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‘The Nine Lives Of Chloe King’ Movie Script To Be Released Online

By | Wednesday September 11, 2013 @ 3:46pm PDT

ABC Family will take a page out of Showtime‘s book on Friday when it releases the script for The Nine Lives Of Chloe King: Salvation, a two-hour telefilm conclusion to the popular series that was cancelled in 2011 after one season. Fans can head online to Alloy Entertainment’s official site on Friday, September 13 at 9:13 AM PT for closure on the series about Chloe, a teenager with cat like powers who discovers she’s descended from an ancient race and must defend the human race from assassins. The film script by exec producer Dan Berendsen will wrap up loose ends and answer lingering questions about The Order, Whitley Rezza’s true motivations, Alek’s past and whether Meredith will finally learn about her daughter’s secret identity. Showtime paved the way for this kind of post-cancellation fan service last month when it released the unproduced screenplay for a Borgias movie as an e-book after that series ended.

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Neil Jordan’s Proposed Two-Hour ‘Borgias’ Finale Script To Be Released As E-Book

By | Monday August 12, 2013 @ 10:56am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

Some encouraging news for the fans behind the “Save The Borgias” campaign. Showtime just announced that it has teamed with The Borgias creator Neil Jordan to release The Borgia Apocalypse, an e-book based on Jordan’s original script for a two-hour finale he had submitted to the network. Weighing the costs, Showtime ultimately opted not to proceed with the movie, angering the costume drama’s fans who hired a plane to fly their message over the Beverly Hilton during Showtime’s recent TCA presentation. “We’re thrilled that the series’ loyal fans will have the opportunity to read Neil’s final farewell to one of history’s most infamous families,” Showtime said. In an interview with Deadline at the time of cancellation, Jordan gave a glimpse of his finale script. “I wanted a totally biblical ending, for the pope to burn in hell,” he said. He said he wrote the proposed two-hour closer with the pope dying and no one willing to hear his confession. When they finally find a confessor and the pope starts to repent his sins, the confessor interrupts him, saying, “I’m sorry, it’s too late, you’re already dead and burning in hell.” “This satisfies all moral feelings about the pope,” Jordan said. The Borgia Apocalypse will be available this week via major e-retailers.

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TCA: Showtime’s David Nevins On Ending ‘The Borgias’, Netflix’s Game, Bryan Zuriff

By | Tuesday July 30, 2013 @ 2:17pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

Fans of The Borgias took their Save The Show campaign to TCA, hiring a plane to hover over the Showtime-sponsored outdoor lunch today carrying a “Save The Borgias” banner addressed to Showtime and its entertainment president David Nevins. Nevins referenced the stunt during the network executive session, which followed. “I feel bad about the money being spent,” he said, adding that he also encountered what he described as a “paid protester” on his way in. Nevins also re-addressed the reasons for cancelling Borgias and scrapping the idea of a movie that would wrap up the story. “We looked hard at looking a two-hour finale but the economics didn’t make sense,” Nevins said. “It came to a good stopping point.”

Nevins also discussed emerging competitor Netflix. “Netflix is playing an interesting game, who knows who’s watching what,” He said, referring to Netflix’s refusal to share data about its viewership. “Ratings is a function of showmanship… It’s a rich time to be making premium television.” Read More »

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Showtime’s ‘Borgias’ To End Run After Three Seasons; Creator Neil Jordan On How He Planned To Wrap Story

By | Wednesday June 5, 2013 @ 12:27pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: The saga of The Borgias is coming to an end. The current third season of Showtime‘s medieval drama will be its last, with the June 16 season finale serving as series finale. Created by Neil Jordan, The Borgias stars Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander VI, the cunning, manipulative patriarch of the infamous Borgia dynasty, who builds an empire by bribing, buying and muscling his way into the papacy.

