Show was a place where people came to work hard during the day and, at 6, they went home to be with their family.

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Emmyslogo_newEven though he’s now “jobless and penniless” Leno still is a “fantastic stand-up,” said Bill Maher, who inducted Leno into the Hall, and the fact people are wondering what he will do next proves he’s still relevant, the HBO show host said. He described Leno’s more than two decades hosting Tonight as a drive down a highway in “some giant gleaming pristine luxury car with the competition far in the rearview mirror — except one time when NBC,” driving some beat-up clunker, “blindsided him and beat the sh*t out of his beautiful car.” Maher blamed TV critics for rewriting history to make Leno’s predecessor, Johnny Carson, out to be some guy who did a “rebellious, edgy, film noir version” of Tonight Show that by comparison made Jay look like a milquetoast. “That’s all bullsh*t — and I say that as a fan of Carson,” Maher said. Leno is the victim of “some bad publicity over the years” that he did not deserve — most famously how America got it into its head that “Jay Leno stole Conan O’Brien’s dream,” Maher complained, calling it,  “the most hysterical thought I’ve ever heard, in a business known for bullsh*t.”

“Jay reminds me a little of Israel,” Maher continued. “He isn’t perfect but he’s held to standard I don’t think anybody in the world is expected to live up to but him,” he said, calling Leno “the most Machiavellian and also the most morally upright person I know in show business. He will hide in a closet but never needs a confessional booth.” Read More »

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Discovery, BSkyB Considering Joint Bid For Britain’s Channel 5: Report

murdoch maloneAre longtime frenemies John Malone and Rupert Murdoch about to partner on a UK venture? That’s the word on the street according to The Financial Times which reports that the Malone-backed Discovery Communications and BSkyB, majority owned by Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox, are in talks on a joint bid for Britain’s Channel 5. The free-to-air broadcaster, which media entrepreneur Richard Desmond acquired for £103.5M in 2010, is thought to be seeking a channel 5 buyer with about £700M to spend. The FTA channel has raised the antennae of several media companies with parties rumored to have shown interest including ITV, Turner Broadcasting, BT, NBCUniversal and Saban Capital. The latter is eyeing the possibility of merging Channel 5 with the UK’s Channel 4, creating the market’s third-largest broadcaster by audience. However, such a deal would require regulatory approval and the privitization of Channel 4. The discussions between Discovery and BSkyB have focused on the latter taking over Channel 5’s advertising sales operation, sources told the FT. Channel 5 is notably the home of Big Brother, although its contract for the show expires in 2015. The net also airs U.S. dramas like Under The Dome, CSI and Person Of Interest, but it’s previously dropped such titles as Once Upon A Time and Justified. Its weekly ratings hover around 4%.

Malone and Discovery, … Read More »

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21st Century Fox Plans To Delist Australian Shares To Just Trade On NASDAQ

By | Thursday January 9, 2014 @ 5:34am PST

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz may be the main beneficiary of the move — which just involves Fox, not News Corp, the entity that includes most of Rupert Murdoch’s publishing and Australian holdings since the operations separated last summer. 21stcenturyfox1Fox, the movie and TV company, currently has four types of stock with Class A and super-voting Class B shares (controlled by the Murdoch family) in Australia and the U.S. But the Saudi prince is also a major owner of the Class B shares. Fox curtailed the voting rights of the non-U.S. stock holders to comply with FCC rules that prohibit a company from owning TV stations here if more than 25% of its shares are controlled by foreigners. The change in stock listings will “likely” reduce foreign ownership of the Class B shares, Fox says. Once below the 25% threshold,  it “would enable the Company to …restore full voting rights to the Company’s non-U.S. stockholders.” Murdoch says that the change is part of “our ongoing agenda to simplify the operating and capital structure of our Company.” Fox “has only limited operations in Australia, and we believe that consolidating the trading of our stock in the world’s largest equity market would provide improved liquidity to the Company’s stockholders and greater efficiencies for the Company.” Fox needs Class B shareholders to approve the change. That should come at a special meeting in March or April, with the delisting in Australia to … Read More »

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Trial Of Former Rupert Murdoch Newspaper Lieutenants Starts In London

By | Monday October 28, 2013 @ 10:21am PDT

On October 14, Rupert Murdoch tweeted: “Big media trials in London in 2 weeks. Remember, everyone innocent until proven guilty, entitled to fair trial in most countries.” Murdoch was referring to the criminal trial related to phone hacking at his now defunct News Of The World tabloid. This morning, eight defendants including former Murdoch employees Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson made it to court amid a media frenzy for what some are calling the “Trial of the Century.” It may feel like a century once the proceedings wrap sometime around Easter 2014 and after an expected 100 witnesses have been called. Jury selection began today with the prosecution starting later in the week.

