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Stephen Collins Joins ‘Three Stooges’

By | Thursday May 5, 2011 @ 6:59pm PDT
Mike Fleming

Stephen Collins usually plays the nice guy types, but he’s the heavy in The Three Stooges, the Peter and Bobby Farrelly-directed comedy for 20th Century Fox. He plays Mr. Harter, who, teamed with Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara as the charming couple that adopts the slap happy trio, for less than benevolent reasons.

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EXCLUSIVE: SAG Natl Board To Consider “Affected Member Voting” This Weekend; Petition Drive Softens Original Proposal

sag_logo.jpgI’m told that the actors behind that SAG petition drive for ”affected member” voting have made what they’re calling a “significant change” in their proposal to soften its impact. As you know, DHD has been active in this debate by letting actors post their positions pro and con this idea of an earnings threshold for “qualified voting” on the union’s contract issues. Stephen CollinsAmy Brenneman and Ned Vaughn have written in favor while Ron Livingston and Frances Fisher have written in opposition. I’ve been told that the leading actors behind the petition drive have met with SAG president Alan Rosenberg about it. The new change in the proposal was outlined to supporters today in advance of the SAG National Board considering the petition this weekend. I’ve obtained the email:

“Our affected member voting proposal goes before the SAG National Board this weekend, April 12 & 13. In just four days, SAG will determine if actors’ contracts will be decided by those who work under them, or continue to be decided by those who don’t. This directly affects your livelihood, so please read on.

We’ve revised our proposal.

We recently invited over 80 visiting SAG and AFTRA board members to a reception in Century City to solicit their ideas about this concept. These reps – most from markets with far less work than Hollywood – listened with open minds and offered valuable feedback. The next day, AFTRA promised to appoint a special committee

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More Opinion Favoring SAG Petition Drive

By | Tuesday March 18, 2008 @ 8:54am PDT

collins.jpgHere’s another opinion piece written for me from an actor involved in the effort to get SAG to adopt a consistent “affected member” voting strategy, Stephen Collins. The petition drive signers want an earnings threshold requirement for ”qualified voting” on the union’s contract issues. I’ve been told that Amy Brenneman and Ned Vaughn and others met this month with SAG prez Alan Rosenberg about it. (For an opposing viewpoint, see Ron Livingston‘s):

“As one of the members who helped frame it, I’m hoping to clear up some confusion regarding the affected member voting proposal that over 1,300 SAG and AFTRA members are urging our unions to adopt. [The proposal, list of supporters, and other pertinent information are now available at]

“This proposal applies only to voting on contract ratification. Every member would still receive ballots for all other referenda (including strike authorization), as well as for board elections and elections of officers. Our proposal wouldn’t impact any other aspect of membership. Affected member voting is the only issue we’re dealing with. Negotiation timelines, or whether to strike are issues that may concern us individually, but this proposal has one simple purpose: to strengthen SAG and AFTRA by adopting a common-sense definition of an “affected” member.

“The standard we’ve proposed for voting on the TV/Theatrical contract isn’t elitist—it’s modest and reasonable, based on standard labor practice in and out of the entertainment industry. An average of 5 days of principal work or 15 days of background work

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