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‘Men’ Co-Star Jon Cryer Gets New Job

Nellie Andreeva

With his show shut down for the season, Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer can use some extra work. In the skit that will air on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, Cryer works as a receptionist for the talk show host. “I needed the work,” he says. Cryer’s previous talk show appearance in January on TBS’ Conan proved ominous. During the interview, Cryer quipped: “I’m checking TMZ, as I do every day, to know if I have to go to work at all.” The next morning, Sheen was hospitalized, leading to the actor’s rehab treatment and subsequent meltdown and the show’s cancellation. Cryer is yet to comment on the turmoil surrounding Sheen and Men. Here is the Ellen clip:

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Leslie Moonves: “I Hope ‘Men’ Is Back”

Nellie Andreeva

This is what CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves had to say today the 24/7 media blitz by Charlie Sheen, star of CBS’ hit comedy Two and a Half Men: “I wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy.”

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco, Moonves touted the immediate financial upside of shortening the current  season of Men by 8 episodes, which “saves us quite a bit of money. “Short-term, financially it is actually a gainer for us,” Moonves said. “Repeats obviously get somewhat less revenue than the originals, (but) it is a show that repeats very well.”

As for the future, “I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Moonves said.”I hope it’s back. We’ll see.”

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‘Two And A Half Men’ Crew Will Be Paid

Nellie Andreeva

While its war with Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen is raging, Warner Bros. TV just made peace with the show’s crew. Sources confirm that the studio has agreed to pay the about 200 core crew members their full salaries for the four episodes of Men that were scheduled to begin production today. According to TMZ, which broke the news of the payoff, the checks  for the crew amount to about $2 million in total. Additionally, the timing of the work stoppage on Men is fortuitous for the crew as it’s pilot season and they could get work on one of the 80+ pilots – broadcast and cable – that will be produced in the next 2 months.

Before production on those 4 episodes was canceled on Thursday after a serious of public verbal assaults on Two a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorre by Sheen, Sheen had offered to cover one-third of the crew salaries for the 4 episodes that were lost because of the show’s forced hiatus while the actor was allegedly undergoing treatment. That is if CBS and Warner Bros. would cover the rest. Those episodes are probably a lost cause now. (Two and a Half Men ended up producing 16 episodes this season, 8 short of its 24-episode order.)

As for Lorre, he is said to have been instrumental in securing pay for the Men crew members. He has history with a number of them and … Read More »

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Charlie Sheen Unleashes Attorney Marty Singer On Warner Bros. And CBS

Nellie Andreeva

Here is the latest hourly Charlie Sheen update: the troubled actor is following on his repeated threats that he would sue Two and a Half Men producer Warner Bros. TV and network CBS.

Warner Bros. TV confirmed a TMZ report that top litigator Marty Singer has sent a letter to the studio demanding that Sheen is paid in full for the 8 unproduced episodes of the show’s current eighth season. Sheen retained Singer a couple of months ago in an effort to prevent Warner Bros. and CBS from shutting down production on the show amidst his personal problems. The legal letter reportedly claims that Sheen had been ready and willing to return to work for weeks but Men showrunner Chuck Lorre and the studio had been keeping him sidelined, thus breaching his contract. Such letters threatening legal action are a Singer specialty. For now, he and Sheen are stopping short of filing a lawsuit against Warner Bros.

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Charlie Sheen Parts Ways With Longtime Publicist, Gets Banned From Warner Lot

Nellie Andreeva

We hardly need proof that Charlie Sheen is not in rehab since he is on TMZ right now doing a live interview from his back yard, but the actor’s former longtime publicist Stan Rosenfield just sent out an email debunking a couple of Sheen-related rumors making the rounds online. That was probably Rosenfield’s last official PR move on Sheen’s behalf as he just left the troubled actor. “I have worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much,” he said. “However, at this time, I’m unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned.”

On Sheen matters: first, he is not in rehab, Rosenfield said. And secondly, he is not retiring. An email claiming so, which had been sent out under the name of Rosenfield’s company, is a hoax, the publicist said. As Sheen told ABC’s Good Morning America, he has big plans for TV and film acting gigs.

However, one online report is true, Radar’s post that Sheen has been banned from the Warner Bros. lot where Two and a Half Men has been filming. The actor has repeatedly vowed to show up for work this week as originally planned despite the fact that CBS and the studio on Thursday pulled the plug on the show for this season.