While Murdoch, Brooks and Coulson are no longer linked professionally, the outcome of the trial has the potential to impact the mogul’s business going forward. Even the News Corp-owned Wall Street Journal wrote that the courtroom drama “could further embarrass both the media giant and the British government.” One of the lines of questioning during the Leveson Inquiry into UK media ethics, the probe hatched by Prime Minister David Cameron in the wake of the News Of The World scandal, focused on the relationships between politicians and newspaper proprietors and editors. With Brooks and Coulson now standing trial, this could put News Corp’s relationship with the UK government back into the spotlight. Brooks was head of News Corp‘s UK press arm, News International (now News UK), until the phone-hacking scandal first exploded at the News Of The World in July 2011. She has denied the five charges against her including conspiracy to hack phones, conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office by paying officials for stories, and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Coulson was formerly editor of News Of The World. He went on to become Cameron’s spin doctor, a post he vacated in 2011. He is facing three charges related to phone hacking and conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office. They are joined by six other defendants who have all pleaded not guilty, including Brooks’ husband Charlie, a longtime Cameron friend. Read More »

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Rupert Murdoch, Fox Board Re-Elected At Shareholders Meeting

By | Friday October 18, 2013 @ 10:49am PDT

UPDATE, 2:18 PM: The official results of today’s shareholder votes are in and while Fox management won resounding victories, the tallies show a few interesting nuances. Nearly 29% of those voting yes or no endorsed a shareholder resolution to make the chairman independent. Just 15.3% opposed the company’s management compensation plan in the government-mandated say-on-pay advisory vote. A shareholder proposal in the proxy to get rid of the dual stock system wasn’t considered because there was no one at the meeting to present it. As for the directors, the smallest victory margins went to Lachlan Murdoch (75.3%) and James Murdoch (80.5%) while the most popular candidate was BHP Billiton Chairman Jacques Nasser (99.2%). Rupert Murdoch was elected with 90.9%, behind COO Chase Carey’s 92.4%.

PREVIOUS, 10:49 AM: So much for the effort by some activist investors and advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services to protest 21st Century Fox’s corporate governance practices. In a shareholder meeting that lasted less than 34 minutes, CEO Rupert Murdoch said that all of the company’s board candidates had been re-elected. Company critics also wanted changes that would require the chairman to be independent (Murdoch now is both CEO and chairman), and to eliminate the dual classes of stock that enable the Murdoch family to control 39.4% of the votes even though it owns just 14% of the all shares. The exact vote on those resolutions will be disclosed later although the outcome isn’t in … Read More »

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BBC Sets 4 Years Of WWI Programs; Rupert Murdoch To Talk About Dad’s Gallipoli Role

By | Wednesday October 16, 2013 @ 4:41am PDT

The BBC has commissioned more than 2,500 hours of programming that will span four years to mark the centenary of World War I. As part of the ambitious undertaking Rupert Murdoch will be interviewed about his father’s role as the whistle-blower who told the world the truth about the botched Gallipoli campaign in Turkey. The season kicks off in early 2014 and will run through 2018 on BBC TV, Radio and Online and across international, national and local services. At MipTV in April, BBC controller Ben Stephenson foreshadowed some of the plans when he announced five-part half-hour series The Great War from Life On Mars’ Tony Jordan. The series is now titled The Passing-Bells and will be stripped over one week. Other highlights include drama The Ark from Sarah Phelps (Great Expectations) and starring Oona Chaplin, Hermione Norris and Kerry Fox as a dedicated team of medics; factual drama 37 Days about the lead up to war with Ian McDiarmid and Tim Pigott-Smith; four-part documentary Britain’s Great War; and My Great War, a film based on the unseen archive of hundreds of hours of interviews with veterans that the BBC shot in 1964. Read More »

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Investor Advisory Firm Opposes Murdoch And Other Fox Board Members

