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Robert Rodriguez On His ‘Spy Kids’ Stinker

By | Wednesday August 17, 2011 @ 10:30pm PDT

Robert Rodriguez took a page from John Waters and used the marketing strategy of billing his fourth installment in the Spy Kids franchise as a “4D” flick by adding scratch-and-sniff scent cards for audiences. It’ll be interesting to see if this add-on “Aroma-Scope” value increases moviegoing beyond just the 3D higher ticket prices when the pic opens Friday. ”When it came time to do Spy Kids 4, I couldn’t just go back and do 3D like everybody else is now. I had to bring something extra,” Rodriguez told the AP. “Just watching my own kids with interactive gaming, you ask them to watch a movie, it just feels so passive to them. I thought, this helps bridge the gap. It’s an interactive thing, almost like playing a game while you’re watching the movie.” In 1981, Waters released Polyester in “Odorama,” while the 2003 toon Rugrats Go Wild also used scented cards. One of the Rodriguez smells is a spy baby’s diapers. ”Originally, we didn’t have any really rancid smells, but kids wanted something really stinky in there,” Rodriguez told AP. “It really doesn’t smell that bad. No one’s going to get sick in the theater.” Now let’s bring back “Sensurround”.

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Danny Trejo Hits Comic-Con With ‘Machete’ And Plans To Craft Tough Guy Vehicles

Mike Fleming

machete3Danny Trejo is at Comic-Con this afternoon with director (and cousin) Robert Rodriguez to pump up interest in Machete, the film Fox releases in early September. But Trejo has more on his mind tonight than slinging free tacos to the geek contingent (which he is doing). Trejo is using the momentum from Machete, his recent appearance in  Predators and the upcoming Spy Kids 4 to begin generating his own branded action vehicles.  Might the reformed tough guy—who did hard prison time as a teenager before transforming himself into a drug counselor and finding his way accidentally into a movie career that spans nearly 200 films—be on the verge of a leading man career as the Latino Charles Bronson?

Trejo has completed his first film, the Gil Medina-directed Vengeance. Trejo self-financed that action vehicle and when he couldn’t get the deal he wanted at AFM, made a plan to give it away free to his fans for a $5 postage and handling fee. Trejo’s projects are now being handled by attorney (and former WME agent) Jeff Shumway, who is shopping a Vengeance sequel, as well as Ambition, an uplifting basketball project based around Utah Jazz star, Paul Millsap and his  uncle/agent DeAngelo Simmons, and Legends, which Trejo (who plays the title nightmarish figure) describes as a Goosebumps-like scary movie with a “morality lessons.” That is also directed by Medina, Trejo’s partner. While that film caters to the youth market who knows Trejo from … Read More »

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