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Pellicano Trial Update: Jury Has Case

Here is DHD/LA Weekly trial correspondent Steven Mikulan’s wrap-up: “Prosecutor Daniel Saunders got the last word in during the government rebuttal argument. Saunders, who’d been lumbered during his  closing argument by the need to enumerate most of the 78 counts involved in the RICO case, got to unload on the five defendants and their attorneys. He upbraided the defense for diverting attention away from the accused to the case’s many unindicted or plea-bargained witnesses, noting that to try to fix the crimes’ responsibility on such lesser actors was “like going after the johns and not the prostitutes, the junkies and not the dealers.” After 90 minutes, Saunders concluded by declaring, “This case is not about Hollywood. It’s not about Sylvester Stallone or Keith Carradine. It’s not even about Brad Grey or Michael Ovitz . . . This is a case about people who believed the justice system could be bought with a $25,000 nonrefundable retainer.”

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Breaking Pellicano Bombshell: A Mistrial? Feds’ Witness Screws Up Trial Big-Time

UPDATED: It all has to do with Asst U.S. Attorney Daniel Saunders oversealousness in calling to testify a woman who appears to have lied on the witness stand and to the feds about Pellicano co-defendant LAPD Sgt Mark Arneson. Here is the just posted story by LA Weekly‘s Steven Mikulan, my DHD trial correspondent, who explains everything.) trial-logo-smaller.jpgThe jury has just been sent home, and U.S. District Court Judge Dale Fischer will rule on a mistrial motion filed by Arneson’s attorney. Arneson is charged is charged with illegally using law enforcement databases to help Hollywood P.I. Anthony Pellicano’s investigations. (CAA partners Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane, among others, were probed that way…) So everything is now in a state of flux. And what everyone is wondering is whether this means all five defendants or just Arneson would have to be tried over again, and therefore a do-over by all those Hollywood witnesses. Mikulan emailed me: “As of now ‘mistrial’ pertains only to Mark Arneson, although how it could effect the others remains uncertain, should he be severed from the case.”

LA Weekly: Pellicano Trial Bombshell: Witness Shocker Throws Trial Into Turmoil

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