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UPDATE: Twilight Fans Set Up Tent City For Monday’s ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Premiere

UPDATE: More photos of global Twi-Hards at the Summit Entertainment-hosted tent city in Downtown LA and are assigned their “camping spot” at LA Live in front of the Nokia Theater. Fans line up for Monday’s premiere of the last movie in the Twilight Saga series – Breaking Dawn Part 2:


Twilight Fan Camp Los Angeles Breaking Dawn Part 2

Do not diss these fans from around the world today braving the rain and beginning to arrive at the Summit Entertainment-hosted fan camp in Downtown LA. Given the precarious state of the North American box office, an event pic like this is just what the doctor ordered for Hollywood’s up-and-down box office. If you’re experiencing deja vu, that’s because this mania happens every time Summit has released one of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga novels as a film since 2008. But now the series is coming to a end. Here are photos of Twi-hards waiting to be assigned their ”camping spot” at LA Live in front of the Nokia Theater. All to glimpse the stars of the final installment Breaking Dawn Part 2 walk the red carpet at Monday’s premiere — especially Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson, together again — and live-streamed on Yahoo Movies. This year Summit is offering camping spots to 2,200, making this the franchise’s largest camp to date and nearly double last year’s. The studio has planned various events to relieve the inevitable boredom of the campers this weekend: fitness workouts, musical concerts, cast breakfasts, and Twilight Saga screenings. Meanwhile the big online ticket-sellers already are doing a brisk business for the film which releases in North America at 10 PM on November 15 at many local theaters and then around the world via multiple show times November 16th. Theater owners will be scrambling all Thursday to add more screenings to meet fan demand. Advance ticket sales for the film accounted for nearly 30% of MovieTickets and Fandango sales for Wednesday. Here’s the LA Live weekend schedule: Read More »

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Tent City Twi-Hards: Up Close & Personal

By | Thursday June 24, 2010 @ 4:27pm PDT

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‘Eclipse’ Top Advance Ticket Seller Of Year

eclipse tent city6EXCLUSIVE: So many Twi-hards stood in line since Monday in advance of tonight’s Eclipse premiere that Summit Entertainment had to set up a 2nd tent city on Chick Hearn Boulevard to accommodate them all outside the Nokia Theater and L.A. live plaza. Trust me, any Hollywood studio would love to have this problem. Right now Eclipse is both Fandango’s and’s top advance ticket-seller of the year. And the third movie in the Twilight saga still has another week of ticket sales before its release date. Eclipse leads the Fandango Five with over 52% of daily ticket sales, even with strong daily sales for Toy Story 3 and Karate Kid. is also reporting Eclipse online ticketing represent over 50% of daily sales. On Fandango, Eclipse was voted “The Most Anticipated Movie Of The Summer” by the majority (32%) of Fandango moviegoers in a May 2010 poll. Now it’s been among Fandango’s Top 5 ticket-sellers on a daily basis ever since tickets first went on sale five weeks ago.

eclipse tent city5The studio isn’t playing the lowering expectations game this time around; execs know this 3rd film in the Twilight Saga is going to be huge. The only question is whether it’ll surpass the sequel New Moon which was the biggest yet. ”New Moon set the bar so high as a cultural phenomenon that Eclipse can only try to reach that number,” a … Read More »

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