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Bravo Gears Up For ‘Queen Of Versailles’ April 29th Premiere: NBC Press Day

By | Monday April 22, 2013 @ 12:00pm PDT

Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage.

Billionaire wife Jackie Siegel was on hand this morning for Bravo’s panel promoting the April 29th premiere of the surprise box-office hit doc The Queen Of Versailles, the DGA Award-nominated feature from photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield that made its original mark at the 2012 Sundance Fest. (The film earned Greenfield that festival’s best director prize.) Greenfield said the film wound up at Bravo by design and that selling to Magnolia Pictures for theatrical and Bravo for TV was “our dream scenario.” It traces the story of Jackie and David Siegel, who are building their outrageously ostentatious dream home in Florida when the economy crashes in 2008. The home, modeled after France’s famed Palace of Versailles, was to be 90,000 square feet and include 10 kitchens, a bowling alley, a 6,000-square-foot master suite, two tennis courts and a roller rink. It’s designed to be the largest home in America, dwarfing even the famed Spelling estate. The film left the impression that construction might be permanently derailed. But Jackie Siegel assured this morning in Pasadena that it’s back on track. Construction resumed four months ago, and the plan is now to have the first phase completed in two years in time for her husband’s 80th birthday. Read More »

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‘The Queen Of Versailles’, ‘Hara-Kiri’, ‘Well Digger’s Daughter’, ’30 Beats’, ‘Shut Up And Play The Hits’ Debut: Specialty Box Office

Specialty Preview: ‘Queen Of Versailles,’ ‘Well-Digger’s Daughter’

Magnolia Pictures’ Sundance doc from lauren Greenfield, The Queen Of Versailles, opened by cashing in among the specialties, grossing $54K with a regal $18K average in 3 theaters over the weekend. has picked up a good amount of attention from morning TV and other shows. The documentary’s subjects — a mega-wealthy couple called “1-percenters” who live a life of reckless luxury but then face a day of reckoning — appear to be the film’s best marketers, perhaps inadvertently. It will expand into San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, San Diego, Atlanta, and Philadelphia next Friday, and then widen into another 10 to 15 markets on August 3rd. By the way, there’s an ongoing lawsuit over the film. Another opener, Tribeca Films’ Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai, was in a pair of locations and averaged $6,138. The company called it a “very solid” start for Takashi Miike’s release. At NYC’s IFC Center, the film grossed an estimated $10,272 for the weekend. Initially limited by opening on just a 60-seat screen, the film was quickly promoted to a larger 110-seat screen where it had multiple evening sell-outs. In LA’s Downtown Independent, it grossed $2,000 for the weekend, resulting in a overall per screen average of $6,138. Tribeca is set to bring the title to major markets including Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco over the next few weeks, with more dates to be added soon. Kino Lorber Films opened The Well Digger’s Daughter in two New York theaters and one in Seattle, averaging a milder $4,333. The distributor of Daniel Auteuil’s French-language update of Marcel Pagnol’s work was counter-programming Batman for older audiences and had a “solid debut”. Kino Lorber chief Richard Lorber caught wind of The Well-Digger’s Daughter after speaking with French sales outfit Pathé ahead of the American Film Market last year. Then Kino Lorber worked with French cultural institute Alliance Francaise to spread the word. It grossed $13,000 from New York’s Quad Cinema and the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Elinor Bunin Theatre, as well as at Landmark’s Varsity in Seattle. It will quickly expand next Friday to LA, San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia, with many more markets to follow in August and September. Shut Up And Play The Hits from Oscilloscope opened for a one-night-only release on limited showtimes on Wednesday, with select encore shows added on Thursday due to demand. “The film played to capacity in the top 20 markets with nearly every show selling out,” the company said. In all, it played on 161 theaters and made $378K with an average of $2,353. More showings are being added.

Fox Searchlight over the weekend expanded Sundance feature winner Beasts Of The Southern Wild (from its strong opening one month ago). Cohen Media Group’s Farewell My Queen reigned strongly in its second week. Indomina’s The Imposter remained in 1 theater in its second round, still grabbing audiences with a healthy average. Sundance Selects expanded its India-set feature Trishna into 15 additional locations. And The Weinstein Company’s Easy Money stayed in two theaters in its second weekend and only dropped -38% from its opening:


30 Beats (Roadside Attractions) NEW [15 Theaters] R
Weekend $8,665, Average $578

Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai 3-D (Tribeca Film) NEW [2 Theaters]
Weekend $12,275, Average $6,138

The Queen Of Versailles (Magnolia) NEW [3 Theaters] PG
Weekend $54K, Average $18K

The Well Digger’s Daughter (Kino Lorber Films) NEW [2 Theaters] NR
Weekend $13K, Average $4,333

Shut Up And Play The Hits (Oscilloscope) Week 1 – July 18/19 [161 Theaters]
Weekdays $378K, Average $2,353

Returning / 2nd Weekend

Farewell My Queen (Cohen Media Group) Week 2 [11 Theaters]
Weekend $96,910, Average $8,810, Cume $201K

2016 Obama’s America (Rocky Mountain Pictures) Week 2 [4 Theaters]
Weekend $33,020K, Average $8,255, Cume $80K

The Obama Effect (AMC) Week 2 [21 Theaters] PG13
Weekend $6K, Average $286, Cume $103K

