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UPDATE: Shia LaBeouf Mistakes Studio 54 For Studio 54

By | Friday June 27, 2014 @ 9:40am PDT

UPDATE: Shia LaBeouf Mistakes Studio 54 For Studio 542ND UPDATE, 9:40 AM PT: LABEOUF FREED AFTER NIGHT IN CUSTODY: Shia LaBeouf was released by New York police this morning after charging him in the wake of behavior last night suggesting that he was in the right place — Studio 54 — but the wrong decade. Fox News reports that the actor is due in court July 24 to answer the charges stemming from his behavior at a performance of Cabaret.

UPDATE, 3:23 AM PT: LaBeouf, 28, was charged Thursday night with one count of criminal trespassing and two counts of disorderly conduct. He remained in police custody. He was smoking and yelling during the performance, the police said.

PREVIOUS: LaBeouf’s Broadway track record continues unabated: Tweeters, bloggers and bystanders reported tonight that the actor was escorted by police from a performance of Cabaret, in the revival of a revival starring Alan Cumming, in tears, according to some reports. It’s not the first time he’s left a show before he planned to. ABC News and others report that LaBeouf was smoking and being extremely disruptive throughout the first act of the show, which is running at Studio 54. Broadway World’s website reports that he is in custody and being questioned, “with charges expected to be filed.” Read More »

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Global Showbiz Watch 25 – The Bill Murray Takes Berlin Podcast

Global Showbiz Watch ep 25Deadline International Editor Nancy Tartaglione and host David Bloom blow through the Berlin Film Festival‘s first days, led by Bill Murray’s “Murricane” of appearances tied to Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, George Clooney’s The Monuments Men and the in-progress Rock The Kasbah. Berlin also surfaced numerous other notable announcements and appearances, including the attention-getting antics of Lars von Trier and his Nymphomaniac star Shia LeBoeuf. Nancy and David also take a peek at Warner Bros. TV Group’s big Eyeworks acquisition, and check the global box office temperature as Disney’s Frozen hits China and Universal’s 47 Ronin crosses $100M.

Global Showbiz Watch podcast 25 (.MP3 version)
Global Showbiz Watch podcast 25 (.M4A version)

Read More »

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Shia LaBeouf Wears Paper Bag To ‘Nymphomaniac’ Berlin Premiere: Photo

By | Sunday February 9, 2014 @ 11:54am PST

Shia LaBeouf and his Nymphomaniac director Lars von Trier have been the talk of the Berlin Film Festival all day after a presser in which enfant terrible von Trier was a no-show and LaBeouf walked out after uttering the line, “When the seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.” While von Trier sported a custom “Persona Non Grata” shirt at the film’s photo call, winking at his notorious incident three years ago at the Cannes Film Festival, LaBeouf chummed the waters with more sardines when he arrived to the Nymphomaniac, Vol. I red carpet premiere sporting black tie duds and a paper bag over his head. Scrawled on his headwear was a line he’s been Tweeting for weeks in the wake of his short film plagiarism kerfuffle – “I Am Not Famous Anymore”:

Shia LaBeouf Abruptly Exits ‘Nymphomaniac’ Press Conference
Shia LaBeouf Bares Legal Brief And Much More In Latest Disturbing Actions

Shia LaBeouf paper bag

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Berlin: Lars Von Trier Sports “Persona Non Grata” T-Shirt; Shia LaBeouf Abruptly Exits ‘Nymphomaniac’ Press Conference

lars von trierDanish bad boy Lars von Trier came to Berlin today for the world premiere of the director’s cut of Nymphomaniac, Vol. 1. He maintained his vow to refrain from all public statements, and did not attend the press conference. But he had a message, nevertheless. At the photo call preceding the Nymphomaniac panel, the helmer sported a t-shirt emblazoned with the Cannes Film Festival logo followed by the words “Persona Non Berlinale 2014 badgeGrata, Official Selection.” The sartorial choice was a nod to 2011 when von Trier was dubbed a persona non grata by Cannes for Nazi-flavored comments he made at a press conference for Melancholia. Shia LaBeouf, a Nymphomaniac co-star who’s had his own share of controversial headlines of late, answered no questions but offered up a cryptic comment: “When the seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.” With that, he said, “Thank you very much” and left the dais. (The quote was originally uttered by former Manchester United footballer Eric Cantona at a 1995 press conference after he won an appeal against a two-week prison sentence for kicking an abusive fan.) The room was temporarily stunned as nervous laughter filtered through – including from the actors still assembled: Uma Thurman, Christian Slater, Stellan … Read More »

