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Village Voice Averts Strike As Negotiators Agree On Contract Terms

Fans of the movie reviews at NYC’s The Village Voice can relax. Talk of a strike at the alternative weekly has abated after negotiators for employees and management  reached a tentative agreement on a new contract last night, union spokesman Graham Rayman said in a statement. He added that the terms would not be disclosed until they’re presented to union members for their approval today.  Employees’ three-year contract expired yesterday. They authorized a strike as the paper’s owner, Village Voice Media, sought cuts in health and retirement benefits. Negotiations in 2005 and 2008 followed a similar pattern with the union preparing to strike and agreeing to new terms at the last minute.

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Village Voice Prepares For A Strike As Management Seeks Benefits Concessions

NYC may lose one of its most influential movie-reviewing sites. At midnight tonight, The Village Voice employees’ three-year contract at New York’s venerable alternative weekly newspaper expires, and they’ve authorized their union to call a strike if there’s no agreement. Writers and editors and reviewers have set up a Web site, The Real Voice, where they’ll run their work if there’s a walkout. The biggest disagreement involves cuts in health and retirement benefits proposed by the paper’s owner, Village Voice Media. The UAW Local 210, which represents the employees, says that “the union membership sees the quality of their medical coverage as the critical issue.” Employees also authorized strikes in 2005 and 2008 but agreed on new terms at the last minute.

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