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Comic-Con #10: ‘Green Lantern’ Panel

Luke Y Thompson is covering the Con for Deadline:

First up is Warner Bros’ GREEN LANTERN writer Geoff Johns, who says the week he spent on the movie set was the best week of his life. And we have some footage to see: The screen goes black, as a voice tells us we all have been selected, but before we can be recruited, we must be tested. Green swirling energy appears on the screen, as the voice tells us to focus our mind and “move the light with your will”. Then images: Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan holding the alien power ring. The purplish corpse of dying alien Abin Sur. Peter Sarsgaard’s head getting bigger and veinier. Blake Lively looking out the window. Voiceover of Reynolds uttering the familiar Green Lantern oath: “In brightest day, in blackest night…” Read More »

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Comic-Con #3: The ‘Megamind’ Panel

Luke Y Thompson is covering the Con for Deadline:

comicon 2010Director Tom McGrath is out first and says this is the first Dreamworks animated superhero movie. He always thinks the villains are the most fun, so he made a whole movie about the villain. He also mentions that at Comic-Con the villain costumes are the most fun too…

On cue, out comes Will Ferrell, painted blue, in a spandex Megamind costume, with a huge blue helmet that still has a barcode sticker on it. He’s carrying a box of 6 donuts. “I brought breakfast. I didn’t expect this many people.”

Now out comes Tina Fey, who also has donuts: 7-Select mini-donuts, in fact, which are the 7-11 brand. “Whomever I met at the hotel last night, you left your Admiral Ackbar costume in my room. I just wanna know if I can keep it.”

Adds Ferrell, appropriately, “It’s a trap!” Says he thought everyone on the panel was going to come in costume. Fey replies: “I did. My character’s a normal person.”

And here’s Jonah Hill! Now time to show a clip.

Unlike the trailer, which I found surprisingly funny (because the poster looked horrible to me, but the Superman spoofery plays well in the footage), this doesn’t have the origin story. Both Megamind and his arch-enemy, the heroic Metro Man (Brad Pitt) are the last sons of dying planets. But one is an arch-villain in large part due to his alien looks, while square-jawed Metro … Read More »

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Sony Views Screen Tests Of ‘Spider-Man’ Finalists; Decision Expected Shortly

Mike Fleming

spiderman21EXCLUSIVE: Sony’s Columbia Pictures is getting closer to finding its new Spider-Man. I On Friday, studio decision-makers viewed the screen tests of most of the young actors they are seriously considering to play Peter Parker in the Marc Webb-directed relaunch of Spider-Man.

I’m told that nobody has won the job yet. It is possible that more candidates will be added. But there is a strong list of actors who screen tested, and most likely the new Peter Parker is among them. I’m told that the candidates whose screen tests were viewed Friday are:  Jamie Bell (the Billy Elliot star who wrapped the Kevin Macdonald-directed The Eagle of the Ninth) , Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin, Kick-Ass’s Aaron Johnson, Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) and Alden Ehrenreich (Tetro). Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) and Michael Angerano (Lords of Dogtown) are also in the final list that the studio is working from. I’m not sure if Angarano tested. I’ve heard Dillane decided not to because he is likely headed to attend drama school at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

The studio wants to lock in its superhero soon, so that supporting roles can be cast around him. Production will begin before the year ends and the film has locked a July 3, 2012 release. The script by Jamie Vanderbilt is still being worked on, and (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb … Read More »

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’21′ Holds Winning Hand At Box Office; ‘Superhero’ Is Superflop; ‘Stop-Loss’ DOA

21_galleryposter.jpgSUNDAY AM: This weekend’s movie gross showed that Hollywood couldn’t revive the slumping box office during spring break even though 30% of students are out of school. No. 1 is Sony Pictures’s PG-rated based-on-a-true-story 21, which opened to a solid $8.6 million Friday and $9.6 million Saturday from 2,648 theaters. With Sunday estimates, that makes a better than expected $23.7M for the moderately budgeted pic (sources tell me it cost $35M). The casino card-counting caper suddenly came on strong tracking-wise these past two weeks to surprise everyone but the studio execs. A shocker was how weak the reviews were: only 22% positive among top critics on Rotten Tomatoes. But audiences craved the escapism. As a rival marketer gushed to me, “It is wish fulfilment in the truest sense of the phrase, this notion of a real person being able to beat the system, get the girl and live the life. The pic tapped into that really nicely.” I’m told the audience was broad based, drawing from all 4 quadrants — older and younger men and women, with 53% male and 47% female with 53% under the age of 25.

superheromovie_galleryposter.jpgIn its 3rd weekend in release, Fox’s Horton Hears A Who! continued playing strong in 3,826 dates for $5.2 million Friday and $7.3 million thanks to Saturday kiddie matinees to surge well past the all-important $100 million mark. It’s new cume is $117.2M after this weekend’s extra $17.4M because there was little else at the … Read More »

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