Easy Money (The Weinstein Company) Week 2 [2 Theaters]
Weekend $15,256, Average $7,628, Cume $52K

The Imposter (Indomina) Week 2 [1 Theater]
Weekend $12,246K, Average $12,246, Cume $43K

Omerta (Alliance Vivafilm) Week 2 [82 Theaters]
Weekend $257K, Average $3,137, Cume $1.3M

Red Lights (Millennium Entertainment) Week 2 [2 Theaters]
Weekend $2,760, Average $1,380, Cume $17K

Trishna (Sundance Selects) Week 2 [16 Theaters]
Weekend $40K, Average $2,500, Cume $89K

Union Square (Dada Films) Week 2 [2 Theaters] Weekend $2,527, Average $1,263, Cume $26,890

Holdovers / 3rd And More Weekends

Runaway Slave (Rocky Mountain Pictures) Week 3 [1 Theater]
Weekend $751, Average $751, Cume $11K

Beasts Of The Southern Wild (Fox Searchlight) Week 4 [129 Theaters]
Weekend $762K , Average $5,905, Cume $2.9M
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Specialty Box Office: ‘The Queen Of Versailles,’ ‘The Well-Digger’s Daughter’

By | Friday July 20, 2012 @ 2:00am PDT

This weekend’s box office is clearly going to be all about The Dark Knight Rises, and perhaps that accounts for the minimal number of rollouts in the specialty space. But a pair of new titles are among the limited releases that are braving the Batman trilogy finale onslaught. Sundance debut The Queen Of Versailles has picked up a good amount of attention from morning TV and other shows. The documentary’s subjects — “1-percenters” who live a life of reckless luxury but then face a day of reckoning — appear to be the film’s best marketers, perhaps inadvertently. Kino Lorber Films is releasing The Well-Digger’s Daughter, a French-language film the distributor said will tap into an audience that could not care less about the black-caped superhero nor his avenging summer tentpole friends.

The Queen Of Versailles
Director Lauren Greenfield
Subjects: Jackie Siegel, David Siegel
Distributor: Magnolia Pictures

Occupy Wall Street may have had some unintended influence elevating the profile of Lauren Greenfield’s doc The Queen Of Versailles at the Sundance Film Festival last January. Talk of the “1%” had entered the lexicon and this film about a once flamboyantly high-flying billionaire couple became the basis of the documentary and a potential window for the 99% to peer into. They were in the midst of building America’s largest private residence when the financial crisis interrupted developer David Siegel’s … Read More »

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Hot Trailer: ‘The Queen Of Versailles’

By | Monday June 11, 2012 @ 6:34am PDT
Mike Fleming

A Sundance Film Festival favorite when it premiered in January, The Queen Of Versailles will be released July 20 by Magnolia. The film, which won the festival’s Best Documentary Directing prize for Lauren Greenfield, chronicles the riches-to-rags misadventures of a billionaire family that builds the biggest (might I add gaudiest) house in America at 90,000 square feet, only to be unable to finish it when David Siegel’s empire is walloped by the bursting of the real estate bubble and the economic collapse of 2008. As a result, the family is forced to make changes in their spectacular lifestyle and spending habits.

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Bravo Acquires Sundance Documentary ‘The Queen Of Versailles’

By | Tuesday April 3, 2012 @ 12:43pm PDT
Nellie Andreeva

Bravo has acquired the TV rights for the Sundance documentary, The Queen of Versailles, directed by Lauren Greenfield who won Best Director at this year’s festival for the docu. The Queen of Versailles, which chronicles a wealthy family’s, billionaires Jackie and David Siegel, turn of fortune, will premiere on the channel in 2013. “The Queen of Versailles struck an immediate chord for us, depicting in intense and compelling detail, the impact of the recession through the experience of one very affluent family,” said Frances Berwick, President of Bravo Media and Style. “It’s gripping, verité filmmaking at its finest.” theatrically, the documentary was acquired by Magnolia Pictures, which is planning a summer release.

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Magnolia Buying ‘The Queen Of Versailles’: Sundance

By | Friday January 20, 2012 @ 2:27pm PST
Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Magnolia Pictures is making a deal for The Queen Of Versailles, the documentary that made its Sundance Film Festival debut Thursday at Eccles Theater. I’m told the deal will be for all rights in North America except TV. Plans are for a theatrical release later this summer. Several companies chased the film including Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions together, and Sony Pictures Classics, which today bought Searching for Sugar Man.

The Queen Of Versailles focuses on the odyssey of timeshare magnate David Siegel and his 30-years younger wife Jackie. Riding high, they decided at the peak of their wealth to build  Versailles, a 90,000-square-foot home that would have been the largest in America. Modeled after the Palace of Versailles, the plans included an indoor ice skating rink and 10 kitchens. When the 2008 economic collapse hit, their plans were dashed and they struggled to live like the unwashed masses. The docu caused a stir here when David Siegel sued Sundance for a catalog description of him as a rags-to-riches-to-rags story. He might be on shaky legal ground as those who’ve seen the movie said that those words come right out of his mouth. Lauren Greenfield (Thin) directed it, and while David Siegel wasn’t at yesterday’s screening Jackie was. Also present were several producers, and there could be a remake rights deal in the offing. Read More »

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