As for Rosenfield, in his live interview with TMZ today Sheen implied that Rosenfield lied in a November statement that categorized the … Read More »

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Charlie Sheen Vows To Sue CBS & Warner Bros., Demands Raise For ‘Men’

Nellie Andreeva

UPDATE: And if GMA and Today were still under the impression that they’ve gotten some kind of an exclusive with their Charlie Sheen sitdowns, the actor also did video interviews this morning with his favorite news outlets of late: TMZ an Radaronline. “I’m supposed to be out there all humble and asking for my job,” Sheen said during the TMZ chat. “No, I don’t do that. I don’t understand what I did wrong except live a life that everyone is jealous of… I don’t know what I did to piss everyone off so much.”

He slammed CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves for not firing Two and a Half Men showrunner Chuck Lorre. Asked if he would do the show if asked to stay clean he responded: “Bring it.”

PREVIOUS: In interviews for NBC’s Today show and ABC’s Good Morning America, Charlie Sheen toned down the name-calling from his recent radio rants a bit but continued to attack CBS and Warner Bros. for shutting down production on his hit comedy Two and a Half Men. In the GMA interview, he vowed to sue for “tons.”

“I’m gonna sue for what I’m worth and what I deserve and what they think they can take from me. They can’t,” Sheen said. “I don’t have a job. I got a whole family to support and love. And — people beyond myself, people a lot more important than me, are relying on that money to — fuel the magic.”

“I’m here to collect. They’re gonna lose. They’re gonna lose in a courtroom. So, I would recommend that they do an out of court settlement and fix this whole thing, and pay the crew, and get season nine back on board,” he said.

And how much would it cost Warner Bros. to have him back on Men? In the Today interview, Sheen demanded that the studio more than double his current salary to $3 million per episode. “Look what they put me through,” he said. “Come Wednesday morning, they’re going to rename it Charlie Bros. and not Warner Bros. Duh, winning!”

When it came to apologies for his verbal assaults over the past week, Sheen refused to give one to CBS. “They owe me a big one – publicly – while they lick my feet,” he told Today.

In the GMA interview, Sheen apologized to Men co-creator Chuck Lorre… sort of. “I’m sorry if I offended you,” he said. “I didn’t know you were so sensitive. I just thought, you know, after you whailing on me for eight years that I could like take a few shots back. I didn’t know you were gonna take your little ball and go home and punish everybody in the process.”

Also on GMA, Sheen admitted that he “probably took more than anybody could survive [on]” when it comes to drugs but is not afraid he might die. “Dying is for fools,” he quipped. Sheen said he stopped taking drugs a month to six weeks ago and swears he won’t relapse. “I’m not going to, period, the end,” he said. “I blinked and I cured my brain, that’s how.” The results from a drug test administered by Radaronline were revealed during the telecast, confirming that Sheen is indeed drug-free at the moment.

In the Today interview, Sheen said he has big plans for the future with starring roles in both film and TV.  “I won best picture at 20,” Sheen said, a reference to best picture Oscar winner Platoon, which he filmed when he was 20. (He wasn’t nominated for the film). “I wasn’t even trying. I wasn’t even warm.” Here is clip from the GMA interview: Read More »

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CBS & WBTV’s PR Nightmare: Charlie Sheen Unloads Again. Is Ninth Season Possible?

Nellie Andreeva

I bet many Warner Bros. TV and CBS executives are having second thoughts about going into great lengths in May to bring Charlie Sheen back to Two and a Half Men for 2 more years. Over the last few weeks, and particularly over the past 24 hours, the show’s star has evolved from a nuisance and a sideshow into a full-blown PR nightmare for the network and the studio behind the hit sitcom. And there is no end in sight as Sheen continued his parade on radio shows and online gossip sites with rants against Two and a Half Men showrunner Chuck Lorre, WBTV and CBS. They reveal an ugly rift between Sheen and Lorre. “He had had these feelings for Chuck for years, but kept them bottled up,” one insider said. “Now, with all the drugs, he has has no filter and speaks what’s on his mind.”

