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Universal Announces 2016 Date For ‘The Best Man’ Threequel

Universal Announces 2016 Date For ‘The Best Man’ ThreequelMalcolm D. Lee is back to write and direct the third film in the series, which Universal has titled and slated for April 15, 2016. The studio says the ensemble cast is returning for The Best Man Wedding, which features the group getting back together for a most unexpected nuptials. The previous film in the franchise, $17 million sequel The Best Man Holiday, was a hit right out of the gate, scoring a $30 million opening in November. It was the fifth-largest bow for an R-rated romantic comedy, the second-highest for an urban romantic comedy and the sixth-biggest for an urban-themed film overall. It also received an A+ CinemaScore across all quadrants. Best Man Holiday and 1999′s The Best Man starred Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Regina Hall, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Harold Perrineau, Monica Calhoun and Melissa De Sousa. Sean Daniel also is returning to produce the threequel, which has the release date to itself for now.

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Universal, Malcolm D. Lee In Talks To Make ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Sequel After Monster Opening
By Mike Fleming Jr. EXCLUSIVE: After a rousing opening weekend that saw his sequel The Best Man Holiday gross over $30 million domestically, Malcolm D. Lee is negotiating a deal with Universal to write, direct and produce another installment of the hit ensemble romantic comedy.

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Hunger Games Catching Fire Box OfficeBox Office Top 10: ‘Catching Fire’s Global Opening Gross Will Hit $307.7 Million
By Mike Fleming Jr. – International numbers for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are pouring in now, and they are as good as the domestic numbers. The film has grossed $146.6 million in 63 territories, which puts its global opening weekend gross at $307.7 in 65 territories. Read More »

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Box Office Top 10: ‘Catching Fire’s Global Opening Gross Will Hit $307.7 Million

Mike Fleming

Hunger Games Catching Fire Box Office7TH UPDATE: The 1 PM football games are starting, so I will be brief. International numbers for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are pouring in now, and they are as good as the domestic numbers. The film has grossed $146.6 million in 63 territories, which puts its global opening weekend gross at $307.7 in 65 territories. That’s 45% better than the $211.8 million worldwide that The Hunger Games grossed in its opening weekend. That puts the film halfway to matching the $286.3 million international gross of that original film. It opened in the top spot in nearly all markets, more than doubling The Hunger Games in most markets according to Rentrak. Germany and Denmark tripled their opening weekend numbers while UK, Netherlands and Sweden were 2.5 times better. Russia was 1.5 times better than the original’s opening. Meanwhile WB’s Gravity opened to $35.5 million in China. Like I said, a good weekend for everyone except Carl Icahn.

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6TH UPDATE, 9:29 am PST: Well, Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hit the Saturday numbers Deadline reported in timely fashion for insomniacs, and the film is now expected to hit $161.1 million. Besides trouncing the competition, and beating Twilight Saga: Full Moon for biggest November opening, how does it rate for other records? According to Rentrak, here’s the deal: Catching Fire generated the 2nd best debut of 2013 behind Iron Man 3‘s $174.1 million; it marks the fourth best opening weekend of all time, trailing The Avengers‘ $207 million, Iron Man 3 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2‘s $169.2M. Catching Fire did better than The Dark Knight Rises $160.9 million. In IMAX, Catching Fire’s domestic weekend gross is an estimated $12.6M on 347 screens, also a record for November 3-day launch as it passed Skyfall‘s $12.5 million. It certainly positions the film to surpass the $408 million grossed domestically by the first film, given there’s a long holiday weekend coming up. Lionsgate gets two more bites at the apple, as it is telling the three-book tale in four movies in a blatant cash grab. I have yet to see where this dilution of a crackling three novel story benefits anyone other than the studio when it is stretched out into another film (I think it hurt The Twilight Saga, because the third installment, Bella’s pregnancy, was excruciating.) Author Suzanne Collins is in the mix on these films, so maybe they’ll add stuff. But if these authors wanted to tell trilogies in four installments, they would have written four books, right?

