‘Sunny,’ ‘League,’ and ‘Totally Biased’ Populate FXX

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia scored about 757,000 viewers in its season debut on FXX last night at 10 PM – fumbling nearly 300,000 viewers compared to its previous season debut on FX network. But, the … Read More »

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‘The League’s Jon Lajoie Taps Into Inventive Use Of Kickstarter Funding

By | Thursday May 30, 2013 @ 7:41am PDT
Mike Fleming

Jon Lajoie, one of the leads of the FX series The League, becomes the latest celebrity to try and exploit his fan base by using Kickstarter to empower a passion project. Only here, the passion project is Lajoie’s personal bank account. Now, even though this is played … Read More »

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FX’s ‘It’s Always Sunny’, ‘The League’ & ‘Legit’ Renewed, Will Move To FXX

Nellie Andreeva

Three of FX’s comedy series — flagship It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The League and Legitwill help launch new sibling FXX (formerly Fox Soccer), along with late-night show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Read More »

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FX’s ‘The League’ Renewed For Fifth Season

By | Thursday December 20, 2012 @ 9:46am PST
Nellie Andreeva

Ahead of tonight’s hourlong Season 4 finale of The League, FX has renewed the fantasy football league comedy series for a fifth season with a 13-episode order. “The League is flat-out one of the funniest shows on television,” said FX’s EVP Original Programming Nick Grad. “Another season was an easy decision and we hope to have it on our schedule for many more years to come.” On a first-run basis, Season 4 is averaging 1.63 million total viewers and 1.45 million adults 18-49. On a multi-run total basis, the fourth season is delivering about 2.43 million Total Viewers and 2.09 million Adults 18-49 per week. “It’s a dream job — we get to make a show we love with a brilliant cast on a fearless network,” said Jackie Schaffer, who co-created the series with husband Jeff Schaffer. “If the Mayans and Dirty Randy are right and the world ends tomorrow, at least we can say we made it to Season 5.” Read More »

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FX Sued For Copyright Infringement Over ‘The League’

By | Monday September 17, 2012 @ 4:07pm PDT

Writers Joseph Balsamo and Peter Ciancarelli say the network ripped off The League from their The Commissioner. In a nine-page civil complaint (read it here) filed last week in New York, the pair claim FX and League co-creator-executive producer Jeff Schaffer, also named as a defendant, lifted significant elements of the duo’s series about a group of friends who form a fantasy football league. “Given the numerous and striking similarities between the two works, there can be no dispute that defendants Schaffer and/or FX had access to and copied protectable elements of the treatment,” the suit says. The suit then outlined 10 similarities between the two works. The plaintiffs filed Commissioner with the WGA back in 2006 and put the script online soon afterwards in an effort to attract attention. The League, created by Schaffer and wife Jackie Marcus Schaffer (who is not named as a defendant), has been on FX since October 2009.

Related: FX Renews ‘The League’ For Fourth Season Read More »

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Showrunners Q&A: ‘The League’ On FX

By | Wednesday December 14, 2011 @ 4:01am PST

Jeff and Jackie Schaffer, the showrunners for FX’s The League, had to deal with an NFL lockout which delayed production of the 3rd season episodes of their comedy about a group of friends obsessed with fantasy football. Then the October 6th season premiere, with guest star Seth Rogen, was the show’s most-watched telecast ever for women 18-34 and its third most-watched among total viewers. FX has just renewed The League for a fourth season. The Schaffers talked to Deadline contributor Diane Haithman the day after this season’s premiere:

DEADLINE: OK, I have to admit major sports ignorance - how do you play fantasy football?
JACKIE SCHAFFER: We’re always happy to explain it, because clearly we’re obsessed.
JEFF: Fantasy football is actually an amazing American pastime, because it takes the ultimate team sport, NFL and football, and turns it into the quest for individual achievement. Your fantasy team can be pulled from any team in the NFL. You can have Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, but you can also have Matt Forte, the running back of the Chicago Bears. And how they do is how you do. If your running back scores a touchdown, you get those six points. And you play head to head with the other people in your league. What this is really about is gloating and bragging rights. The heart of every league is the message board where you can just trash-talk and dredge up any embarrassing thing about any of your friends since you guys were in high school. That’s what we always say about the show: You don’t have to like fantasy football, you just have to have friends that you hate. Fantasy football leagues become a social unit. It’s a way for old friends, high school friends, or people at work, or families to get together.  It’s like a book club, except you would never tell people in your book club to take a ride on your suck stick.

