Frank Spotnitz To Adapt Ridley Scott-Produced Mini ‘The Man In The High Castle’

The miniseries adaptation of The Man In The High Castle was originally announced as a project back in 2010. At the time, the four-parter based on Philip K Dick‘s novel, was to be … Read More »

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Scott Free Speaks ‘Pigeon English’

EXCLUSIVE: Ridley Scott and Tony Scott’s production company has optioned Pigeon English, a debut novel by Brit writer Stephen Kelman that Bloomsbury is due to publish on March 23rd. The BBC has commissioned the script of this television movie, one … Read More »

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Ridley Scott Returns To Philip K Dick 28 Years After Directing ‘Blade Runner’

He’s producing a new 4-hour miniseries based on Dick’s The Man In The High Castle for the BBC. Howard Brenton, the British playwright who’s also written for Spooks/MI-5, is adapting the Hugo Award-winning novel. Headline Pictures is also producing with Electric Shepherd Productions, the production arm of Philip K Dick’s estate, and Scott’s production company Scott Free. Fremantle Media, which handles The X Factor, will sell the 4 hour-long episodes overseas. Dick’s novel is a science fiction alternate history, depicting a world in which the Axis powers — Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany — triumphed over the Allies in the Second World War. Fremantle is developing the TV miniseries for BBC1. Read More »

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