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Berlin: Barry Levinson’s ‘Rock The Kasbah’ Adds Big Names, Sets June Start Date

By | Thursday January 30, 2014 @ 3:26pm PST

BREAKING: Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, Danny McBride, Shia LaBeouf and Zooey Deschanel willisKate-Hudson885are joining Bill Murray in Rock The Kasbah, the pic Mitch Glazer wrote and Barry Levinson is directing. QED’s Bill Block, Venture Forth’s Jacob Pechenik, Shangri-La Entertainment’s Steve Bing and Glazer are producing, and Brian Grazer and Tom Freston are executive producing. Production will now get underway in June, and QED is repping the film at the upcoming EFM. Bill Murray stars as a burned-out music manager who goes to Afghanistan on the USO tour with his last remaining client. When he finds himself abandoned, penniless and without his passport, he discovers a young girl with an extraordinary voice, who stows away with him back to Kabul to compete on the popular television show, The Afghan Star, Afghanistan’s equivalent of American Idol.

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Shia LaBeouf Bares Legal Brief And Much More In Latest Disturbing Actions

By | Wednesday January 8, 2014 @ 5:45am PST
Mike Fleming

Shia LaBeoufIt doesn’t seem like that long ago when Shia LaBeouf was on a fast track to be the next big male movie star. After emerging from the Disney Channel series Even Stevens to become a likeable screen presence on the Project Greenlight TV reality series about the making of the pic The Battle Of Shaker Heights, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg chose LaBeouf to star in the original Transformers films. He did Disturbia, Oliver Stone’s Wall Street sequel and Spielberg made him heir apparent in the Indiana Jones franchise. I’d read his early interviews in Playboy and other outlets and while LaBeouf was refreshingly honest, you could see he had some rough edges, anger and maybe a self-destructive streak. I always give slack for any child star trying to transition to adulthood, because the landscape is littered with casualties. But LaBeouf’s latest episodes, coupled with an array of arrests over the past few years, seem real cause for concern. Today’s headlines have him bragging about sending a photo of his private parts to Lars von Trier that got him a role in the upcoming porn pic Nymphomaniac, and LaBeouf last night showed misplaced defiance in his ongoing spat with Ghost World creator Daniel Clowes after the actor was accused of plagiarizing Clowes’ work in his short film Last night, LaBeouf ran a legal letter from Clowes’ lawyer on his Twitter account (it seems to have been taken down), responding to the actor’s previous Tweet threatening to rip Clowes off once again in another project. Read More »

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Deadline’s Best Film Stories Of The Week

Miss Deadline’s top film stories? Catch up now:

Ant-Man Paul RuddIs ‘Anchorman’s Paul Rudd Superhero Material? ‘Ant-Man’ In The Offing
By Mike Fleming Jr. – The long-rumored crowning of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man is finally happening. He is Marvel’s choice to star as the title character in the Edgar Wright-directed film.

Warner Bros Sets ‘Gilligan’s Island’ As Star Feature Vehicle For Josh Gad
By Mike Fleming Jr.EXCLUSIVE: Remember Gilligan’s Island, the venerable 1960s TV series about seven castaways who wind up stranded on a tropical island after a torrential storm shipwrecks their yacht The S.S. Minnow? Warner Bros is charting a course for a feature film based on the series.