By | Wednesday October 9, 2013 @ 10:23am PDT

This is a shift for Institutional Shareholder Services, and a recommendation that it has to know is doomed to fail. The investor advisory firm endorsed all of the board candidates last year when Rupert Murdoch‘s entertainment and publishing properties were combined at News Corp. But ISS is upset that the mogul adopted an anti-takeover plan called a poison pill in June when he split his assets between two companies: 21st Century Fox for entertainment, and News Corp for publishing. ISS now wants Fox shareholders to oppose Murdoch, his sons James and Lachlan, COO Chase Carey, and five Murdoch allies when they’re up for election to the board at Fox’s first annual meeting on October 18. In addition, the firm wants shareholders to support a resolution calling for an independent board chairman — Rupert is CEO and chairman — and to end the two-tier stock system that enables the Murdoch family to control 39.4% of the votes even though it owns just 14% of the all shares. Read More »

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Fox Changes Shareholder Voting Formula As Annual Meeting Approaches

By | Friday October 4, 2013 @ 2:46pm PDT

This is a complicated annual exercise for 21st Century Fox — and its predecessor, News Corp —  as it tries to comply with U.S. laws that bar a company from owning TV station licenses if non-citizens control more than 25% of its total voting shares. To stay under that threshold, Fox applies a discount to the votes of non-U.S. shareholders. And with 31% of its Class B voting shares held by foreigners, the company determined that it could reduce the discount to 35% from 40%. If you’ve followed along this far, you might wonder whether a process that discounts some investors’ holdings would inflate the clout of CEO Rupert Murdoch and his family who control 39.4% of the B shares. Not to worry: The company says they’ll stay at that percentage of the total by agreeing not to vote or provide voting instructions for “a portion” of their shares. When all’s said and done, about 711.9M Class B shares will be entitled to vote at the annual meeting that’ll be held October 18 in Los Angeles. As a technical matter, Fox (which includes the Fox studio and TV networks) is the same company that we knew as News Corp until June. At that point the Murdoch-controlled publishing assets and Australian media properties were spun off into a new entity that’s now called News Corp.

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Apple’s Tim Cook Joins Twitter But He’s No Rupert Murdoch

By | Friday September 20, 2013 @ 3:32pm PDT

Steve Jobs never did it but today Apple’s current boss Tim Cook made his social media presence official. Right now let’s just say Rupert Murdoch doesn’t have to worry about the executive Twitter competition. Unlike the wide ranging and often highly opinionated tweets the News Corp boss blasts out to his almost 470,000 followers, Cook, as you can see from his tweet on the left, kept it all very bland. His inaugural tweet Friday was about Apple and how proud he is of the company’s commitment to its customers. Still that didn’t prevent Cook form racking up followers. Within a couple of hours of the verified account’s first activity, Cook had over 85,000 followers on Twitter. More were joining him by the minute. Currently, the CEO himself is only following 11 people on Twitter including Job’s widow Laurene, who has yet to tweet herself, NBC’s Jimmy Fallon and CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Cook’s not the only new Twitter presence from Apple – there’s an @iTunes account that started tweeting on September 18. The newly announced iPhones and iOS Update are not yet on Twitter, but give them time.

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Tech And Media Execs Continue To Dominate Forbes’ Richest Americans List

Bill Gates‘ net worth of $72B enabled him to claim the top spot on the Forbes tally for the 20th consecutive year — followed by Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett ($58.5B), Oracle’s Larry Ellison ($41B), and then Koch Industries’ Charles and David Koch ($36B). While Buffett fattened his holdings the most over the last year, adding $12.5B, the recovery in Facebook’s stock helped to boost Mark Zuckerberg‘s net worth by $9.6B to $19B lifting him 16 spots to No. 20. Once again, the list is heavy with names from the tech world — but at least 28 media execs had a net worth of at least $1.3B, the highest amount needed to qualify for the top 400 since 2008. Bloomberg LP founder Michael Bloomberg, who also happens to be mayor of New York, had $31B, putting him in 10th place, same as last year. Cox Communications’ Anne Cox Chambers, with $13.5B, was 29th (+3 on the list), narrowly beating Rupert Murdoch and family $13.4B (at No. 30, +6). Dish Network’s Charlie Ergen follows at $12.5B (No. 32, +7). Advance Publications’ Samuel Newhouse had $8.9B (No. 46, same as last year) ahead of brother Donald’s $8.2B (No. 52, -1). There’s a tie at No. 61 with the $6.7B net worth for Cox Enterprise’s Jim Kennedy (same rank as last year) and Liberty Media’s John Malone (he’s -4 spots on the list). Other media names include: Read More »

