Comedy Central’s Fake News ‘The Daily Show’ Makes Real News With Interview

Will The Daily Show With Jon Stewart have a harder time getting those amusing what-were-they-thinking interviews going forward after one such interview cost a guy his job this week, causing an eruption of headlines and reports across the TV-news landscape? In what may be a Daily Show first, North Carolina county precinct GOP chair, and GOP executive committee member, Don Yelton had to resign after giving an interview in a little segment called, “Aasif Mandvi investigates non-racist fallout from the Supreme Court’s destruction of the Voting Rights Act.” Mandvi sat down with Yelton on Wednesday night to discuss efforts to pass new voter-identification requirements into his state — a requirement that many critics argue will subdue voter turnout in the state. “The law is going to kick the Democrats in the butt,” Yelton said. “If it hurts a bunch of college kids too lazy to get up off their bohonkas and go get a photo ID, so be it. If it hurts a bunch of whites, so be it….If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it.” (Watch the interview below.) Read More »

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VIDEO: Jon Stewart On Glenn Beck’s Exit

Nellie Andreeva

Jon Stewart channeled Glenn Beck in his send-off of the departing Fox News anchor (and favorite punching bag) on The Daily Show last night.

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Jon Stewart Gives James Franco Oscar Hosting Advice

Nellie Andreeva

Newly minted Academy Award nominee James Franco was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night and sought advice from the former Oscar host for his upcoming debut as Oscar co-host alongside Anne Hathaway. Here is what Stewart told him: “Go at it with the attitude that you’re above … Read More »

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Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Merge Rallies And Get Support From Oprah

Nellie Andreeva

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart and “surprise guest” Stephen Colbert announced they are merging their dueling October 30 Washington, DC rallies – Rally to Restore Sanity and March to Keep Fear Alive — into one, Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Via satellite, Oprah Winfrey threw her support and, … Read More »

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Comedy Central Will Carry Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert’s DC Rallies Live

Nellie Andreeva

The Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert revolution will be televised – the comedians’ dueling October 30 Washington, DC rallies: Rally to Restore Sanity and March to Keep Fear Alive, will be broadcast live on Comedy Central and streamed live online. Stewart made the announcement on The Daily Show last night (video below). … Read More »

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Jon Stewart Thinks Ex-CNNer Rick Sanchez Should Replace Steve Carell On ‘The Office’

Nellie Andreeva

Daily Show host Jon Stewart had a field day at Rick Sanchez’ expense last night, devoting a third of his show to the CNN anchor who lost his job on Friday after calling Stewart a bigot on satellite radio. The best part is a cleverly edited video showing the similarities between … Read More »

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VIDEO: News Corp’s $1M Donation To GOP

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
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