Sheen’s latest outburst happened on Pat O’Brien’s appropriately titled show Loose Cannons, on which he called Two and a Half Men co-creators/exec producers Lorre and Lee Aronsohn “a couple of AA Nazis and really just blatant hypocrites. And Two and a Half Men, the show, which has been paying him more than a $1.2 million an episode? Sheen called it “dribble” and “pukefest that everybody worships.”  Work on the show “has been a toxic environment for eight years,” he added. “I felt like an unwelcome relative, being given cold coffee at 9′o … Read More »

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Production On ‘Two And A Half Men’ To Resume On Feb. 28 For 4 More Episodes

Nellie Andreeva

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen won’t have to bang on the doors of the show’s stage anymore. After a four-week hiatus, production on the hit CBS comedy will resume on Feb. 28, a date Sheen floated in his radio interview with Dan Patrick on Monday. As previously speculated, Warner Bros. TV will produce 4 more episodes of Men, filming on on March 4, 11, 18 and 25. That is four segments short of the comedy’s 24-episode order. In his Monday radio interview, Sheen, who has been undergoing rehab treatment, said he was ready to go back to work. “They said ‘You get ready and we’ll get ready’,” he said. “I got ready and went back and nobody was there ” Sheen said, adding that he lost his voice banging on the show’s stage doors.

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Charlie Sheen Slams CBS, Warner Bros. TV For Not Allowing Him To Return To Work, Show’s Order Reportedly Cut By 4 Episodes

Nellie Andreeva

UPDATED: Charlie Sheen made another bizarre public statement this morning, this time on live radio. The Two and a Half Men star, who is undergoing rehab treatment at home, called into the Dan Patrick Show to complain that CBS and Men producer Warner Bros. TV would not allow him to return to work despite, according to him, being ready to do so. “They said ‘You get ready and we’ll get ready’,” he said in the 30-minute interview. “I got ready and went back and nobody was there … I don’t know what to tell ya,” Sheen said, adding that he lost his voice banging on the show’s stage doors. He stressed that the show’s hiatus has been “forced”. He cracked that “at this pace”, Men will return to production in “August 2014″. Sheen later clarified that the show is expected to resume filming on Feb. 28.

CBS and WBTV declined comment on a TMZ report that the order for Men is being cut from 24 to 20 episodes. The show has 16 episodes in the can, with the 4 additional ones eyed to shoot on March 4, 11, 18 and 25. That means that the show’s producers won’t try to make up for the current four-week work stoppage. Last year, the 3-week hiatus caused by Sheen’s rehab treatment resulted in the show delivering 22 instead of 24 episodes. It is still unclear how the crew of the show will be compensated … Read More »

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RIPPLE EFFECT: How Charlie Sheen’s Rehab Stint Affects Cast, Crew & CBS’ Schedule

Nellie Andreeva

With Charlie Sheen in rehab, the focus is shifting to the aftermath of his departure from the hit CBS show. Luckily (and sadly), CBS and the series producers from Warner Bros TV have been down that road before with Sheen’s month-long stint in rehab last year, so they are dusting off the contingency plan they implemented a year ago with a few wrinkles. Last year, the month-long shutdown resulted in the loss of only 2 episodes from Two and a Half Men‘s 24-episode order, so the impact on CBS’ schedule was minimal. This time around, his absence could be longer. (Sheen’s team has not notified WBTV or CBS about how long he intends to stay in rehab and the actor’s publicist was unaware of any specific time frame, but gossip site TMZ pegs it on 3 months.)  Even in the case of such a lengthy stint in rehab, the show could resume production and bang out a couple of fresh episodes to close out the season. CBS has 2 unaired episodes of Men (Ep. 15 Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak, oh the irony, and Ep. 16 That Darn Priest) which it will run as planned on Feb. 7 and Feb. 14. Beyond that, CBS is planning to do more Men repeats than previously scheduled mixed with extra originals of some of the other Monday comedies. Freshman Mike & Molly, which airs behind Men and hails from the same … Read More »

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Charlie Sheen Goes To Rehab, ‘Two And a Half Men’ Goes On Hiatus

Nellie Andreeva

UPDATED: After a daylong hospital visit that allegedly followed days of heavy partying involving drugs, Charlie Sheen has checked into a rehab. His hit CBS comedy series, Two and a Half Men, has been put on a production hiatus. “Charlie Sheen has voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center today,” Sheen’s publicist Stan Rosenfield said in a statement. “He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern.” This is a sharp reversal from the statement issued by Rosenfield this morning, which stated that the Two and a Half Men star will return to work on Tuesday as scheduled.

