Ex-YouTube Executives Launch Victorious Mobile App Platform For Online StarsIf it feels like the online media business is in the middle of a gold rush, you’re right. The latest example: three former Google/YouTube executives and the co-creator of an Emmy-nominated app this morning publicly  launched Victorious after operating in stealth mode most of the past year. It’s a platform that lets online stars create their own personally branded mobile apps. It brings together their Website and online feeds not just on YouTube, but on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and other sites, while letting them wrap advertising, e-commerce and merchandise sales around their content. It also makes it easy for fans to remix and share content by and about the star with other fans on the app and beyond. The company is led by CEO Sam Rogoway, Chief Creative Officer Bing Chen and CTO Michael Todd, with Executive Chairman Dean Gilbert, who most recently was one of YouTube’s top executives as VP, Global Head of Content and Operations.

Sam Rogoway, CEO of VictoriousThe company already has signed deals with high-profile YouTubers Michelle Phan, Boyce Avenue and Ryan Higa, the kind of prominent digital stars who may be making solid money through their share of ad dollars attracted by their big YouTube followings, but also through appearances in fan festivals, merchandise sales, content licensing and more. Typically, such stars have an online presence on more than one social-media platform, but no actual control of the fan base they build there. Rogoway and Chen say the digital stars are essentially “renting” … Read More »