OSCARS: Nine Films On Foreign Language Shortlist; ‘The Past’, ‘Wadjda’ Miss Cut
By Nancy Tartaglione – Last weekend, I profiled 15 films that had a lot of heat ahead of the Foreign Language Oscar shortlist unveiling today. Of those 15 (plus a handful of wildcards), seven have ended up among the Academy’s nine selections that will move on to the second round of voting.

anchorman-2__131123195832-275x187BOX OFFICE: Paramount Stretching Estimates As ‘Hobbit’ No. 1, ‘Anchorman 2,’ Lead
By Anita Busch – Gotta take Paramount Pictures to task with their inflated estimates for the five-day estimated gross for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. There’s not a distributor in town who agrees that the five-day number will hit $40M. Read More »

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UPDATE: Shia LaBeouf Apologizes For Plagiarizing Comic For Short Film

By | Tuesday December 17, 2013 @ 9:50am PST

Shia LaBeouf plagiarismUPDATE: In a PR roller coaster that proved the power of internet pundits, Shia LaBeouf apologized publicly for failing to credit the graphic comic that inspired his short film Howard which he debuted online Monday. “I f***ed up,” he Tweeted from @thecampaignbook, the same account he had used to heavily promote the 2012 short which stars Jim Gaffigan as an internet film critic consumed by his own online influence. Ironically the film played dozens of film festivals last year including the Cannes Film Festival, but it wasn’t until it hit the web yesterday morning that keen-eyed bloggers noticed uncredited similarities between LaBeouf’s film and artist Daniel Clowes’ 2007 graphic novella Justin M. Damiano, including word-for-word dialogue and visuals lifted directly from the original. By afternoon the video was password-protected without explanation as the plagiarism accusations flew. LaBeouf broke his silence late last night with a mea culpa that also sounded slightly familiar: “Copying isn’t particularly creative work. Being inspired by someone else’s idea to produce something new and different IS creative work. In my excitement and naiveté as an amateur filmmaker, I got lost in the creative process and neglected to follow proper accreditation. I’m embarrassed that I failed to credit @danielclowes for his original graphic novella Justin M. Damiano, which served as my inspiration. I was truly moved by his piece of work & I knew that it would make a poignant & relevant short. I apologize to all who assumed I wrote it. I deeply regret the manner in which these events have unfolded and want @danielclowes to know that I have a great respect for his work. I f***ed up.”

PREVIOUS, MONDAY PM: What’s one way to get the attention of internet critics? Make a short film about internet critics. In, writer-director Shia LaBeouf (apparently based on this uncredited illustrated short by Ghost World‘s Daniel Clowes) slices into the tortured psyche of an online film critic and his philosophical struggles with auteur hero-worship, the misery that is other bloggers, and press junket catering. Read More »

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Specialty Box Office: ‘Nebraska’ Travels Well; ‘Charlie Countryman’ Takes A Beating

By | Sunday November 17, 2013 @ 10:14am PST

Indie FilmsAlexander Payne‘s black and white drama Nebraska, starring Bruce Dern in the role that nabbed him the Cannes Best Actor Award in May, bowed with solid numbers. The film platformed in 4 theaters, grossing $140K and averaging a healthy $35K. Pic stars Dern as a senior bent on collecting a million bucks in sweepstakes money and Will Forte as the son who reluctantly road trips across state lines to satisfy the old man. The numbers show momentum. Compare to Payne’s previous openings: His last film, The Descendants, opened in 29 theaters in November 2011 with a $41K average, though that film was in color, starred George Clooney, and was set in the sunnier climes of Hawaii. His last road trip movie, Sideways (with Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church), was set in California’s Santa Barbara County and bowed in 4 runs in October 2004 averaging a spectacular $51,769 for a $207K opening weekend gross. Paramount Vantage will expand awards contender Nebraska to 10 markets on November 22.

“We had a strategy of screening early and often,” said Megan Colligan, Paramount’s head of domestic marketing and distribution this week. “Word of mouth is going to be the key here. There’s a strong through line of relatability. Some people will think a movie with octogenarians will think it’s for old people, but their children will relate to connecting with their parents and that has strong emotional pull people will connect to. The comedy community and comics in general love the humor of this movie.” Read More »

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Hot Redband Trailer: ‘Charlie Countryman’

By | Saturday November 2, 2013 @ 4:00pm PDT

Here’s a redband look at Fredric Bond’s genre-bending feature debut Charlie Countryman, starring Shia LaBeouf as an American who falls for a gangster’s girl in Bucharest. Mads Mikkelsen, Evan Rachel Wood, Til Schweiger, Rupert Grint, James Buckley, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Melissa Leo co-star in the November 15 release from Millennium:

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Hot Trailer: ‘Charlie Countryman’

By | Tuesday October 8, 2013 @ 3:10pm PDT

Shia LaBeouf stars as Charlie Countryman, an American who falls for a musician (Evan Rachel Wood) and follows her into a Romanian underworld of violent gangsters where he’s pummeled over and over in his quest to save her. Swedish commercials helmer Fredrik Bond made his debut with the action comedy romance which sold to Millennium after its Sundance premiere. Mads Mikkelsen, Melissa Leo and Rupert Grint co-star. Charlie Countryman hits theaters and VOD November 15. Check out the first trailer:

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Hot Clip: Shia LaBeouf In ‘Nymphomaniac’

By | Friday July 26, 2013 @ 9:57am PDT

Here’s the second “appetizer” tease from Lars von Trier‘s upcoming Nymphomaniac, one woman’s sordid sexual history told in eight chapters. A British-accented Shia LaBeouf stars opposite Stacy Martin in Chapter 2: Jerôme. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Stellan Skarsgård, Christian Slater and Connie Nielsen also appear in the pic which Magnolia will release stateside.

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Millennium Acquires Shia La Beouf Film ‘The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman;’ Film Preemed In Sundance

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Five months after it premiered at Sundance, The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman has sold for U.S. rights and a theatrical release. Millennium Entertainment has paid low seven-figures to release one of the highest profile films in that festival. The film stars Shia LaBeouf, Evan Rachel Wood, Mads Mikkelsen, Til Schweiger and Aubrey Plaza, and marks the English language feature debut of Swedish commercials director Fredrik Bond. While Charlie Countryman polarized critics at Sundance because of its atmospheric mix of dark humor, violence and love, it has made Bond a director to watch; he was right there in the mix as Disney searched to find a director for Pirates Of The Caribbean 5. LaBeouf plays a young man who goes to Bucharest, meets a mysterious woman on the plane, and falls in love. For his romantic pursuit, he is pummeled mercilessly, again and again, by the vicious gangster who has claimed the young musician. Millennium has been chasing the film since it played Sundance, but it took awhile for the deal to work for Nicolas Chartier, the Voltage Pictures financier who scored the largest Sundance deal with the Joseph Gordon-Levitt-directed comedy Don Jon. This shapes up to be a healthy deal by Sundance standards, and Millennium will start with a platform theatrical release and go from there.

“In his theatrical debut, Fredrik Bond has created a stylish, action-packed ride that hooks you from the first … Read More »

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Cannes: ‘28 Weeks Later’ Helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo And Shia LaBeouf Take ‘Villain’ Turn

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Start Motion Pictures has set 28 Weeks Later helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to direct and Shia LaBeouf to star in Villain, a psychological thriller written by Robocop remake scribe Josh Zetumer. Villain follows two brothers who mysteriously re-connect in an unforgiving wilderness. The role of the other brother will be set shortly. Start Motion Pictures’ Ben Browning, Sarah Shepard and Jeremy Kipp Walker will produce, and Michael Maher will executive produce with Zetumer. Start will also finance. Wild Bunch will be selling the film in Cannes, alongside their other titles that include the Nicolas Refn-directed Only God Forgives, James Gray’s The Immigrant and Guillaume Canet’s Blood Ties. Read More »

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Ben Foster Joins ‘Orphans’ Replacing Shia LaBeouf, Who Didn’t Leave Quietly

By | Thursday February 21, 2013 @ 11:59am PST

Shia LaBeouf was starring in what would have been his Broadway debut alongside Alec Baldwin and Tom Sturridge until yesterday, when the actor dropped out of Lyle Kessler’s play because of creative differences. Then came the fun part, when LaBeouf took to his Twitter feed to show off emails allegedly sent between him, Baldwin, Kessler and director Daniel Sullivan that ran the gamut from apologies to rantings, including Baldwin and LaBeouf promising not to talk bad about each other and LaBeouf mentioning putting his fist through a door during rehearsals (“i’m a child dont mind me”, he wrote to Kessler). He also posted his audition video. Now it is Ben Foster (The Messenger) stepping into the fray, taking on LaBeouf’s role of Treat. (For the record, LaBeouf tweeted today: BEN FOSTER IS A BEAST. HE WILL KILL IT.) Foster was front-and-center at Sundance last month, starring as William Burroughs in Kill Your Darlings and as a deputy in Ain’t Them Body Saints. He next stars on the big screen opposite Mark Wahlberg in Peter Berg’s SEAL Team 10 tale Lone Survivor from Universal. Despite all of the drama, previews on Orphans still are set to begin March 19 and opening night is April 7 at the Schoenfeld Theatre.