Analyzing far in Catching Fire‘s rear view mirror, the other major release, Delivery Man, didn’t deliver much at all as counter-programming. Maybe the film (studio insiders said it cost $22 million) would have fared better had it opened one week ago against The Best Man Holiday, because clearly Catching Fire consumed most of the oxygen this weekend. Maybe it would have been better to simply avoid such a competitive time period. Thor: The Dark World saw a 61% drop since last weekend, and The Best Man Holiday was off 58%, showing Catching Fire fatigue. How are the Oscar films faring? 12 Years A Slave is running out of steam, Dallas Buyers Club is working in core areas and breakout potential seems dubious. Nebraska bowed just okay and Book Thief a little less than that while Philomena got off to a more encouraging start. The next big family film, Disney’s Frozen, did great in one house and opens wide November 27. The other animation juggernaut, Despicable Me 2, got a bit of new life in 295 theaters, squeaking out $342,000. Speaking of the record books, the $76 million film is at $916.5 million worldwide gross. Universal’s all-time record holder is Jurassic Park, which grossed $118 million worldwide in a 3D re-release which put it just over the $1 billion mark. In order to crack that record, Despicable Me 2 will need to open in China, which should be in the cards but hasn’t yet been solidified. Here is an updated look at how the Top 10 films will finish the weekend:

1) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

PG-13/ Lionsgate/ New/ Runs: 4,163/ Friday: $70.1 million; Saturday: $52.8 million. Sunday: $36.9 million. Weekend Total: $160.6 million. Per-screen average: $36,586. Total domestic gross: $160.6 million. Read More »

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Universal, Malcolm D. Lee In Talks To Make ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Sequel After Monster Opening

By | Monday November 18, 2013 @ 6:50pm PST
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: After a rousing opening weekend that saw his sequel The Best Man Holiday gross over $30 million domestically, Malcolm D. Lee is negotiating a deal with Universal to write, direct and produce another installment of the hit ensemble romantic comedy. Sean Daniel is also in talks to come back and produce another film through his The Sean Daniel Company shingle. No word yet on locking in the ensemble cast. I don’t believe they have options on a third film, so clearly all of them will be looking for pay bumps. First, Lee has to write it. It took 14 years for Lee to come back with a sequel, but this one is going to happen much more quickly. He is rewriting to direct an untitled project for Fox Searchlight, but this clearly becomes a priority project for Universal.

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The $17 million sequel had the fifth-largest opening for an R-rated romantic comedy, the second-highest opening for an urban romantic comedy and the sixth-biggest opening for an urban-themed film overall. It also received an A+ CinemaScore across all quadrants. Lee is repped by Resolution and attorney Gordon Bobb of Dell, Shaw, Monves.

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Box Office Update: ‘Thor 2′ Hammers Past Predecessor In Global Gross

By | Sunday November 17, 2013 @ 5:38pm PST
Mike Fleming

5TH UPDATE: Considering that there was only one major new film in the marketplace, it has turned out to be a good weekend for the movie business. Before I get to the Top Ten, I hate to wear my heart on my sleeve, but like everyone else in America, I was completely captivated by the Batkid, and his crime fighting exploits accomplished in San Francisco after his cancer went into remission. It is a reminder that while there is plenty of cynicism in Hollywood, there is a reason this is called the Dream Factory that gives America heroes and hope. And the reaction by past Batman Christian Bale and future Batman Ben Affleck, well, if you are not touched, you should check yourself for a pulse.

Then there is Nebraska, which opened limited this week. What does it say when Paramount’s slate is chock full of films like World War Z and sequels of Star Trek and G.I. Joe, and by far the best film that studio has made is a $13 million black and white road trip movie with a former Saturday Night Live funnyman with no feature currency and a 77-year old forgotten actor who was dusted off by Alexander Payne to turn in the performance of a career that spans 53 years? Well, what it really says is this movie goes down as a total fluke. It was brought in by former Paramount Classics head Ruth Vitale, who’s long gone, but who bought it as a black and white project. The current Paramount brain trust probably gave this a harder time giving a green light than all of those other three films, but they did green light it and allowed Payne to make it his way, with Will Forte and Bruce Dern. The latter has staked a claim on a Best Actor nom at least. You would see him in a small dose in a film like All The Pretty Horses, and he pretty much lit up the screen and infused his characters with intelligence and integrity. Wait till you see what he does here, and how much this film benefits from being shot in glorious black and white.