Related: Showtime’s ‘The Borgias’ Not Likely To Do Season 4, Might Wrap With Two-Hour Movie

The series was originally envisioned as going for four seasons, matching the run of predecessor The Tudors. But while filming a pivotal scene in the Season 3 finale, Jordan said Irons turned to him and told him that “this feels like the end of something, that the family has come to an end.” While mulling a potential fourth season, Jordan said he wasn’t sure he had enough material for 10 episodes and wasn’t sure whether Showtime would want to commit to another season either. ”As a compromise, I proposed to finish the arc of all the characters with a two-hour movie,” Jordan said, adding that Showtime commissioned the script and he wrote it. “When they looked at what it could cost, it was just too expensive,” he said. “Sadly, that’s what happened. I would have loved to bring all the characters to a conclusion. All of the actors were heartbroken we couldn’t continue, and so was I.” Jordan said he still likes where the story currently ends with the third season finale, especially for siblings Cesare and Lucrezia, and thanked Showtime for supporting  his vision. Read More »

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Showtime’s ‘The Borgias’ Not Likely To Do Season 4, Might Wrap With Two-Hour Movie

By | Tuesday May 7, 2013 @ 4:32pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

I hear that there is a strong possibility the current third season of Showtime‘s Borgias is the papal drama’s last as a regular series. No final decisions have been made, with Showtime brass expected to wait until Season 3 ends its run, but I hear the drama, created by Neil Jordan, is considering wrapping its story with a two-hour movie.

The Borgias producers originally envisioned the series starring Jeremy Irons as the cunning Pope Alexander VI as going for four seasons, matching the run of Showtime predecessor The Tudors. But during the recent launch campaign for Season 3, Jordan indicated that he had changed plans. “I would like to finish it with a two-hour movie,” he told the British press. “Another 10 episodes is kind of exhausting. I’ve mapped out a movie, which, if (Showtime brass) agree, will shoot in June with the same cast, and finally the Pope will die horribly.” I hear at the moment Showtime toppers are leaning toward not doing a fourth season of Borgias, though that may change as the series is gaining ratings momentum, The 10-episode third season launched on Showtime last month to 582,000 viewers, down slightly (4%) from the 2012 second season opener. But the most recent Episode 3 drew the biggest audience (674,000 viewers) and largest total night viewership (918,000) of the season. Some continuation of Borgias beyond Season 3 would be in line with Showtime entertainment president David … Read More »

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‘Nurse Jackie’ Up, ‘The Borgias’ Slightly Down In Return; ‘Mad Men’ Falls In Week 2

By | Tuesday April 16, 2013 @ 1:05pm PDT

Sunday saw the return of Showtime’s Nurse Jackie and The Borgias. Nurse Jackie, with new showrunner Clyde Phillips, opened its fifth season at 9 PM to 770,000 viewers. That’s up 18% from the 653,000 who watched the half hour dark comedy’s Season 4 debut at 9 PM on April 8, 2012. For the night, the premiere averaged a cumed 1.23 million viewers, up 10%. At 10 PM, the Jeremy Irons starrer The Borgias was back for its 10-episode third season. The 16th century-based Papal drama was watched by 582,000 viewers. That was down 4% from the 604,000 who tuned in for The Borgias’ second season launch on April 8, 2012.

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Over on AMC, it was the hangover after a season premiere for Mad Men. With 2.66 million watching the one-hour second week of Season 6 of the Sixties-era drama on Sunday, Mad Men took a sharp almost 20% fall from its April 7 show. The new season had started with 3.4 million tuning in for the two-hour premiere last week. Mad Men’s all-time most watched episode so far has been its Season 5 debut on March 25, 2012 which pulled in 3.5 million viewers.