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Shia LaBeouf Exits Broadway’s ‘Orphans’

By | Wednesday February 20, 2013 @ 11:34am PST

Shia LaBeouf is parting ways with the producers of Orphans “due to creative differences” and will not be continuing with the production, according to a statement from the show’s public relations office. The statement adds that a replacement for the role of Treat will be announced shortly. LaBeouf was added to the cast in December in what would have been his first Broadway role. Orphans, by Lyle Kessler and directed by Daniel Sullivan, stars Alec Baldwin and Tom Sturridge in a story about two brothers living in a Philadelphia row house. The production is still scheduled to begin previews March 19 with opening night set for April 7 at the Schoenfeld Theatre.

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BERLIN TOLDJA!: Magnolia Closes U.S. Deal For Lars Von Trier-Helmed Shia La Beouf Boff-A-Rama ‘Nymphomaniac’

By | Tuesday February 12, 2013 @ 6:22am PST
Mike Fleming

UPDATE, 6:22 AM:: Magnolia Pictures and TrustNordisk have confirmed Deadline’s scoop that they’ve made one of the big deals at Berlin for U.S. rights to provocateur helmer Lars von Trier‘s full monty film Nymphomaniac. We heard it was around a $2 million deal. The press release runs beneath Deadline’s original break on the story.

EARLIER EXCLUSIVE, MONDAY PM: After a little late night deal making hanky panky in Berlin, Magnolia Pictures is the frontrunner in talks to consummate a deal for domestic rights to Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac for around $2 million, Deadline hears. The film’s about a nymphomaniac who recounts her sordid life to a stranger after he saves her from a beating. It stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell and Christian Slater. Read More »

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Shia LaBeouf To Make Broadway Debut With Alec Baldwin In ‘Orphans’

By | Tuesday December 11, 2012 @ 11:38am PST

How many StarWagons can fit on the Great White Way? Lyle Kessler’s play Orphans has added Shia LaBeouf to its cast in what will be the actor’s first Broadway role. Alec Baldwin had already been cast in the story of two brothers living in a Philadelphia row house. LaBeouf will play Treat, the older of the pair; Baldwin will play the rich man Treat kidnaps to help support his damaged younger sibling. Previews on the revival begin March 19 at the Schoenfeld ahead of an April 7 opening. The play opened in 1983 in LA and was mounted in London among other places, but this will mark its first time on Broadway. A 1987 feature film starred Matthew Modine as Treat. The LaBeouf casting is the latest from Broadway producers looking to add Hollywood star power to their marquees, joining the likes of Al Pacino (Glengarry Glen Ross) and Scarlett Johansson (Cat On A Hot Tin Roof).

Related: Broadway Climbs To Record $1.14B Tally

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Sony Pictures Classics Acquires Robert Redford’s ‘The Company You Keep’

Mike Fleming

BREAKING: Sony Pictures Classics has acquired US rights to the Robert Redford-directed The Company You Keep. The film stars Redford, Shia LeBeouf, Julie Christie, Sam Elliott, Brendan Gleeson, Terence Howard, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick, Brit Marling, Stanley Tucci, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper, and Susan Sarandon. Nicolas Chartier Bill Holderman produced with Redford. Craig Flores is exec producer.

The film is a thriller centered on a former Weather Underground activist who goes on the run from a journalist who has discovered his identity. It will premiere Out of Competition at the Venice Film Festival and at Toronto. Voltage Pictures financed it and is selling international. SPC’s Tom Bernard and Michael Barker will release it domestically.

“I’ve known Tom and Michael for many years. I have great respect for what they do and how they do it. So it’s a pleasant connection,” adds Redford. CAA made the deal.

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