DEADLINE: Why did you think fantasy sports would make a good comedy series?
JEFF: We thought it would be an opportunity to explore what friends are really like, especially friends with deep history. It doesn’t matter if you are now a successful doctor or lawyer, your friends are going to dredge up stuff you did when you were 13 and will never live down, and what better way to do that than in the form of fantasy football?
JACKIE: In the television business, I don’t think anyone will let you go in and pitch a show unless you use the words ‘organizing principle’ or ‘this is the prism through which we see their lives’. Everything needs a hook. This is something that provides a great way to see people interact.  Every week, because there’s a game to be won and rankings, there are always winners and losers. Watching people experience victory and defeat week after week in different combinations is a great dynamic for the show.

DEADLINE: Do enough people play fantasy football to make this a viable TV series?
JEFF: People always say to us: ‘It’s such a niche show’. But 35 million people aren’t a niche. There aren’t 35 million doctors or lawyers or priests that solve crimes, but there are plenty of shows about them. Whether you are in a league or not, everyone knows someone who is in one or acting like a maniac during a meaningless game because they want to beat their friends.
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FX Renews ‘The League’ For Fourth Season

By | Tuesday December 13, 2011 @ 1:32pm PST
Nellie Andreeva

FX has picked up a fourth season of The League with a 13-episode order. The comedy series is hitting series-high ratings across the board in its current third season. It is averaging 1.7 million total viewers and 1.5 million … Read More »

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TCA: ‘The League’ Producers Reveal “Plan B” For Season 3 If NFL Season Was Called Off

Nellie Andreeva

How did the producers of FX’s comedy The League spent their recent hiatus? Praying that there will be a football season as their show revolves around a fantasy football league and working on a contingency plan in case the NFL and the players didn’t come to deal. “Plan B revolved around the guys losing their minds,” co-creator Jeff Schaffer said during a TCA panel for the show today. “Poor Andre (Paul Scheer) would’ve put all of his heart and soul into Fantasy NBA,” a reference to another professional sport whose season is in jeopardy.  “The truth is … we prayed that there would be football, we desperately, desperately wanted there to be football, and we waited. And we waited and waited. FX was cool with us pushing our shooting date and the airdate so that we could make sure (there will be a football season).” With the labor dispute resolved just recently, the series is now so early in production on Season 3 that some of the footage in the promo reel shown was shot last night, Schaffer said. The uncertainty surrounding the NFL season over the past few months will be reflected on the show. “The lockout will be addressed front and center in the Oct. 6 season premiere — along with all of their opinions about it,” said co-creator Jackie Marcus Schaffer. The premiere also will feature Seth Rogen playing Rafi’s (Jason Mantzoukas) much-talked-about (but never seen) infamous friend Dirty Randy. Read More »

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TCA: FX’s John Landgraf Not Discouraged By ‘Lights Out’, ‘Terriers’ Ratings Woes

From Ray Richmond, who is contributing to Deadline Hollywood’s TCA coverage:

In the final executive session of the TCA confab in Pasadena on Saturday morning, FX president and GM John Landgraf acknowledged that he’s disappointed in the ratings for the … Read More »

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CABLE RATINGS RAT RACE: High Start For FX’s ‘It’s Always Sunny’ & ‘The League’

Nellie Andreeva

How often does a scripted series hit an all-time ratings high in Season 6? Well, FX’s comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia just did it with its sixth season premiere last night. Also breaking series records was the network’s comedy The League, which opened its second season behind Sunny. At … Read More »

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TCA: It’s Possible To Shoot Comedy Series In 3 1/2 Days, ‘The League’ Producers Say

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadine’s TCA coverage.

Six episodes. Twenty days. That was the decidedly accelerated time frame of shooting last year on the FX fantasy football comedy The League, admitted co-creator Jeff Schaffer at a panel promoting the show’s second season premiere (it has 13 episodes this time) in … Read More »

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FX Sets Fall Premiere Dates

Nellie Andreeva

fx_logo_150FX is taking a jump on fall season, rolling out its fall premieres in the two weeks before the broadcast networks unleash their new/returning series. Biker drama Sons of Anarchy returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, Sept. 7, … Read More »

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