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‘Backgammon’ Puts Cast On Board

By | Tuesday June 5, 2012 @ 1:31pm PDT

Backgammon has set its cast and stated production. The Borgias’ Noah Silver joins All My Children’s Brittany Allen, General Hospital’s Christian Alexander, Alex Beh and Rescue Me’s Olivia Crocicchia in the indie psychological relationship thriller. Production started today in Portland, Maine. Francisco Orvañanos is directing and he co-write the script with Todd Niemi and R.B. Russell based on Russell’s novella Bloody Baudelaire. Orvañanos and Chris B. Moore are producing for 3:1 Cinema and Fischer Productions. Read More »

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Showtime’s ‘The Borgias’ Renewed For Third Season

By | Friday May 4, 2012 @ 11:27am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

The Borgias Renewed ShowtimeFour episodes into its second season, Showtime‘s Renaissance drama The Borgias has been renewed for a 10-episode third season to premiere in 2013. Production is slated to begin this summer in Budapest. The second season of The Borgias launched with 604,000 viewers, down 43% from last year’s series debut. (The premiere’s total has since grown to 2.6 million.) Still, the Jeremy Irons-starring drama is the most watched of Showtime’s current lineup: In its most recent airing, it drew 579,000 viewers at 10 PM, vs. 474,000 for Nurse Jackie and 429,000 for The Big C. There is no word on the fate of those two comedies, with Nurse Jackie‘s chances looking better. The pickup brings The Borgias closer to the producers’ goal to wrap the story in four seasons, as revealed at TCA last summer. It also comes on the heels of the competing European-produced Borgia series being renewed for a second season. Read More »

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Showtime’s ‘Nurse Jackie’ Slightly Up In Return, ‘The Big C’ & ‘The Borgias’ Down

By | Monday April 9, 2012 @ 3:50pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

Moving from Monday to Sunday, Showtime’s dark comedy Nurse Jackie opened its fourth season with 653,000 viewers at 9 PM last night, up 7% from last season’s premiere. Meanwhile, fellow dark comedy The Big C, which also switched from Mondays to Sundays, dropped 35% to 581,000 viewers for its third season premiere at 9:30 PM. At 10 PM, the second season of The Borgias launched with 604,000 viewers, down 43% from last year’s series debut. Showtime notes that all 3 series have been available online prior to their premieres, with the second season opener of The Borgias amassing 1.13 million views, though it is unclear how many of those watching were Showtime subscribers.

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‘Borgias’ Producer Sees It Running Four Seasons: TCA

By | Thursday January 12, 2012 @ 3:00pm PST

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

Executive producer James Flynn sees the Showtime period drama series The Borgias as running “ideally four seasons,” he told reporters at a TCA session this morning. “That would be the plan. That would be the ambition,” he said. (A four-season run would mirror that of The Borgias‘ predecessor, The Tudors). “Of course, we can always go beyond that with Pope Julius and his reign.” The series stars Jeremy Irons as the late-15th century Pope Alexander VI and tells the story of he and his family members as something akin to mob figures. The series embarks on its second season later this year. “It seems to me that we are not yet even halfway through Alexander’s reign,” Irons said of his Pope character. “He was there for 12 years, and there is an enormous wealth of material available to us. So I could see us going (much longer).” Earlier in the day, Showtime’s programming chief David Nevins touted Season 2 as “bigger,” featuring “more action, going in more directions.” Read More »

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EMMYS: Drama Series Director Handicap

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s 2011 Emmy coverage. Here’s his scorecard assessing the Outstanding Drama Series Director race.

Martin Scorsese, Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

Why He Was Nominated: What, are you kidding? Had Martin Scorsese not been nominated for having directed the pilot of HBO’s Prohibition-themed mob epic Boardwalk Empire, the embarrassment would have been never-ending. The legendary director has eight Oscar nominations (and a lone win in 2007 for The Departed) to his credit along with three Emmy noms (including three this year). Most important, he’s Martin Scorsese. That’s really all you need to know.
Why He Has To Win: For so many reasons. Start with the fact that, of Scorsese’s five previous Emmy noms, he won none. There’s an oversight that the TV Academy seemingly needs to correct. He’s coming off of a DGA Award triumph for Boardwalk. He’s a universally revered filmmaker and human being. And the competition, while it includes a fellow Oscar winner, isn’t overwhelming. Of course, even if it were, it wouldn’t matter. As one series director told me, “There are a lot of things I can imagine, but Martin Scorsese losing here isn’t one of them.”
Why He Can’t Possibly Win: This would only be possible had Scorsese’s name inadvertently been omitted from the voting ballot. There is a slight possibility that the Boardwalk vote could be split given the fact there are a pair of nominees, but probably not. The fact the series premiere happened a year ago also could lose him a few votes. But not many. Read More »