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Global Showbiz Briefs: Multiple Deals For Nicolas Cage Drama ‘Joe’; Vodafone OKd For $10.2B Kabel Deutschland Buyout; More

WestEnd Films Seals Multiple Deals For Nicolas Cage Drama ‘Joe’
International sales company WestEnd Films has closed a raft of deals on David Gordon Green’s drama Joe, starring Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan. The film debuted in Venice, where Sheridan won the best newcomer prize. The Worldview Entertainment-produced and -financed film then appeared in Toronto, where deals were sealed with Japan (CCC), Australia (Madman), Benelux (Cinéart) and Scandinavia (Non Stop). Artificial Eye picked it up in the UK, and the film had previously sold to 15 territories include France (Wild Side), Germany (Koch Media), Latin America (Swen), China (Media Asia), Israel (United King), and Greece (Spentzos Films). CAA is repping the North America rights, with Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions and Magnolia Pictures being the front-runners as of Friday.

Vodafone Set To Acquire Germany’s Kabel Deutschland For $10.2B
Shareholders of Kabel Deutschland — Germany’s largest cable company — voted Friday to accept Vodafone’s buyout offer of €87 ($115.70) a share, which includes a €2.50 dividend payment. Vodafone, Germany’s top mobile network with 32 million subscribers, said the required 75% minimum of Kabel investors had been met. The deal, which gives Vodafone 7.6 million cable subs, continues its strategy of offsetting declining revenue by selling mobile phone subscriptions alongside TV, landline and broadband services. Reuters reported Friday that three hedge funds that tendered shares enabling Vodafone’s successful Kabel bid plan to sue for a better price for their outstanding holdings.

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Rupert Murdoch Questioning By Parliament Postponed In Light Of UK Criminal Trials: Report

By | Thursday September 12, 2013 @ 3:23am PDT

In the wake of revelations of a secret recording of Rupert Murdoch addressing staff at his Sun tabloid, the UK’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport in July invited the mogul to discuss the matter at an official hearing. (The comments inlcuded Murdoch talking about his company’s handling of bribery and hacking charges at his UK newspapers.) Murdoch accepted the invitation, but no date was set at the time given the impending summer recess. Now it looks as though Murdoch’s appearance could be postponed by as much as a year. According to The Guardian, the hearing was shelved after the attorney general and Murdoch’s own lawyers intervened. With criminal trials about to begin in relation to the activities of News Corp’s UK press arm, News International (now News UK), there was a consideration on both sides that any testimony could prejudice those proceedings. Eight defendants go to trial on October 28, including former Murdoch lieutenant Rebekah Brooks. A further three trials are scheduled, with the last expected in June 2014. The Guardian says that Murdoch wrote to the committee this week saying lawyers advised him not to submit to questioning until all the criminal trials were finished. Committee chair John Whittingdale confirmed receipt of the letter and said, “At the same time, the committee received its own advice that there was a risk that any questions might prejudice the trials. … Read More »

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Value Investor Buys 11.9% Of News Corp

By | Tuesday September 10, 2013 @ 4:07pm PDT

I don’t know whether Rupert Murdoch was familiar with Southeastern Asset Management and its billionaire CEO O. Mason Hawkins before today — but I can assure you that he is now. The Memphis-based investment firm says in an SEC filing that it bought 11.9% of News Corp, the publishing company that Murdoch created in June with a spin off that collected his entertainment holdings at 21st Century Fox. There’s no indication in the filing about Hawkins’ plans for the 23.77M shares his firm controls. Although SAM isn’t known as an activist investor, Hawkins recently allied with Carl Icahn to oppose Michael Dell’s effort to take Dell Computers private. (Icahn this week abandoned his campaign to stop the leveraged buyout.). In a mid-year report to his investors, Hawkins said that most of the companies in which he invests and their CEOs “remain low profile because they deliver results over time.” He added, though, that when he believes new leaders would do a better job “Southeastern and their boards will hold these leaders accountable.” SAM is also a major investor in DirecTV, Scripps Networks, Tribune, and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, but early this year bailed out of Disney.

