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Hot ‘SNL’ Parody: ‘Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark’

Mike Fleming

Early this morning, Deadline ran a clip of Saturday Night Live’s fun commercial parody dealing with injury lawsuits suffered by cast an audience of Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. In case you missed it, it’s worth a watch:

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In Other News: Lionsgate/Icahn, Spidey’s Fall Guy, Judith Miller, James Franco And Ailing Borders

The sharp elbowing between Lionsgate and Carl Icahn takes another turn in the courtroom. The Wall Street Journal reports that Lionsgate filed in court to force Icahn to disclose any confidential merger agreements he made with MGM. This continues Lionsgate’s assertion that Icahn was pushing for a merge between Lionsgate and MGM while lambasting Lionsgate management for exploring the same scenario. Lionsgate’s desire for transparency extended to an ask that Icahn fess up about a side deal he might have made with Mark Cuban to sell his stake. That info–which reportedly came from Girls Gone Wild kingpin Joe Francis–was refuted by Cuban, who told WSJ that if there was any questionable offer involved in the equation, it came when Lionsgate co-chairman Michael Burns made a third-party offer to buy his shares for more than whatever Icahn was willing to pay…

Christopher Tierney, the 31-year old actor/dancer who fell 30 feet and was badly hurt in a preview performance of Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, gave his first interview last night to Gotham’s WCBS-TV local news. Watch below as he describes an ordeal that included the following inventory of broken bones: 4 ribs, 3 vertebra, scapula, elbow, and the back of his head. It’s good to see Tierney moving around and even enthused about possibly returning to the show. But how’s that dancer’s body, full of screws and rods, going … Read More »

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Spider-Man: Spinning Web Of Drama, Or Spinning Out Of Control?

Mike Fleming

The saga of Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark continues to spin a web of intrigue that has little to do with building positive momentum toward its February opening. The saddest development is that Natalie Mendoza, poised to make her Broadway debut with a showy villain role created especially for the musical, has officially exited. These tough breaks happen occasionally for all kinds of reasons both onstage and onscreen–imagine how Emily Blunt feels now, locking up the Black Widow role in Iron Man 2 and subsequent sequels and spinoffs, only to bow out when Fox enforced an option and dropped her into Gulliver’s Travels, for instance–but losing a lead in a big Broadway show to a concussion suffered during the first preview performance is particularly unfortunate. Besides safety issues that have dominated the headlines, the show’s new crisis is the prospect that reviewers won’t wait for opening night to pan the musical. Bloomberg’s Jeremy Gerard did just that on December 27 after paying $292 for an orchestra seat. Gerard, a seasoned critic and theater writer for New York Newsday and The New York Times among other places, expresses sentiments that don’t flatter the show. While beginning his critical assessment by revealing that Broadway’s most expensive show was “hardly the worst show of all time,” Gerard declared that “It is, however, an unfocused hodge-podge of story-telling, myth making and spectacle that comes up short in every department.” As for the … Read More »

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‘Spider-Man’ Takes Another Night Off

Mike Fleming

It’s another dark night at Broadway’s Foxwood Theatre for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. After a cancelled performance Tuesday, previews were supposed to resume tonight but the stage crew and performers took an extra day to incorporate the extra safety procedures designed to eliminated the variables that led to an aerialist falling 30 feet into the orchestra pit. While some are speculating that the show shouldn’t open at all, it’s coming.  At a projected $65 million budget, you don’t cancel. But this isn’t like Starlight Express. I remember seeing that musical, and after finding it to be a bore, watched wondering if performers would fall while buzzing around the rink on roller skates (several did). Accidents on this musical have already been more serious than a few skinned knees suffered in a roller rink mishap. It’s too bad that such an ambitious show has been defined by mishaps, but the wall crawler has prevailed against long odds before and audiences are packing preview performances.

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