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Charlie Sheen Rescinds Raise Demands, Pushes For More Payments To ‘Men’ Crew

Nellie Andreeva

On NBC’s Today Show this morning, Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen demanded a big raise to $3 million an episode to return to the show. 12 hours and 12 interviews later, Sheen took that back. In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, the troubled actor said that “that was stupid.”

He praised Warner Bros.’ decision to pay the crew of Two and a Half Men for the four episodes scheduled to begin production this week but insisted that everyone involved with the show should be paid for all 8 unproduced episodes of the current eighth season. “That’s OK; that’s a start,” he said about the four-episode compensation for the crew. “I’m not going to stop until they give them eight. Then I’m going to work on my cast; then I’m going to finish with me.”

Sheen also was asked if he would apologize to CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves for his recent behavior. Sheen said he would but then added: “And then I would ask him, why did you lie to me about the crew in front of … my management team?” Sheen said. “When I said, ‘Guys I can’t be gone too long because I’m worried about the crew, they’ve got families and mortgages.’ … (Moonves) said, ‘Don’t worry about the crew, you have our word’. Him and his partner (Warner Bros.’) Bruce (Rosenblum).”

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‘Two And A Half Men’ Crew Will Be Paid

Nellie Andreeva

While its war with Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen is raging, Warner Bros. TV just made peace with the show’s crew. Sources confirm that the studio has agreed to pay the about 200 core crew members their full salaries for the four episodes of Men that were scheduled to begin production today. According to TMZ, which broke the news of the payoff, the checks  for the crew amount to about $2 million in total. Additionally, the timing of the work stoppage on Men is fortuitous for the crew as it’s pilot season and they could get work on one of the 80+ pilots – broadcast and cable – that will be produced in the next 2 months.

Before production on those 4 episodes was canceled on Thursday after a serious of public verbal assaults on Two a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre by Sheen, Sheen had offered to cover one-third of the crew salaries for the 4 episodes that were lost because of the show’s forced hiatus while the actor was allegedly undergoing treatment. That is if CBS and Warner Bros. would cover the rest. Those episodes are probably a lost cause now. (Two and a Half Men ended up producing 16 episodes this season, 8 short of its 24-episode order.)

As for Lorre, he is said to have been instrumental in securing pay for the Men crew members. He has history with a number of them and … Read More »

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