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Global Showbiz Briefs: Walter Hill To Be Honored In Rome, SeaWorld Sets Animated Series, FCCE Launches Intl Sales Division

By | Friday October 5, 2012 @ 11:00pm PDT

Walter Hill Honored In Rome
Walter Hill will receive the Maverick Director Award at the Rome Film Festival in November. Hill’s latest film, Bullet To The Head, will world premiere at the fest with star Sylvester Stallone in attendance. The new Maverick prize is designed to honor filmmakers who have broken ground in cinema and “consistently stand out from the crowd,” the festival says. Hill’s credits as director include The Warriors, 48 Hrs. and Streets Of Fire. He also produced Prometheus, Alien and wrote the scripts for John Huston’s The Mackintosh Man and Sam Peckinpah’s The Getaway. Read More »

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Lakeshore To Finance ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?’ Remake

By | Thursday September 27, 2012 @ 10:10am PDT
Mike Fleming

We now have an answer to the question, who is going to produce and finance the remake of the Bette Davis-Joan Crawford classic Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? The answer is Lakeshore partners Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi, who’ll produce with The Aldrich Company’s Adell Aldrich. Robert Aldrich helmed the 1962 original, and as Deadline revealed during Comic-Con, Walter Hill is helming the remake.

Hill, who most recently wrapped the Sylvester Stallone-starrer Bullet To The Head, partnered with The Aldrich Company to develop the remake, which Lukas Heller adapted from the Henry Farrell novel.

Lakeshore will help Hill re-create the nightmarish relationship between two sisters in a crumbling Hollywood mansion, where former child star Jane Hudson (Davis) holds captive her crippled former movie-queen sister (Crawford). “The idea is to make a modern film without modernizing the period,” Hill told me at the time. “It needs to resonate the golden age of Hollywood.” Hill is repped by ICM Partners as is The Aldrich Company.

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Hot Trailer: ‘Bullet To The Head’

By | Monday August 20, 2012 @ 4:40pm PDT
Mike Fleming

Fresh from a strong opening on The Expendables 2, Sly Stallone is the headliner in another action film, this one Bullet To The Head. It’s directed by action specialist Walter Hill and pits Stallone against a killer played by Conan the Barbarian’s Jason Momoa. Here’s the trailer:

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Comic-Con: Walter Hill Tackles ‘What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?’ Remake

By | Wednesday July 11, 2012 @ 12:20pm PDT
Mike Fleming

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane RemakeBREAKING: Walter Hill, who most recently wrapped the Sylvester Stallone-starrer Bullet To The Head, has partnered with The Aldrich Company to develop a remake of the 1962 Bette Davis-Joan Crawford classic What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Hill will write the script and direct the film. The original was directed and produced by Robert Aldrich, with Lukas Heller adapting the Henry Farrell novel.

Walter Hill What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?Warner Bros will release Bullet To The Head in February and Hill sparked to the idea of re-creating the nightmarish relationship between two sisters in a crumbling Hollywood mansion, where former child star Jane Hudson (Davis) holds captive her crippled former movie-queen sister (Crawford). “The two equal leads demand great performers — that is a given,” Hill said. “The intensity of the Gothic storyline makes a reconfiguration of the drama still a potentially searing experience. The idea is to make a modern film without modernizing the period. It needs to resonate the golden age of Hollywood.” Read More »

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Did ‘Prometheus’ Teaser Leave Hints Of ‘Alien’ Influence?