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Rupert Murdoch’s Earnings Drop To $28.9M For Fiscal 2013

By | Friday August 30, 2013 @ 5:33am PDT

21st Century Fox, the media and entertainment company created out of the split of News Corp, filed a definitive proxy statement with the SEC today, revealing some interesting figures. Among them is the news that chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch earned about $1.1M less in fiscal 2013 than the previous year. (The year ended on June 30 and News Corp officially split on June 28, so the figures rep his pay under the company’s former iteration.) His full fiscal 2013 compensation was $28,913,040. The previous year it was just over $30M and for 2011 it was $33.3M. (Separately, Forbes reported yesterday that Murdoch has purchased a 13-acre winery and mansion in Bel Air. Property records show that he paid $28.8M, so basically a year’s takings.) According to the SEC filing, Murdoch had 2013 stock awards of $5.2M, an increase from the $3.5M he got in 2012. His incentive plan compensation was $12.5M; changes in his pension value were worth $2.85M; and “all other compensation” equaled about $300,000. Chase Carey, deputy chairman, president and COO, had an earnings rise to $27M from 2012′s $24.7M. Scion James Murdoch, who is now deputy COO and chairman and CEO of international, also saw a pay bump to just over $17M, up from the $16.8M he made last year but less than the $17.9M he … Read More »

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News Corp’s UK Press Arm Investigated As ‘Corporate Suspect’: Reports

By | Saturday August 17, 2013 @ 8:08am PDT

News International, the British newspaper division of News Corp which was recently renamed News UK, is being actively investigated by Scotland Yard, say reports from Reuters and The Independent. The probe is said to be seeking possible criminal violations related to the phone-hacking scandal at the now defunct News Of The World as well as allegations of illegal payments to public officials by journalists. Since 2011, police attention has appeared focused on employees of the Rupert Murdoch-controlled businesses, but The Independent says investigators are treating News International as a “corporate suspect.” Reuters, quoting a source familiar with the matter, said detectives and prosecutors are also actively considering action against News Corp as a corporation. Were corporate action to be taken, Reuters opines, it would lead to more expense for News Corp as well as potentially further tarnishing its image. If company directors or executives were held accountable, it could impact News Corp’s ownership of BSkyB since broadcast license holders have to be deemed “fit and proper.” However, BSkyB no longer has ties to the press business, having become part of the entertainment company after News Corp split into two entities. According to the reports, News Corp’s Management and Standards Committee was informed more than a year ago that action was being considered. The reports say it was this revelation that led News Corp to scale back its cooperation with … Read More »

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Rupert Murdoch On 21st Century Fox: Sometimes Sequels Are More Lucrative

By | Thursday August 8, 2013 @ 8:52am PDT

The CEO of 21st Century Fox opened today’s briefings in Los Angeles for Wall Street analysts who are trying to figure out where the entertainment company is headed now that it’s separate from the publishing properties at News Corp. “I believe this will be a day to remember,” Rupert Murdoch said. He acknowledges that Fox critics say its collection of traditional media movie and TV properties have peaked. He says, though, that in business — like in the movies — “many of you know that sequels can be far more lucrative than the original.” He points to opportunities overseas in markets with a growing middle class, and with new digital technologies including smartphones. “Our challenge at 21st Century Fox is to get there ahead of everyone else,” Murdoch says noting that “the value of hit content is only going to increase exponentially….A good story knows no border.” Fox execs will be “thoughtful risk takers” since “our greatest successes come from the businesses that we have built, not acquired.” 

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Deadline Global Showbiz Watch Podcast With Nancy Tartaglione, Episode 1

By | Tuesday July 23, 2013 @ 6:09pm PDT

Listen to (and share) the first episode of Deadline’s audio podcast “Global Showbiz Watch, with Nancy Tartaglione.” Deadline’s international editor talks with host David Bloom about Rupert Murdoch’s latest backpedal over the long-festering British newspaper scandals; the new investment tie-up between media powerhouses Bruno Wu and Thomas Middlehoff; and whether China is loosening its restrictions on filmmakers. Finally, with the imminent debuts of The Wolverine, which was filmed substantially in Japan, and a samurai remake of the Oscar-winning Western Unforgiven, they spotlight the entertainment business in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Deadline Global Showbiz Watch, (MP3 format)
Deadline Global Showbiz Watch, (MP4a format)

The M4A version of this podcast is designed to run on any device using Apple’s iTunes software, and includes enhanced graphics and links to stories and other resources. The MP3 version of this podcast is designed to play on virtually any device capable of playing digital audio.

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