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‘Megamind’ Overtakes ‘Unstoppable’ For #1; ‘Skyline’ And ‘Morning Glory’ Get No Traction

By | Saturday November 13, 2010 @ 10:31pm PST

SATURDAY PM: Sources just gave me estimated Top 10 North American grosses for Friday, Saturday, the weekend, and cumes. Analysis coming:

1. Megamind 3D (DreamWorks Animation/Paramount) Week 2 [3,949 Theaters]
Friday $7.9M, Saturday $13.3M, Weekend $26M (-36%), Cume $88M

2. Unstoppable (Fox) NEW [3,207 Theaters]
Friday $8.1M, Saturday $9.9M, Weekend $23.5M

3. Due Date (Warner Bros) Week 2 [3,365 Theaters]
Friday $5.5M, Saturday $6.6M, Weekend $16M (-51%), Cume $59.5M

4. Skyline (Relativity/Universal) NEW [2,880 Theaters]
Friday $4.7M, Saturday $4.4M, Weekend $12M

5. Morning Glory (Paramount) NEW [2,518 Theaters]
Friday $3M, Saturday $4M, Weekend $9.4M, Cume $12M

6. For Colored Girls (Lionsgate) Week 2 [2,127 Theaters]
Friday $2M, Saturday $3.2M, Weekend $6.8M (-65%), Cume $31M

7. Red (Summit) Week 5 [2,878 Theaters]
Friday $1.5M, Saturday $2.2M, Weekend $5M, Cume $79.7M

8. Paranormal Activity 2 (Paramount) Week 4 [2,403 Theaters]
Friday $1M, Saturday $1.3M, Weekend $3M, Cume $82M

9. Saw 3D (Twisted Pictures/Lionsgate) Week 3 [1,976 Theaters]
Friday $970K, Saturday $1.3M, Weekend $2.9M, Cume $43.6M

10. Jackass 3D (MTV Films/Paramount) Week 5 [1,607 Theaters]
Friday $775K, Saturday $1M, Weekend $2.3M, Cume $114.7M

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Hot Trailer: ‘Battle: Los Angeles’

Mike Fleming

As the alien invasion movie Skyline is unleashed today by Relativity Media and Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a teaser for Battle: Los Angeles, a big scale alien invasion movie set for released in March. The battle between these two films goes beyond a simple same-subject rivalry; there is real bad blood here. As Deadline first revealed in August, SPE has made noises about seeking legal recourse because Skyline directors Greg and Colin Strause run Hydraulx, the visual effects house that created many of the effects for the rival film. The studio cried foul that the Straus siblings had access to every facet of Battle: Los Angeles‘s playbook and then went out and quietly made a rival film designed to hit the marketplace almost four months earlier. SPE never actually filed suit but there could be ramifications down the line if Skyline steals its thunder or if a case can be made that VFX innovations paid for by a film with exponentially more expensive found their way into Skyline. Here’s the Battle: Los Angeles trailer:

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Battle Over L.A. Alien Invasion Films

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: A real battle is brewing between rival aliens-invade-Los Angeles films Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles.  Sony Pictures Entertainment, the studio behind the big budget Battle: Los Angeles, is exploring its legal options. At issue: Greg and Colin Strause, the owners of visual effects house Hydraulx, were paid millions of dollars to generate visual effects work for Battle: Los Angeles. But Hydraulx never informed SPE the siblings were directing a VFX-driven rival alien invasion feature that will hit theaters four months before SPE’s March 12, 2011 release. SPE higher-ups  discovered it was in a real horse race after Universal Pictures released a trailer that showed Los Angeles denizens being vacuumed into the sky by hovering space ships.

SPE lawyers have just started digging into the matter. This can be viewed as a Goliath vs. David story considering that the Strause brothers shot most of their film in an apartment, with the entire film costing a fraction of what SPE has spent for a full-scale alien battle film. But Skyline created strong buzz at Comic-Con that will give it a wide release through Relativity and Universal Pictures. Battle: Los Angeles could certainly have its thunder stolen. At issue: did Hydraulx and its owners owe SPE a heads-up?

And is SPE trying to create a legal issue with a film that can’t afford it, to leverage a release date change that delays Skyline?

Hydraulx Filmz … Read More »

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Comic-Con 2010 Preview: Friday, July 23

comicon 2010


STAR WARS DAY (This is a meaningless appellation unless and until George Lucas sees fit to say or do anything regarding the proposed live-action TV series.)

Luke Y Thompson covers Hollywood events at the Con for Deadline:

10:15-11:15 AM: Aloha, Earth! Have you heard they’re doing a new HAWAII FIVE-O TV show? Do you care? Well, you might want to attend the panel anyway, as the show’s executive producers are STAR TREK/TRANSFORMERS scribes Orci and Kurtzman, the director of the pilot is UNDERWORLD’s Len Wiseman, and it stars Daniel Dae Kim (LOST) and Grace Park (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA). Sure, they’ll try to steer the discussion toward this new show rather than talk about what you actually want them to talk about, but it’s a chance to see ‘em all at once anyway. Room 6BCF

11:00 AM-12:00 PM: Star Wars Day: Hasbro Panel. If you’re at Comic-Con, chances are you’ve owned STAR WARS toys at some point. Wanna see some new ones? This is the place. Room 7AB

11:00 AM-1:00 PM: Comic-Con How-To Session: Costuming with Sabrina Belly Dancer. From the official schedule: “Sabrina will show how to create a costume bra top for hall costumes or a masquerade performance.” In saying that, it has practically guaranteed that all the creepy raincoat dudes will come out of the woodwork for this one. Room 18

11:00 AM-12:00 PM: Mattel and DC Comics: A Heroic Partnership. Fans of action-figure collecting love Mattel’s DC superhero toys, and hate how hard … Read More »

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More Movie Release Date Changes…

Universal Pictures:
DEVIL will be released on Friday, September 17, 2010
SKYLINE will be released on Friday, November 12, 2010
KIDS IN AMERICA will be released on Friday, December 3, 2010
THE DARK FIELDS will be released on Friday, January 21, 2011
SANCTUM will be released on Friday, February 4, 2011
THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU will be released on Friday, March 4, 2011
PAUL will be released on Friday, March 18, 2011

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Netflix Sets Streaming Deal With Relativity (…Which Now Wants To Self-Distribute)

2ND UPDATE: I’ve just learned that Relativity Media will be in the distribution business sooner rather than later as it attempts to become a mini-major. Hmm.

UPDATE: relativity mediaThis exclusive deal with Netflix might be impressive if more of Relativity Media’s movies did better at the box office. So it’s not exactly earth-shattering that Ryan Kavanaugh just told me that, at 12:01 AM Tuesday, Netflix is sending out a news release about Relativity no longer delivering its movies to pay TV channels. Instead, Relativity’s pics will now be shown via Netflix’s online streaming service. Insiders are calling this the “largest pay TV deal ever” — if that’s what it is. netflix_logo_1This will include going forward up to 30 movies per year. The first movies to go through the deal are the Nic Cage starrer Season of The Witch, the Brothers Strauss’ Skyline and The Fighter starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. And maybe the Sundance-buzzed documentary Catfish and Wes Craven’s horror film My Soul To Take, among Relativity’s future movies. (How many underperforming Relativity films will be included as well?) Sorry, but it’s hilarious to think this deal will make HBO or Showtime or Starz or Epix shudder, especially as they continue to move away from showing movies and more towards original programming.

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