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Showtime Picks Up ‘Nurse Jackie’ For 4th Season, Cancels ‘United States Of Tara’

By | Monday May 23, 2011 @ 10:38am PDT
Nellie Andreeva

Showtime has renewed dark comedy series Nurse Jackie for a fourth season. Meanwhile, it’s the end of the road for fellow comedy United States of Tara, which is being canceled after three seasons. Additionally, Showtime’s drama The Borgias, which has already been renewed for a second season, wrapped its freshman run last night.

Nurse Jackie, which earned star Edie Falco an Emmy last year, is created, written and executive produced by Liz Brixius and Linda Wallem, with Richie Jackson also executive producing. While not a runaway hit, the series has averaged 762,000 viewers on Monday night and 2.8 million weekly viewers so far this season. (For comparison, Season 4 of Showtime’s Californication averaged 2.4 million weekly viewers. The freshman season of breakout comedy The Big C drew 3.5 million)

Tara, which also won star Toni Collette an Emmy, has been sliding in the ratings, fueling speculation over the past couple of months that its current third season will be its last. Season to date, the series has averaged 326,000 viewers in its Monday 10:30 PM slot, down from 558,000 for Season 2. Its weekly viewership has dropped from 2.7 million last season to 1.9 million. With 3.3 million weekly viewers, The Borgias‘ first season outperformed the highest-rated season of The Tudors by 20%. In its season finale last night, The Borgias drew 810,000 viewers at 10 PM and … Read More »

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Showtime Renews Drama Series ‘The Borgias’ For Second Season

By | Monday April 25, 2011 @ 3:22pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

The Borgias will be back. Showtime today renewed the costume drama starring Jeremy Irons for a second season with a 10-episode order. The series, from creator Neil Jordan, debuted earlier this month with 1.06 million viewers, the pay-cable network’s largest premiere audience for a drama series in seven years. (The cumed audience for the pilot across multiple platforms has reached 3.71 million). As it moved from 9 PM to 10 PM after the premiere, the original-airing ratings dipped, but the averages over multiple runs have remained consistent and, season-to-date, The Borgias, set in Renaissance Italy, is pacing ahead of the highest-rated season of Showtime’s previous period drama, The Tudors. Showtime had already commissioned additional scripts, which are being written by Jordan. Production of Season 2 will begin in the summer for a 2012 premiere. “Neil Jordan’s cleverly crafted tale of a 15th century papal family has proven quickly addictive,” Showtime’s entertainment president David Nevins said. “It’s a tribute to his incredible skills as an auteur and to the extraordinary cast led by Jeremy Irons that this show fits so seamlessly into our line-up of quality shows.” Read More »

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MIPTV: Optimism Returns To The Croisette As International Co-Prods And Indies Rise

By | Wednesday April 6, 2011 @ 11:06pm PDT

Kate Bulkley is covering MIPTV at Cannes for Deadline

After several years of doom and gloom, things look brighter at MIPTV this year with ramped-up demand for series and big-event programming, says Jan Mojto, whose EOS companies, including Beta Film, specialize in event productions. “For the first time in two years, we are really hearing nothing about (bad) economics,” he said. “The broadcasters need more and they I think are willing to pay more, at least that is what we hope. Certainly there is a better spirit than last year here.” Read More »

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Cable Ratings: Strong Starts For ‘Camelot’, ‘The Killing’, ‘The Kennedys’ & ‘The Borgias’

By | Monday April 4, 2011 @ 1:50pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

UPDATED: This past weekend offered a flurry of cable premieres, including The Killing on AMC, The Borgias on Showtime, Camelot on Starz and miniseries The Kennedys on ReelzChannel. The ratings for all four came in strong, with two, The Kennedys and Camelot, setting all-time records for their networks.

