BBC Stars Could Have Salaries Exposed

By | Wednesday September 22, 2010 @ 3:01am PDT

The BBC Trust, the Beeb’s internal regulator, is to give government spending watchdog the National Audit Office free rein to scrutinise its accounts. The Beeb is bowing to government pressure to give the NAO unfettered access to what it spends. This means that top BBC talent could have their salaries published for the first time. Plus many BBC stars make their shows for the Beeb through their own production companies. BBC stars who own their own production companies include Steve Coogan Read More »

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Imagine John Lennon And Sherlock Holmes Headlining PBS Masterpiece Fall Season

Masterpiece’s Fall kicks off on Sunday, October 3 with the second series of Wallander, the Swedish detective portrayed by Kenneth Branagh, memorably described by one critic as “having the permanent mien of a recently slaughtered halibut”. British critics have found … Read More »

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