By | Tuesday December 20, 2011 @ 9:17am PST
Mike Fleming

The 20th Century Fox promo that teased the upcoming first trailer for the Ridley Scott-directed Prometheus certainly seemed different from Scott’s iconic science fiction film Alien — but does one small clue at the end indicate there’s a closer tie to the franchise than previously believed? Fox and Scott originally set up the film to be a prequel to Alien, but that changed when Damon Lindelof came in for a rewrite job and ended up changing the focus enough that the combination of Jon Spaihts and Lindelof’s script is considered an original. But a look at the producing credits at the end of the promo raises eyebrows. Scott is credited as producer along with David Giler and Walter Hill. The latter two had nothing to do with this film, but Giler and Hill were producers on the original 1979 film, and they have gotten credit of some kind on every single Alien film, including two Alien vs. Predator spinoffs. An insider spoiled my hunch I’d found something here. They told me that the producing credit came from a long-ago settlement with Giler and Hill, and was warranted because of the origin of Prometheus before it broke away from the iconic Alien. The fact that the script credit only goes to Spaihts and Lindelof, with no mention that it’s based on characters created by original scribes Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett, proves that it’s an original, I was told.

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Warner Bros ‘Project X’ To Open March; Stallone’s ‘Bullet To The Head’ In April

Mike Fleming

What to do with Project X, the $12 million raunchy R-rated Warner Bros comedy that was constructed secretly and produced by Todd Phillips and executive produced by Joel Silver, and populated with a cast that was chosen on the basis of never having done anything recognizable? Warner Bros, which probably hasn’t had a film with this low a budget since the Depression, has moved the film out of its Nov. 23 date. It will now open March 2, 2012. The studio has also given the Walter Hill-directed Sylvester Stallone-starrer Bullet to the Head an April 13, 2012 release date, getting the film out before the summer onslaught.

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Walter Hill Courted To Direct Sly Stallone In ‘Headshot’

By | Wednesday April 6, 2011 @ 12:14pm PDT
Mike Fleming

UPDATE: While Sly Stallone is eager to work with Walter Hill, Headshot backer IM Global claims Hill is one of several helmers being discussed for the job.

EXCLUSIVE: Sylvester Stallone has met with Walter Hill about directing Headshot, a job that became available after Wayne Kramer exited the film this week. Word was that Kramer exited because he didn’t see eye to eye creatively with Stallone, who’ll star. Said Stallone: “Initially, Mr. Kramer was hired to direct a dark comedy; however his vision was much darker and exceptionally more violent than how the project was originally conceived. It was decided that it would be better for everyone to move on and consequently Mr. Kramer was dismissed by producers earlier this week. There were no volatile clashes, it was simply a professional parting of the ways.”

As for the prospect of working with the 48 Hours and Warriors director Hill, Stallone said he has had serious meetings with the helmer: “I completely respect Walter’s incredible body of work and hopefully this legendary director will become attached to the project.”  The film is slated to go into production before summer.

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Berlin: Echo Lake, Blue Ice Launch Film Fund With Pedro Almodovar First Up

Mike Fleming

EXCLUSIVE: Echo Lake Entertainment president Doug Mankoff and Blue Ice Entertainment’s Steven Silver  and Neil Tabatznik have unveiled Blue Lake Entertainment, a fund to finance films with budget $10 million and higher. The 8-figure fund is backed by private investors in the US and Canada and will invest in up to four films per year. The emphasis is on commercial fare with bankable directors and casts. Blue Lake will have a non-exclusive relationship with Glen Basner’s FilmNation, which will handle foreign sales on select titles. Blue Lake’s first investment is La Piel Que Habito, the Pedro Almodovar-directed film which just wrapped and has Sony Pictures Classics aboard for domestic distribution. FilmNation is selling foreign on that film.

“The relationship with FilmNation is critical in helping Blue Lake identify and sensibly invest in commercially viable films,” Echo Lake president Doug Mankoff said. “While our first picture is a high-end specialty film, we fully intend to invest in genre and cast driven films.” Targets will be comparable to Echo Lake’s last two films, the upcoming John Carpenter’s The Ward, and the Demi Moore-David Duchovny-starrer The Joneses. Echo Lake’s other films include the Sarah Polley-directed Away From Her and Gavin Hood’s Tsotsi. Echo Lake’s management division, headed by Mike Marcus and Amotz Zakai, reps Carpenter, Walter Hill, Deepa Mehta, Michael Caton-Jones and Fred Schepisi. Blue Ice is a division of the Blue Ice Capital Group, which in 2009 sold off its film/TV production company … Read More »

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