My final observance of major box office news is our own news that we have brought Anita Busch into the Deadline fold. She will take over box office reporting and make it her own. I gotta be honest, I have to take off my shoes to count to 20, and I have no head for math. I have been filling in as best I can, while still breaking film stories and trying with Nellie Andreeva to change the narrative here and draw Deadline away from the expectation it will be a House of Hate, and instead a haven for fast breaking exclusive, attitude, sharp analysis and stylish writing. I think we’ve a major step in that direction with Anita, who understands this part of the business better than I do, and who will add insight when she takes over in early December. Nellie and I have been trying to get used to new roles. It has been daunting for me. The Wrap actually engaged some service to poll awareness of me, versus Nikki Finke. It was done about 28 minutes after Nellie and I took over, and it was comical, with an actual pie chart that shows I am lagging. For our entire run at Deadline, Nellie and I were happy to have Nikki Finke be the face and the galvanized presence. Neither of us have ever craved attention or had egos to feed, and we loved being able to simply be judged by what appeared under our bylines. As things settle down, it will be nice to get back to that and save the drama for the page.

On to Box Office.

Thor: The Dark World opened in Argentina, Paraguay and Hungary this weekend, and it still has yet to unveil in Italy and Japan. Its $38.4 million weekend (a 55% drop from last weekend) was eclipsed by the $52.5 million which the film grossed overseas (covering 94% of the world territories in which it will play) for a $90.1 million worldwide weekend take. That puts the film at $479 million globally, with a lot more to come. How did it compare with the original Thor? That pic grossed a total of $181 million domestic, so two weeks in the sequel has grossed 81% of its predecessor. The sequel has passed the global grosses of Captain America ($371 million) and Thor ($449 million). So those wondering if the sequel is measuring up, it has done 107% of the original Thor, and it is not near done. Read More »

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USA Today Makes Headlines – Unintentionally – With “Race-Themed” ‘Best Man Holiday’ Gaffe

By | Sunday November 17, 2013 @ 4:11pm PST

USA Today landed in hot water today by with a clumsily written headline that came off as polarizing to some readers. “Holiday Nearly Beat Thor as Race-Themed Films Soar,” USA Today headlined in its box office report, prompting many to spank the paper across social media. Many felt that while the cast is predominantly African American, Universal‘s sequel centers on relationships, not race. The uproar led USA Today to twice modify its headline. Mainstream media seems to have trouble characterizing a film like this, but maybe the simplest route is just call it a romantic comedy.

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Hot Trailer: ‘The Best Man Holiday’

By | Wednesday July 10, 2013 @ 10:04am PDT

Universal‘s 1999 hit The Best Man gets a sequel in The Best Man Holiday, which sees Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Harold Perrineau, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Monica Calhoun, Melissa De Sousa and Regina Hall reprise the roles that helped propel their careers 14 years ago. Writer-director Malcolm D. Lee (Undercover Brother, Roll Bounce, Scary Movie 5) made his debut with The Best Man and returns for the Christmas-set follow-up. Pic hits theaters November 15. Check out the trailer:

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‘The Best Man’ Sequel Gets A Title

By | Friday February 22, 2013 @ 2:55pm PST

Writer-director Malcom D. Lee’s sequel to his 1999 Universal Pictures hit The Best Man now has a title: The Best Man Holiday, which as previously reported will open November 15.

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Universal Dates ‘Best Man’ Sequel For November 15, 2013

By | Thursday November 1, 2012 @ 2:34pm PDT

We told you last year that Universal planned to make a sequel to its 1999 wedding-themed comedy The Best Man. Now the studio has a date for the untitled follow-up: November 15, 2013. Malcolm D. Lee, who wrote and directed the original, returns as writer-director, and he will also produce with newly added Sean Daniel, whose credits include The Mummy pics and the upcoming reboot. The first Best Man was about a writer (Taye Diggs) who is preparing to be the best man for his football player buddy (Morris Chestnut), but the timing is bad because the writer’s autobiographical novel is about to pop and it describes how the best man bedded the bride. Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan also starred. It grossed $35 million.

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