The Killing averaged 2.7 million viewers in its original 9 PM airing, 891,000 of them in the 18-49 demographic. For the night, the murder mystery drama averaged 4.7 million total viewers, including encores at 11PM and 1 AM, 1.5 million in 18-49. The Killing was the second-most-watched series premiere for AMC behind The Walking Dead, which is No. 1 by a wide margin with the 5.3 million viewers (3.6 million in 18-49) it drew in October.

Showtime’s premiere of The Borgias posted the pay cable network’s largest premiere audience for a drama series in seven years. The costume drama starring Jeremy Irons averaged 1.06 million viewers at 9 PM (vs. 1.11 million for record holder Dead Like Me seven years ago) and 1.49 million for the 9 PM and 11 PM airings combined. The Borgias‘ debut was up 22% from the premiere of Showtime’s first big period drama, The Tudors, which The Borgias succeeded. It also surpassed the January premiere of Shameless (982,000), which at the time was Showtime’s most-watched drama series premiere since Dead Like Me.

Read More »

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TCA: Jeremy Irons Had a Blast Playing the Tony Soprano of Renaissance-Era Italy

By | Friday January 14, 2011 @ 2:39pm PST

From Ray Richmond, who is contributing to Deadline Hollywood’s TCA coverage:

There’s no mystery where Showtime is taking its marketing orders from in promoting its forthcoming historical costume drama series The Borgias that premieres April 3. The tagline hypes it as “the original crime family,” documenting life in the Italian Renaissance of the late 1400s and the corrupt rule of Rodrigo Borgia, who would become Pope in 1492. As he described during a TCA session this afternoon, the man playing the Borgia patriarch, Jeremy Irons, saw the notorious Rodrigo as “a pretty good guy doing the best he can.”

Irons continued, “It was an interesting time. There were murders every night. Poisonings most weekends. Incest here, sodomy there. It was a good old rolling, rollicking society. If you’re going to run that as a Pope tends to do, you’re going to have to play by some set of rules. I don’t judge him at all. I think it’s up to the audience to say what is good, what is wrong, what’s right. There are huge parallels today to how things were back then as far as what people get up to and what they do to get their way. I don’t think anything has changed really. I played him as someone who thought he was a pretty good guy. I’m sure George W. Bush thought he was a good guy, too. Stalin probably liked himself.”

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TV TEASER: Showtime’s ‘Borgias’

By | Tuesday December 7, 2010 @ 2:00pm PST
Nellie Andreeva

Here is a trailer for Showtime’s upcoming costume drama The Borgias set in Renaissance Italy and starring Jeremy Irons. It will launch next year, with the network yet to set an exact premiere date.

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January Premiere Dates For Showtime’s ‘Shameless’, ‘Episodes’ & ‘Californication’

Nellie Andreeva

showtime_logoShowtime has announced January premiere dates for new drama series Shameless, new comedy series Episodes and the fourth season of Californication. Shameless, John Wells and Paul Abbott’s adaptation of Abbott’s British series, will debut on Sunday, Jan. 9 at 10 PM. It stars William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum. Episodes, from David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, will premiere on Jan 10 at 10:30 PM. The series, about a British couple trying to adapt their hit British series in the U.S., stars Matt LeBlanc. The fourth season of Californication, starring David Duchovny as hedonistic novelist Hank Moody, will unspool on Jan. 10 at 10 PM, leading into the debut of Episodes. In addition to Shameless and Episodes, Showtime has one more new series in the hopper greenlighted by outgoing entertainment president Bob Greenblatt, period drama The Borgias.

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