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‘Glee’ Makers Deny Monteith Story In The Wrap As “Patently Untrue” And “Craven”

By | Tuesday July 16, 2013 @ 3:05pm PDT

Unfortunately the worst of the worst media outlets are trying to drive traffic to their websites with story after story relating to the tragic heroin and alcohol death of Glee star Cory Monteith. Now a spokesman tells Deadline that Ryan Murphy, Fox Broadcasting, and 20th Century Fox Television are pointing to one report posted less than 24 hours of Monteith’s passing in particular as false: ”An individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap on Sunday that the Glee camp is weighing how to carry on without Monteith’s lead character as production looms. Neither Fox nor Twentieth Century would comment for this story.” In fact, reps for Glee‘s makers at the time denied TheWrap’s claim, but the inaccurate and irresponsible website never reported it. ”We told Sharon Waxman her story was patently untrue and a craven attempt by her to capitalize on Cory’s death. We said everyone involved is just processing the news and grappling with its shock and had no conversations about its impact on the series. But she went ahead and ran the story anyway.” I know from experience how bad Waxman’s reporting is. Yet one more reason her website is known as TheCrap around Hollywood.

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Nikki Finke To Sharon Waxman: Just Stop It

Right now I am not going to discuss my Deadline Hollywood contract or my relationship with my boss Jay Penske. Why? Because I don’t have to. If that changes, I’ll tell you. (I also didn’t post about this imbecilic digital ad about me which my parent company ran without my knowledge in NYC’s Times Square all week during the recent TV upfronts. See below.) The fact is I’m out of town and about to begin my long-planned summer vacation. And the last thing I want is to be bothered now by a bunch of media and/or moguls asking for comment. As it happens, I was napping in a different time zone when The Wrap crapped on me yet again Sunday night. Nothing new: the desperate Sharon Waxman and her revolving door staff have been writing inaccurately about me for years, and doing it to drive traffic to her failing website, and refusing to correct even the most blatant errors. Last night Waxman sent a joint email to my boss and myself at 6:43 PM. She waited two whole minutes. Then she posted her story about us at 6:45 PM. That’s a rotten thing to do, not to mention bad journalism, and she knows it. And it’s yet one more reason I call her website The Crap. That said, I could pick apart her so-called “shocker” line by line, but I won’t. I’d much rather spend my remaining pre-vacation time writing up some great scoops to post this week. Instead, I’ll simply correct one point from her article to illustrate what a bad reporter Waxman is. Read More »

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The Wrap Loses Publisher Stacey Farish To Deadline; Was LA Times Sales Veteran

By | Tuesday April 23, 2013 @ 5:06pm PDT strengthens its leading digital sales team with the addition of showbiz sales veteran Stacey Farish who was formerly the Los Angeles Times Vice President Stacey Farishof Media and Live Entertainment, and since November 2011 the Publisher of The Wrap. Effective immediately, she leaves and becomes Publisher of Deadline’s print magazine Awardsline as well as Vice President of PMC Entertainment. She will be working with Nic Paul, the Senior Vice President of PMC Entertainment ad sales. “ remains one of our top priorities at PMC, and we think Stacey is exactly the right person to partner with Nic Paul, who has single-handedly built Deadline into the most successful digital trade business,” said PMC Founder and CEO Jay Penske. “Stacey has done so much in her career, and very few sellers can combine her insider trade knowledge with great consumer sales relationships. Hiring her demonstrates PMC’s commitment to the rapid growth of Deadline as one of the most dynamic companies to watch in the digital media arena.” first began in March 2006 as Deadline Hollywood Daily, the 24/7 Internet version of Nikki Finke’s long-running print column. Her site was purchased by Penske Media Corporation (PMC) in June 2009 and has expanded to include such showbiz editorial stars as Mike Fleming, Nellie Andreeva, Pete Hammond, David Lieberman, Nancy Tartaglione, and Dominic Patten. Sharon Waxman’s The Wrap continues to suffer a revolving door of ad and editorial personnel and executives.

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