Are Studios Wasting Money On Their Super Bowl Ads?

It sure looks that way to Kantar Media’s SVP for Research Jon Swallen, who tracks the Super Bowl ad business closely. While other sponsors use the year’s most-watched TV event to showcase their funniest, most interesting, or most touching work, “nobody remembers (movie) commercials,” he says. “That’s because they run the same ads that they run all the time. In the Super Bowl it pales in comparison (to everything else) yet they pay the same money.” Last year no movie ad ranked among the 10 most watched, and re-watched, Super Bowl spots among TiVo owners, the DVR company reported. And the competition probably will be even tougher than usual in this Sunday’s game on NBC between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Swallen says we should see an increase in ads that will run a full minute or more. Madison Ave was impressed by the buzz Chrysler generated last year with its two-minute ode to Detroit featuring Eminem. Last year there were 10 ads lasting at least a minute, and they accounted for about 16% of all the spots, Kantar says. Read More »

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The Good, Bad, Ugly Super Bowl XLV Ads

Super Bowl XLV: Game Day For Movie Ads

(Live-blogging; refresh for updates): Christina Aguilera can’t remember the words to America’s National Anthem, the Super Bowl XLV was a … Read More »

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Super Bowl TV Spot: Fox’s ‘Terra Nova’

Nellie Andreeva

Here is a first look at Fox’s Steven Spielberg/Peter Chernin-produced prehistoric drama Terra Nova. The network just debuted the first promo  during the Super Bowl. Similar to the Avatar-flavored trailer shown at TCA, the new promo for the first time peeks at the show’s special effects, featuring a few shots of dinosaurs. Now Terra Read More »

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Super Bowl Spot: ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’

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Super Bowl Spot: ‘Transformers 3′

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Super Bowl Spot: J.J. Abrams’ ‘Super 8′

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Super Bowl Ad: Marvel’s ‘Captain America’

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Super Bowl Spot: Marvel’s ‘Thor’

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Super Bowl Spot: Fox Feature Toon ‘Rio’

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Super Bowl XLV: Game Day For Movie Ads

Universal, Disney, Paramount, and Sony have all bought time for Super Bowl Sunday on Fox which is selling a 30-second commercial for a whopping $3 million this year (up from $2.8 million in 2010). Many more films will be advertised on this … Read More »

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Super Bowl Spot: ‘Cowboys And Aliens’

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Sneak Peek Of Super Bowl Spot: ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: Stranger Tides’

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