The series producer Warner Bros. TV and CBS have long tried to convince Sheen to seek professional help for his addiction, offering to shut down production in order to accommodate that. Despite the actor’s repeated refusals to do so, the studio and the network reportedly ramped up their efforts in light of Sheen’s most recent shenanigans that sent him to the ER.  Word is that they may have gotten help from Sheen’s father, Martin Sheen, who visited his son in the hospital yesterday and, deeply concerned, reportedly urged him to go to rehab. Since WBTV and CBS’ all previous attempts to talk the actor into going to rehab had fallen on deaf ears, that could’ve been the deciding factor. Legally, the studio cannot shut down production on the show … Read More »

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Charlie Sheen Discharged From Hospital, Will Return To ‘Men’ As Scheduled

Nellie Andreeva

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen left the hospital last night after spending the day there with abdominal pain, according to his publicist Stan Roselfield. The show is hiatus this week, with the actors scheduled to reconvene next Tuesday. “(Sheen) will be on the set of Two and a Half Men on Tuesday,” Rosenfiled said. Despite his personal turmoil, Sheen has not missed a day of work save for the brief trip to the doctor earlier this month for what was described as ear infection.

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Charlie Sheen Rushed To The Hospital, ‘Men’ Production Not Affected – For Now

Nellie Andreeva

Bad things tend to happen when Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen is not working. This morning, Sheen was taken to the hospital with severe abdominal pain, the actor’s publicist Stan Rosenfield confirmed. Men is on hiatus this week, so Sheen is not due back to work until Tuesday. It is not clear if his illness will affect the show’s production schedule. Earlier this month, Sheen briefly saw a doctor for what was described as an ear infection. This is the fourth incident involving Sheen that has happened while he is off the show, following his Christmas 2009 arrest in Colorado, his November New York hotel room episode that resulted in a trip to the hospital and his recent Las Vegas weekend escapade. Today’s hospitalization comes  hours after Sheen’s Men co-star Jon Cryer joked on Conan last night that he checks TMZ every morning to see if he should go to work. (Today’s Sheen hospital visit story was broken by the gossip site, which provides salacious details about heavy partying that allegedly preceded it.) And at TCA, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler acknowledged the network brass are concerned on a “on a personal level, but (Sheen) has his job, he does it well, and the show is a hit.” As we previously reported, CBS and Men producer Warner Bros. TV have been looking for ways to get Sheen to seek professional help for his … Read More »

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Charlie Sheen Missed His Call Time To See A Doctor But Expected To Make Rehearsal

Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen missed his call time this morning but called the producers of the hit CBS comedy series to say that he needs to see a doctor and will come to the show’s rehearsal this afternoon. Per Sheen’s publicist Stan Rosenfield, “Charlie woke up this morning with an ear infection, and he will go see his ear doctor first, and then go to the set.”

Sheen has been under extra scrutiny following his wild weekend in Las Vegas that allegedly included heavy drinking and porn star encounters. He showed up for work on time yesterday and performed his duties on the series. Sheen has also been an object of concern for CBS, Warner Bros. and the series’ producers who have been looking for ways to help the star deal with his addiction problems.

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WBTV & CBS Fight To “Save” Charlie Sheen

Nellie Andreeva

UPDATE 11:20AM: Charlie Sheen has just arrived on the set of Two and a Half Men.

PREVIOUS: As Warner Bros TV and CBS nervously await to see if Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen will show up for work today after his weekend binge in Las Vegas (he is due at the studio later this morning), WBTV, the network, as well as the producers of the hit CBS comedy continue to search for ways to get Sheen help. I hear Sheen, described as a functioning addict, returned to work from holiday hiatus last week visibly slimmer (some estimate he may have lost as much as 25 lb.) His drastically changed appearance led to WBTV and CBS ramping up their efforts to shut down production on the show in the short term so Sheen can get clean.

But that didn’t fly with Sheen who has consistently refused to go to rehab. I hear he has retained lead litigator Marty Singer and has threatened to sue Warner Bros TV and CBS if they shut down production on the show without cause. And, with him refusing to see a doctor, the studio and the network would have to stop production with no legal reason. Additionally, if he refuses to enter rehab, staying at home instead of working would probably do more harm than good – Sheen seems to mostly get in trouble when he is off work, including his domestic violence … Read More »

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