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‘Green Hornet 3D’ Tops MLK Long Weekend With $40.5M; ‘Dilemma’ Disastrous $20.6M

SATURDAY PM/SUNDAY AM: This was a tough weekend at the box office for one new major studio tentpole opening on a long Martin Luther King weekend but not for another which met the lower end of expectations. The 4-day holiday overall is looking -25% down from last year’s:

1. The Green Hornet 3D (Sony Pictures) NEW [3,584 Theaters]
Friday $11.1M, Saturday $12.7M
Estimated 3-Day Weekend $34M, Estimated 4-Day Holiday $40.5M

Saturday’s take was up +15% from Friday’s, which relieved Sony fears tonight. It seemed a miracle that this much bad-buzzed big movie that’s a modern adaptation of the old radio series about the legendary action duo – Britt Reid (with the unorthodox casting of Seth Rogen) and his resourceful Kato (with Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou) not to mention their coolly equipped The Black Beauty – was tracking very well for weeks now. But then rival studios emailed me Friday that The Green Hornet was surprisingly underperforming. Sony execs disagreed. They said things could have been worse at the box office Friday but the West Coast was “pushing it way up” with late shows. And just as they predicted, Saturday’s number jumped. Friday’s post midnight screenings were light — $550K on 700 plays — because Sony didn’t push them. Meanwhile, The Green Hornet earned a “B+” CinemaScore overall but an ”A-” among audience members under age 25. The audience skewed male (61%) vs female (39%) and age was evenly split over and under 25 (50%).

The debut is the 2nd highest opening ever for a film ever released during the 4-day holiday weekend in January and the … Read More »

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Comic-Con #7: Sony ‘Green Hornet’ Panel

Luke Y Thompson is covering the Con for Deadline:

Seth Rogen comes out. “I’m sorry if you were expecting Ryan Reynolds” (who’s in Warner Bros’ Green Lantern.) Introduces footage that expands on the trailer we’ve seen, where Rogen plays a drunken newspaper heir whose father dies suddenly, and becomes a hero when his father’s Asian chauffeur Kato (Jay Chou, stepping in for Bruce Lee) turns out to be an expert in combat. New scenes include Kato removing a beer bottle cap in such a way that it flies like a bommerang… Rogen saying  that Kato’s autobiography should be called ‘Balls Deep In Shit-Kickin’ Dudes,’… Kato insisting on “no tights” … Rogen deciding his hero identity should be “the green bee,” which a room full of friends agree is lame (they prefer “hornet” though he still tries to put it to a vote and get “bee”)… Christoph Waltz yelling “Nothing green should survive the night!”… Rogen accidentally shooting himself with gas gun (next thing he knows, he’s out for 31 days)… This clip was not in 3-D. Read More »

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